Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Dogs are said to be the perfect companion with regards to their faithfulness and loyalty. But while they can be your best pet, at time they can turn quite aggressive and threatening if not treated with love. According to report, 45% of the dog aggression occurs to adults over the age of 18, and 55% occurs to ages below.  The most dangerous dogs list is made keeping those dogs in mind which make good aggressive guard dogs, hunting dog as well as domestic pets. The main idea of this article is to show you how dangerous yet efficient these dogs can be. So scroll thorough the record of Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds to know more about them.

Top Ten Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

1. Rottweiler

Also known as “Rottweil butchers” Rottweilers are also used for hunting and guarding purpose besides being domestic pets, due to their intense territorial instincts. A multifaceted herding and stock protection dog, it is capable of working all kinds of livestock under a variety of conditions. Their appearance is natural and rustic, their behaviour self-assured, steady and fearless and reacts to their surroundings with great alertness. It becomes aggressive only when ill treated or neglected. The ones with no formal training or socialisation can turn out to be very dangerous.

2. German Shepherd

Due to its vigour, cleverness and ability in obedience training, the German Shepherd is popularly employed in military and other defence roles, throughout the globe. Moreover it is as well good for herding and sheep guarding. They are smart, vigilant, and confident and are not afraid of anything at all. By nature they are over protective about their territory and family and can even at times become aggressive if not socialized properly.

3. Doberman

Born with the traits of fearlessness, dutiful and a willingness to safeguard its owner, the Doberman is a breed that charge and shows its aggressiveness only when provoked. Because of these mannerisms they are also chosen as excellent guard dogs. Additionally their temperament can differ also on the basis of the breeding stratagems employed by a breeder. Doberman Pinschers ranks high on stranger-directed aggression as compared to owner-directed aggression.

4. Gull Terrier

Termed as outstanding fighter, a Gull Terrier can ferociously protect and defend its known ones when sensed with approaching danger. This fearless Pakistani breed can be handled only by experienced owners and breeders. They are trustworthy to the ones they have been raised with but are at the same time very suspicious when it comes to strangers. When mingled with and trained properly from an early age, Gull Terriers turns out to be less destructive and aggressive. The breed was introduced to Pakistan during British colonialism.

5. Chow-Chow

Originated in Northern China around 2000 years back, the Chow Chow is considered to one of the most ancient breed. Since they are quite active and have 44 teeth as compared to 42 of other, they have proved good at guarding sheep as well as hunting. They are also common as house pets and demands exercise regularly to keep their hostility at check. Though they are quite and well behaved maximum of the time, they never hesitate to display their dislike towards the unknown ones.

6. Tibetan Mastiff

Originating with nomadic cultures of Indian Himalayan States, Central Asia and Tibet; the Tibetan Mastiff is a flock guardian dog in the West and Tibet. It is even resolute in its skill to meet head-on with predators the size of leopards and wolves. Though they are not advisable for apartment living, the ones in the West are more casual and easy going. Tibetan Mastiff prefers sleeping during the daylight so as to be more alert and active during the night.

7. Presa Canario

Presa Canario is generally bred to fight and safeguard cattle and victims are reported to be hopeless if by any chance gets bitten by it. Being the perfect example of guardian breed, they are known for their man-stopping ability, fearlessness and incredible power. Also due to their dominant and ferocious character, they need obedience training and socialization at an early stage of life. In certain conditions, the Presa can be destructive toward other dogs and apprehensive of strangers.

8. Boerboel

Even though the Boerboel is known to be quite loyal and friendly with kids, they do become fearsome when provoked. The breed is a large one and is generally used for guarding properties and farms. They are popular for being protective towards their family and can even give up life defending them. They are at the same time hostile towards strangers and are banned in Denmark.

9. Japanese Tosa

A Japanese fighting dog, the Japanese Tosa can be expected to fight even while staying completely silent – meaning no whimpering or growling. Due to its aggressive and volatile nature it is illegal to tame it in many places including United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark etc. It is originally bred in Tosa, as the name suggest and is one of the rare breeds.

10. Fila Brasileiro

Originally used for hunting of jaguars, boars and runaway slaves, Fila Brasileiro is a large breed who despite being loyal to their owners does not hesitate to despise strangers and unwanted dangers. It is band in UK only because of its volatile nature towards treats. But if this breed is trained in positive environment while still being a pup, it can grow up to be much calmer. Sometimes they even find difficulty adjusting to city life as they love to exercise and run in open yards.

