Top 10 Deadliest Snakes Of All Time

Top 10 Deadliest Snakes Of All Time

Have you ever been curious enough to know the most poisonous snake on earth? Most of the people have the phobia of the snake by hearing the name only. But do you know only 25% of all snakes are poisonous? Many people die out of cardiac arrest after the snake bite without knowing whether the snake is poisonous or not.

Since ages, snakes are associated with slithering dark side of nature. The deadliest quotient triggers with the look and venom of the creature.

The strangest thing for snake is that you can find it anywhere. From the beaches of Florida to the backyard of your home, from the dark blue see to the dry desert; they can be seen anywhere and everywhere.

After the bite of any poisonous snake, one can have many symptoms like vomiting, nausea, difficulty in breathing, numbness in the organ. Some snakes like black mamba and Russel’s viper have a neurotoxic poison which effects on nervous system and brain. Apart from it, there is hemotoxic venom which causes heart and cardiovascular system failure and cytotoxic venom which has a localized effect on the particular area.

When you are considering the deadliest snakes, it is not only the venom which can cause the death of human being or any other animal. There are constrictor snakes like Anaconda, Rock python or boa. Let’s have a look at the top 10 dangerous snakes of this world.

1. Philippine Cobra:

Philippine Cobra

According to the toxicology, the venom of the Philippine cobra is the most dangerous and poisonous. But what makes it to the tenth mark on this list is its habit of spitting the venom. It is one popular variety of the spitting cobra which throws venom on to the eyes of the victim. If they bite, then the neurotoxic venom can cause respiratory paralysis.

2. Anaconda:


This constrictor snake wraps around the body of the victim just like a coil to crush it to death. This is one of the heaviest snakes which have the strongest muscle. Generally, it swallows the victim from the head with the help of row like teeth. But they eat only once in a week and become almost motionless after a few days of the hunting.

3. Death Adder:

Death Adder

This Australian snake is the most venomous snake in the country. Previously the death rate for Adder bite was high but recently the anti-venom for it lessens the rate. The strange attribute of the snake is its patience. It can wait for its prey for long days without moving from a place and take the strike when the time comes.

4. Rattle Snake:

Rattle Snake

The most fascinating snakes of all time are Rattlesnake. It is famous for its unique musical tail which attracts its prey. The bite of a rattlesnake is really fatal. Rattlesnakes have a great population in the southwest and northern Mexico.

5. Black Mamba:

Black Mamba

The fastest venomous snake is quite ferocious as well. In Africa, there are many myths regarding this creature. Numerous deaths occur every year because this snake bites several times in time of the attack.

6. Russel’s Viper:

Russel’s Viper

This snake is responsible for many deaths in Asia every year. As this snake like to stay near human habitation, the encounter with it is quite frequent. The victim can have various symptoms like pain, swelling, vomiting, dizziness and even kidney failure if not treated immediately.

7. Inland Taipan:

Inland Taipan

This snake acts just like sharpshooters, never misses its prey to bite. Along with that, it makes several bites within a few seconds in the accurate spot to inject the toxic venom to the rodent. The venom of Inland Taipan is the most toxic of all venom in this world. But the good thing is that generally, it avoids human contact.

8. King Cobra:

King Cobra

Do you know, the bites of King Cobra can bring down an Asiatic elephant? It is also true that one drop of its venom can kill 1500 human beings. This longest venomous snake delivers neurotoxic venom which can damage the brain and nervous system within a few minutes.

9. Saw-Scaled Viper:

Saw-Scaled Viper

This aggressive snake resides in the Far East and the Middle East and appears only after dark. The venom of the snake is quite a slow acting and many people make the mistake of waiting too long. The venom of saw-scaled doesn’t have an instant result rather it will cause a painful death in two to four week.

10. Belcher’s Sea Snake:

Belcher’s Sea Snake

The most deadly snake of the list is Belcher’s sea snake of which venom is a hundred times more poisonous than any other snake in this world, according to the experts. Only a few milligrams of the venom can kill more than a million people. But it is really blissful that the snake is quite timid and avoids human interactions.

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