Top 10 Most Endangered Animal Species

Due to man’s never ending thirst for comfort and entertainment, the future of some the wild lives have become uncertain posing a global concern. Though it is a tricky task to select the top 10 most endangered animals with so many others being left out, our article discuss details about those few whose survival is seriously at a risk. Human’s self centered purposes have made it easier for these species to pave the path of extinction. Quickly scroll further to catch a glimpse of the names that have been regarded as the most endangered species.

Top Ten Most Endangered Animal Species

Identify the animals that have been listed as the top ten most endangered animals of recent time.

1. Addax

Addax - Top Ten Most Endangered Animals

A native of the Sahara Desert, the Addax is the most endangered animal known to current time. As per the classification by the IUCN, it is a member of the antelope family with long, twisted horns and thus is also popular as the white antelope or the screwhorn antelope. Even though there has been a decrease in its population since mid 1800s, at present it is a leader among the critically endangered species due to excess of hunting. Habitat destruction and chronic droughts in the deserts are the other reasons for their limited number.

2. Brown Spider Monkey

Brown Spider Monkey - Top Ten Most Endangered Animals

An appreciator of wet forests, the brown headed Brown Spider Monkey is an inhabitant of the tropical rainforests. It is one of the only two Neotropical primates that find a place among the critically endangered animals list as a result of forest fragmentation, habitat loss and hunting. Since they are frugivores and herbivores, their diet mainly consists of nuts, insects, fruits, seeds and bird eggs. Beside, Brown Spider Monkey is also a major medium for the spreading of seeds across the forests.

3. African Wild Ass

African Wild Ass - Top Ten Most Endangered Animals

Believed to be an ancestor of the domestic Donkey, the African Wild Ass is the wild relative of the horse family whose present number has been narrowed down to 570 individuals. Despite the fact that they are found in the deserts of baked areas of the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia; African Wild Ass loves to roam during the cooler hours of the day. They depend on bark, grasses and leaves to support their existence and can even stay for a long period without water.

4. Alabama Cavefish

Alabama Cavefish - Top Ten Most Endangered Animals

The elongate, trodden head and incurable mouthed Alabama Cavefish is not only one of the rarest troglobitic fish species in North America but is also one amid the top 10 most endangered animals on earth. They are blind with negligible sensors on their body and maintain a diet consisting of underwater beetles, spiders and other smaller insects. Pollutants that are emptied into the water from crop lands has become a major reason for its decreasing number. Moreover, they don’t reproduce every year. According to reports, there are only 100 of them found in the caves.

5. Amur Leopard

Amur Leopard - Top Ten Most Endangered Animals

Amur Leopard is said to be one of the nine subspecies from the leopard community dwelling in the Primorye region of South-Eastern Russia as well as in Jilin Province of northeast China. They are also known to the world as the Far Eastern leopard, Korean leopard or the Manchurian leopard. The species preference for deer has become a threat to them as deer adaptors eliminate them as soon as they approach their farms. This has resulted in the decline of the Amur Leopard’s already small population. Today their number is as low as 35 individuals.

6. Arakan Forest Turtle

Arakan Forest Turtle - Top Ten Most Endangered Animals

Found only in the Arakan hills of western Myanmar, the semi-terrestrial Arakan Forest Turtle is the rarest of its kind. It leads a complete nocturnal lifestyle and loves to stay active during the start of wet season. It also falls under the category of critically endangered animals due to over-collection from its hideouts for commercial purpose as well as local consumption. Though it was thought to be extinct during 1908, it was rediscovered in 1994 and now only few of them exists (less than 100).

7. Brazilian Merganser

Brazilian Merganser- Top Ten Most Endangered Animals

Human actions, habitat degradation, installation of hydroelectric plants, tourism etc are the reasons that have suffocated its survival as a result of which only 250 of them are at present found across the remote and mountainous regions of the earth. One can easily identify the duck with its long, dark saw-bill and pinky-lilac legs.

8. Asiatic Cheetah

Asiatic Cheetah - Top Ten Most Endangered Animals

Nick named as the Hunting Leopard, in today’s date the Asiatic Cheetah has been restricted to the vast central desert in Iran. It number has been countdown to 70 as they have been the frequent victims of habitat fragmentation and degradation, hounding and desertification during the past years. The favourable breeding period for the 112 to 135 cm sized cat is mid-winter. Another interesting characteristic of it that has drawn the attention of the royals is that Asiatic Cheetah can be disciplined.

9. Axolotl

Axolotl - Top Ten Most Endangered Animals

As it possesses two pairs of underdeveloped limbs, it not only has a different structure but has also been tagged as the “walking fish”. This particular endangered amphibian can breathe through its gills as well with its skin.  Every passing year, there has been a noted decline in its population and has made it a part of the endangered species list. It dwells solely in Lake Chalco and Lake Xochimilco located in central Mexico.

10. Bactrian Camel

Bactrian Camel- Top Ten Most Endangered Animals

The Bactrian Camel who has played a significant role as a pack animal during the history of inner Asia is currently facing threat to its population and shares its space along with the most endangered animals of the globe. Even now, its existence is restricted to the Taklamakan and Gobi Desert of China and Mongolia. If experts are to be believed, there are less than 800 Bactrian Camel found today. The two humps on their back is a distinctive feature of the animal.

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