45 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

  1. Cyndi Williams

    That is the most insufficient and ignorant so called study I have seen to date. It only perpetuates the misguided myth about large breeds. Any dog, yes, including the small breeds, can be dangerous for which it seems you so conveniently dismissed.

  2. malrescueSATX

    What stands out to me the most from this ridiculous article, other than the sheer lack of knowledge by the author, is that there is no listed author. Too embarrassed to put their name to what they know is a complete fraudulent account of these dogs.
    No author and no listing of reference sites for the so-called facts presented here within.
    Appears to be a complete waste of internet space!

  3. ljf1221

    This “article” is more an opinion piece if I have ever read
    one. Specifically with regard to Huskies. If you had done any research of the
    breed you would realize your statement “Because they were originally bred
    for work and typically did not socialize with humans, this large breed can have
    behavioral issues and sometimes mistaken children for prey” is so totally off
    base that I practically fell out of my chair I was laughing so hard. If you had
    done the proper research you would learn true Husky traits and behavior. I
    would list facts and references here but you should learn to do research….especially
    if you are trying to make fact based claims. In addition, The report that is being used for this “list” is 13 years old and is compiled of data that
    covers almost 20 years. The information is so outdated it needs to be revisited.
    It is being regurgitated by housing
    authorities, insurance companies and writers such as yourself. For those interested in where these statistics
    come from :

    1. Maryanne

      Who ever wrote this is an idiot. I have had both Siberian husky and Alaskan malamute, both loved children. Wouldn’t hurt any body. They are gentle , beautiful dogs.

  4. Amanda

    This is the most ridiculous article I’ve read ever on the subject. Vague dribble backed by no real facts. I have 2 Siberian Huskies and had a Rottie. Never had a problem with either breed at all. The other breeds? I’ve interacted with all and KNOW it isn’t the breed, it is the person raising the dog. You are only as good as your environment!

  5. CTXDogLover

    This is the most ridiculous article I have ever seen posted. Please do your research before spouting off complete lies. Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies LOVE children. Most dogs LOVE children and humans period. The ones who attack were bred/raised WRONG by HUMANS!! It is not the breed, it is the OWNER!!!

  6. helen

    this is absolute rubbish I have got a husky & a Rottweiler and they are both good as gold my son is only 5 years old and he can lay all over both of them. its the way people train them.

  7. fivesibes

    Huskies are listed as the “#4 Most Dangerous Dog”…seriously??! I don’t typically get on my soap box and
    usually I just share news, but…as a journalist and pet parent of many breeds and mixed breeds…I have to say I call BS. Someone did not do their homework. My Siberian Huskies LOVE children. I’ve also had many German Shepherds and GSD mixes in my life, and they were very loyal and loving – and protective – family dogs. I grew up with a GSD who was a retired NYPD K9 officer…and I WAS the child at the time! Are there exceptions? Of course, but in my humble opinion, it is not the breed of dog, it’s how they are raised and trained by the humans. This list is hogwash.

    1. Brad Johnson

      “journalism” … only five obvious fact errors in a three sentence paragraph
      about “huskies” and it doesn’t even specify “Siberian” nor will I delve
      into the many grammatical errors. First, they have NOT been responsible
      for 6% of the death(s) in the US, their history is filled with extensive
      socialization with humans – it was a defining characteristic for
      thousands of years within their tribal environment, they are classified a
      medium breed, certainly not large, I have never heard of one of these
      extremely intelligent dogs mistaking a child for prey – EVER, and even
      the dog in the photo above the paragraph doesn’t have “icy blue eyes”
      which while common in the breed are not exclusive. The Internet is a
      wonderful source of information, unfortunately much of it, like this, is
      almost 100% false.

  8. Melinda Smith

    This article lost all credibility when the “author” claimed these were facts. Boxers…ferocious? That is utter rubbish. They are known as the practical jokers of the dog world…wiggly loads of good nature and love. I have 2 pit bulls and a boxer, and there are no problems here. This “author” is a blithering idiot…this data is pure fallacy and half truths and outright lies; probably pulled from that loon at and Wikipedia. Cutting and pasting from undocumented, unverified sources is not credible journalism. Shame on you.

