Top 10 Largest Spiders in the World

Generally when we speak about spiders, what strikes our mind is the small eight legged insect that crawls on walls or built web in the corners. But the world of spiders is not limited to that only. There are few species which are not only dangerous but also have a large size. Some spiders can efficiently poison even small mammals with their venom, and a few can make humans fall ill with their bites. Here is the list which discusses about the top 10 largest spiders in the world.

Top Ten Largest Spiders in the World

In order to know more about some of the largest spiders, go through the list of top ten largest spiders in the world.

1. Tegenaria Parietina

Tegenaria-Parietina - Top Ten Largest Spiders in the World

From a distribution from Northern Africa to Central Asia, Tenenaria Parietina is a rare European spider. This species is also known as “Cardinal spider” in United Kingdom since Cardinal Woolsey was terrified by it in Hampton Court. It is the largest known spider with a size of 5.5 in. their legs are three times longer than their body and are mostly found in buildings or walls. Tenenaria Parietina is reddish brown and the females have a life span of eight years where as the males lose their life shortly after mating.

2. Huntsman Spider

Huntsman-Spider - Top Ten Largest Spiders in the World

Also known as Sparassidae or Heteropodidae, Huntsman spiders are called so due to their speed and mode of hunting. Owing to their large size of 30 cm and appreance they are also called “Giant Crab spiders” and are found in all warm temperate to tropical regions across the globe including Australia, Africa, Asia, America and Mediterranean. As adults, huntsman spiders do not build webs but hunt and forage for food which consists primarily of insects and other invertebrates. They live in the crevices of tree bark and frequently wander into homes and vehicles.

3. Brazilian Salmon Pink

Brazilian-Salmon-Pink - Top Ten Largest Spiders in the World

Originating from north eastern Brazil, Brazilian Salmon Pink’s scientific name is Lasiodora parahybana. This particular type can grow up to 27cm and large females can weigh almost 100 grams. The spider was first discovered in 1917 by zoologist Cândido Firmino de Mello-Leitão in the city of Campina Grande. They are popular as pets in the spider keeping hobbies and prey on small snakes.

4. Goliath Tarantula

Goliath-Tarantula - Top Ten Largest Spiders in the World

Another spider which falls in the category of top 10 largest spiders in the world is none other than the Goliath Tarantula. It is 25.4cm in size and belongs to the tarantula family of Theraphosidae. It is also called Goliath bird-eating spider after some explorers found one eating a humming bird. Goliath Tarantula is a native to the Rain Forest of Northern South America found majorly in marshy or swampy areas. Female ones have a life period of 15 to 25 years while males lives only upto maturity.

5.  Wolf Spider

Wolf-Spider - Top Ten Largest Spiders in the World

Belonging to the family of Lycosidae, Wolf Spiders are robust and agile hunters with excellent eyesight. 25.4cm in size this type is capable of defensive bites, and some South American species may give bites that are medically significant. Wolf spiders are found in shrub lands, woodlands, wet coastal forest, alpine meadows, suburban gardens etc and mostly live a solitary life and hunt alone. Cupiennius sellei is its scientific name.

6. Colombian Lesser Black

Colombian-Lesser-Black - Top Ten Largest Spiders in the World

With a body length reaching 23cm, Colombian Lesser Black is a family of Tarantula originating from Tropical Rain forest of Colombia, Ecaudor, Venezuela, Peru and Panama. It’s scientifically called Xenesthis immanis with a red/purple star on the carapace, more prominent on males. They reside beside forest trails in holes or burrows and normally feed on small animals that move through or near their holes.

7. Hercules Baboon

Hercules-Baboon - Top Ten Largest Spiders in the World

Hercules Baboon also known as Hysterocrates Hercules is a 20.3cm spider that fits in the family of Theraphosidae. Crickets, grasshoppers, moths and other insects are its typical diet and is a inhabitant of Africa. Unlike others it has four legs stretching 203 mm.

8. Hysterocrates Spellenbergi

Hysterocrates-spellenbergi - Top Ten Largest Spiders in the World

Hysterocrates spellenbergi is the eighth largest spider with a body size of 17.8cm and scientist found it in Cameroon and classified the crawler in 1906. This spider is a member of the Theraphosidae family and people have started keeping them as pets nowadays.

9. Brazilian Giant Tawny Red

Brazilian-Giant-Tawny-Red - Top Ten Largest Spiders in the World

Brazilian Giant Tawny Red is scientifically popular as Grammostola mollicoma and is a rare one in the spider trade. With a length of 15cm this variety has a a decent appetite and takes in small to medium insects. Brazilian Giant Tawny Red is docile in nature unless it is proviked and loves to stay in open area.

10. Hobo Spider

Hobo-Spider - Top Ten Largest Spiders in the World

Known colloquially as funnel web spiders, Hobo spider is found in North America and its bite is generally considered as medically significant. This species of spider has a reputation for aggressiveness, due to its poor eyesight and sometimes build their webs in or around human habitations.

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