Top 10 Rarest Birds in the World

The world is gifted with many beautiful and fascinating birds which add magnificence to the ecosystem but deforestations, pollution and many other selfish deeds of human has become a threat to this category. Few of them, are on the verse of extinct and might very soon disappear from the universe. Let us have a peep at the list which discusses the name of top ten rarest birds in the world.

Top Ten Rarest Birds in the World

1. Kakapo

 Kakapo - Top 10 Rarest Birds in the World

The Kakapo also known as the Owl Parrot is the world’s rarest and strangest parrot. This flightless night-time bird is common in New Zealand and as of 2010, there are only 130 individuals believed to be alive. It is the only flightless species of parrot in the world and is known to feed on plants, seeds, fruits and pollens.

2. Great Indian Bustard

 Great-Indian-Bustard - Top 10 Rarest Birds in the World

A large bird with a horizontal body and long bare legs resembling an Ostrich, the Great Indian Bustard is found in India and few regions of Pakistan preferring short grass plains, desert plains and semi arid regions. Due to haunting and greater use of pesticides the population of this type has decreased to around 230 individuals and thus is regarded as one among the rarest birds found in the world. It depends on beetles, grasshoppers, seeds and groundnuts and makes nests in open grounds.

3. Asian Crested Ibis

 Asian-Crested-Ibis - Top 10 Rarest Birds in the World

With only 250 of them surviving the Asian Crested Ibis has been shortlisted among the top ten rarest birds in the world. Originally nested in eastern Russia Japa n and China, now it is limited to China’s Shaanxi Province only.

4. Brazilian Merganser

 Brazilian-Merganser - Top 10 Rarest Birds in the World

Belonging to the merganser duck family, the species of Brazilian merganser is left with 250 individuals becoming one among the rarest birds in the world. Currently found only in some parts of Brazil and Argentina, perturbation, damming and pollution of rivers has become a real treat to this kind. Feeding on fish, larvae and Mollusks Brazilian Merganser prefers building their nest on tree cavities, rock crevices, or disused burrows.

5. Pink Pigeon

 Pink-Pigeon - Top 10 Rarest Birds in the World

With pale pink plumage on its head, shoulders and underside with pink feat/beak, the second rarest bird is the Pink Pigeon. Habitat destruction and non-native predators are the main factors behind extinction of these buds, flowers, leaves, shoots, fruits and seeds consuming bird. The Pink Pigeon is a native to Mauritius and now around 350 of them found.

6. Mauritius Kestrel

 Mauritius-Kestrel - Top 10 Rarest Birds in the World

Endemic to the forests of Mauritius, the Mauritius Kestrel is a prey bird belonging to the Falconidae family. Once used for hunting, in today’s date its number has decreased to 800 individuals. With a life span of 15 years it is the most distant living species among the western Indian Ocean Kestrels.

7. Christmas Island Frigatebird

 Christmas-Island-Frigatebird - Top 10 Rarest Birds in the World

The Christmas Island Frigatebird is a 90 to 100 centimetres long, huge, fork-tailed seabird with white belly, and black in colour. This group of decline is found in the Christmas Island of Australia. Roughly 3,600 of them are alive and further 80% decline is expected in the next 30 years.

8. Honduran Emerald

 Honduran-Emerald - Top 10 Rarest Birds in the World

Belonging to the family of Humming bird, Honduran Emerald is a green tiny bird that can be seen only in Honduras. Due to deforestation this member is endangered and today 250 to 1,000 of them are found.

9. Marvellous Spatuletail

 Marvellous-Spatuletail - Top 10 Rarest Birds in the World

The 10-15 cm. medium-sized humming bird with amazing tail, blue gorged and black line down center of breast and belly is yet another name recorded in the list of top ten rarest birds in the world with less than thousand of them surviving. Rio Utcumbaba is the home land of the group and is unique with four feathers at its tail.

10. Spix’s Macaw

Spix’s Macaw

The Spix’s Macaw is a native of Brazil who has been named after the German naturalist, Johann Baptist von Spix, who discovered it in 1817. Depended on the Caraibeira tree for nesting, it is a relative of the Parrot with shades of blue. The turn down in the number is due to hunting and trapping with very few of them living.

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