  9. 2011CTSV

    The amount of misinformation in this “article” is hilariously large. Huskies originated from the native Eskimos in Siberia 3,000 years ago, who captured and tamed wolves specifically to help them work and to guard their children. Huskies were LITERALLY created to help guard children. Furthermore, an actual scientific study (unlike this sloppy piece of yellow journalism) showed that Siberian Huskies are the friendliest breed towards strangers, bar none. They were #1 in the study for friendliness.

    “Because they were originally bred for work and typically did not socialize with humans” could not possibly be more factually wrong. It is quite literally the opposite of the truth. Socializing with humans was the main reason they were created, and while they are a working breed, they were bred to get along with other dogs – teams of them – and humans better than any other breed.

    And there is no basis for inferring an issue with the breed, like with pit bulls for example. Your numbers don’t take into account the human trash that TRAIN them to fight, and to be aggressive. Pit bulls are naturally friendly, they don’t want to hurt anybody, much less fight them, or fight other dogs. It’s HUMANS that make them do that. Also, the “locked jaw” thing is a complete myth that has already been dispelled using scientific evidence. The same goes for Rottweilers, they are big cuddly lap dogs when they’re not being trained to fight by idiot humans. Once again, the problem is US, not the dogs.

  10. KC

    This list is based off complete and utter IGNORANCE. People create bad dogs. The best dogs I’ve ever met have been breeds on this list. This is complete crap.

  11. Brandy Westermeyer

    I am so sick of people saying that a certain type of dog is dangerous! Its all in how you raise them! Just like people they aren’t born stupid they are raised and taught that way!

  12. SiberianBreeder

    To whomever wrote this article, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do some research before you point fingers and have a totally biased opinion. “Huskies” refer to all northern breeds, including but not limited to: Alaskan Malamutes; Siberian Huskies; Samoyeds; American Eskimo Dogs; and Keeshonds. Other breeds that have “icy” blue eyes are: Australian Shepherds, Shetland Sheepdogs, and Border Collies, as well as many other breeds. Siberians were not just breed to pull a sled, but also be a “nanny” for the owners children, as hunters, as herders, and alarms of wild animals. My largest Siberian that I have ever owned was 52 pounds, and 23 1/2 inches at the withers. Not that big compared to other breeds. Not to mention the fact that you seemed to forget that SMALL breeds are more dangerous than most LARGE breeds. Extremely disappointed in this author.

  13. Bella Cruz

    I cant even seriously process how stupid this article is. Like my mind exploded just reading the descriptions under the photos for the breeds. The malamutes are not the most “wolf-like” breed, huskies are closer than them, and not all huskies have icy blue eyes its just more noticeable, and malamutes are just as stubborn as most or any dog can be. Pitbulls being number one is just sad, they are not vicious dogs right from birth, no dog is, its all taught, and trained in them, thats just PURE ignorance. Any dog has a strong jaw, they dont even have the largest or strongest jaw either, and most dogs when hunting would hold onto their prey, so to use that natural hunting instinct against them and say they “lock jaw” on their victims or whatever is just pure dumb ignorance. Also german shepards, omg, I wont even go there. I Just…..UGH. “There is no such thing as bad DOGS, only bad OWNERS!”

  14. liisahelenanisula

    To the author of this comedic sketch … sorry not funny … I suggest you avoid dog parks, particularly leash-free dog parks, an unsuspecting dog-owner might try to stuff you into their dog’s poop-and-scoop bag mistaking you for a doggy-deposit.

  15. liisahelenanisula

    To the author of this comedic sketch … sorry not funny … I suggest you avoid dog parks, particularly leash-free dog parks, an unsuspecting dog-owner might try to stuff you into their dog’s poop-and-scoop bag mistaking you for a doggy-deposit.

  16. AbsenteeParents

    As was mentioned in many other comments ….. no references and no author’s name on the article equals an unprofessional article with no real authority.

  17. lindsey perry

    What a load rubbish! Husky s are bred to be friendly, that have no guarding instinct at all are brilliant with children and are very social. The only true thing this says about them is about their high prey drive, but thats not for eating children its with small animals. Further more not all husky s have blue eyes!. Also dalmatian a r not dangerous I was br8ught up with them and have kept them all my life and with children, as for the other breeds u mention, most of them if any are not dangerous either, I’ve worked in rescue kennels that take in strays daily and ave not found them to be aggressive, its only people that make dogs that way! And that goes for pitt bulls, dobermans and rottweilers ect…

  18. Sam Smiles

    Your list is fucking shit. If your going to put a list out there it should be done on countrys and not on a world dases this list would be complete diffrent if it was based on the UK dog attacks.
    I would put money on about 3 of these not being on it .

  19. Kim Drury

    You are an idiot! This is the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read. You don’t even state where you aquired this informormation!

  20. Krystyna

    Wot a load of old cobblers…. Complete and utter rubbish
    . Go find a job you can understand this one is obviously not the one for you!

  21. Nikko Reichmann

    I am sorry but who did this post?

    I am a breeder of malamutes and can tell you to this day I have not had one bite anyone, they are the most lovable dog you will ever have.
    Who ever did this post is about as informed as a duck about hunters, shows how stupid book smart people really are,dumb as a box of rocks.
    More then likely a small dog lover. records show smaller dogs bite more people on a daily bases then any other, and tend to be more aggressive then bigger dogs.
    I will not debate the pit bull or rot are to be watched, they are very aggressive and do bite a lot of people.
    But Malamutes are non aggressive unless you make them that way, like any dog.
    So you stupid dip sticks that wrote this best stop writing about things you know nothing about.

  22. Rachel Nelson

    Not only can any dog be dangerous but any animal can be dangerous, depends on how you treat them. I live with three Siberian Huskies ans they are so lovely and good as gold they just jump up to lick your face thats it!

  23. Karen Crosby

    what a poorly researched article. why do police forces and border control use gsd’s if they are dangerous? As for huskies and malamultes clearly the author hasn’t a clue . A malamute is more likely to lick you than bite . Have you heard of the kennel club? I would say the author is more dangerous than the dogs by misinforming the public with scaremongering and jumping on the all dogs are bad bandwagon

  24. Ashlee Elizabeth

    This is beyond ridiculous. I have had German shepherds all my life. they have been the most loving dogs I have ever had. Ive also had my baby girl Jenna, a Siberian husky. She thought she was a lap dog and loved being around me. Also, growing up I had a dalmatian who just acted dumb be so so sweet. my aunt and uncle own a box and he is just a big puppy. Friends of mine own a Rotti. I do not believe that one breed is dangerous. Each animal is an individual. it is all about how it is raised by the owner. So if a dog is dangerous, blame the owner.

  25. Crystal Hanson

    This list is ludicrous! My ‘dangerous’ pit bull spent most of Tuesday afternoon trying to climb onto not only my lap, but my 5 year old’s lap, so he could lick us. And my staffordshire mix is so ‘dangerous’ that she just lays there while my son lies down on her.

    Also, when I was growing up, our family rottweiler was so incredibly ‘dangerous’ that he let me use him as a pillow when I would lay on the floor watching movies!

    I have, however, been bitten by my step dad’s black lab that was attacking my pit bull just for walking into the house…

  26. Tracy Shrimpton

    omg you who ever wrote this list and was a coward and never left your name should get your facts right before writing it as you dont know what you are talking about and please stop blaming the dog for the owners actions

  27. Nikko Reichmann

    Seems everyone that posted got deleted, Why is this? I would say it;s due to the person that posted this garbage didn’t like being told the truth about his post,
    Sir or miss which ever the case may be, your so stupid about what dogs are dangerous. you don’t know one thing about any of the dogs you posted.
    First let me give you some history listens, The husky and malamutes have been around longer then any other breed of dog, also they have been used all this time for baby sitters which I would say that is not a dangerous dog,
    You really need some more education in dogs before you post or your going to loss your job as a writer.
    Posting false things can also get you sued by the way.

    I would say your boss need to fire you and remove this post before some one take legal action on this site for posting this kind of BS.
    Go back to school learn some thing other then bs, and stop trying to make it sound as if most of the dogs you posted are dangerous when they are not. your stupid and a total moron.

    this is only your way to stop bigger dogs from being around, you must be a small dog person like your mind is small.

  28. Nikko Reichmann

    I would say if you don’t like the comments being posted don’t post BS about things you don’t know about.
    Half the dogs on this list are not dangerous,
    There are more small dog bites reported daily them big dogs, get it right. small dogs are more aggressive then most large dogs.
    Do some more studying before you post this kind of lies.
    Then you won’t need to keep deleting every post made here.

  29. Dean

    Baahahaha! You deleted the hundreds of comments made calling this article complete & utter nonsense?! Oh mystery person that cannot even put their name to their article.
    You know nothing about dogs in general, let alone these individual breeds. Are you going to continue to delete all the comments that disagree with this article? Until some dog haters somewhere write something YOU agree with, and then you’ll leave those there right?

    This article is a load of nonsense, based on no factual information, with a lot of the specific breed information being blatantly wrong.
    No references to any expert, or peer reviewed works, poor or very old information, poor writing, and poor ‘so called’ journalism.
    Please go and do a hell of a lot more research, and actually learn something about a subject before you spout such nonsense.
    You are only making yourself look ridiculous.

  30. Vanessa Renee

    The list is still moronic, change or no change. Yes, Tosa Inu’s and Tibetan Mastiffs are so comnon as to be in the top 10 of ANYTHING, LOL. This “author” is graspaing at straws. Pack it up and go home.

    1. Kathryn Dexter

      Oops, I didn’t realize that this, unsigned, incomplete, and un-proofread version was actually posted. Sorry all.

  31. Kathryn Dexter

    The “author” of this article needs to return to school to relearn both grammar and research. He (or she) provides no sources for their information.

    This person’s poorly written opinion piece is here masquerading as fact.

  32. fivesibes

    Thank goodness Huskies (previously listed as the #4 “dangerous” dog breed) and Mals (previously listed as the #5 “dangerous” dog breed) have been REMOVED. Where was the fact-checking? Why was this list even created? This goes a long way to damaging the education we all put out there to help potential parents understand the needs of breed and how to be the best pet parents they can be. As a journalist, I was appalled by this list that was obviously not fact-checked, no sources cited, and who was the author and where did he/she get her info from? Yellow journalism is not journalism. While I speak for thousands of Husky parents in being glad that Huskies were removed from a list they never should have been on in the first place – I have to ask why does this list even exit? The only danger lies in folks who want pets but who are not educated on the breed and then they do not train and teach proper behavior to their dogs. We have been campaigning over on FiveSibes to show just how NOT dangerous and just how loyal and loving Siberian Huskies are. Please feel free to check out our photo album of these amazing dogs: and again, thank you for hearing everyone’s voice and removing them from the list.

  33. Rachel Chamberlain

    The author should not be writing an article about something they know nothing about. Rottweiller is #1..really? Irresponsible owners are the problem, not the breeds. They should delete the complete article and not write another.

  34. CTXDogLover

    Even though you removed Huskies and Malamutes, you are still an uninformed moron. No dog breed is dangerous, well except maybe Chihuahuas, but they are so small, who cares. The only dangerous dog is the one raised to be that way by the bad/dangerous/irresponsible owner. Please stop writing articles that have no basis in fact or truth, better yet, please stop writing, you do not have the skills nor knowledge to do so and the fact that you still refuse to sign your work proves that this list/article is a work of PURE FICTION!

  35. Sabrina Lee

    It is NOT down to the dog’s breed!!!! It is the irresponsible moronic dog owners who fight them and treat them so poorly that the dog grows hostile and aggressive. Wish people would learn this simple fact and stop jumping on the “all dogs are dangerous” bandwagon…

  36. Amber Foster

    Hhhhmmmm so where did this moron get their information? Curious to know who determined the most dangerous? Also, if we complain about what breed is on the list will that breed be removed like the Pitbull and Husky?? I am a strong believer that no specific breed is dangerous, it’s the owner that determines that. I grew up with Rotts and they were the most loyal and loving dogs you could ask for. I currently have GSD’s and I absolutely adore them and think they are the most intelligent. It’s people like the author of this article that give these breeds a bad name and the reason they are euthanized in the shelters at no fault of their own. And the correct spelling of “Shepard” is “Shepherd”. Perhaps you should do a little more research.

  37. Nikko Reichmann

    In short, I think this whole thing needs deleted until they have the fact right and not just some bs they have no idea about.


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