Top 10 Weird Ocean Animals

Pouncing out from the depths of serene tides of water here are the Top Ten Weird Ocean Animals that can sweep you off your feet. The sea that look so calm from above have hidden in plenty of Bizarre Ocean Creatures, laymen have not even heard of. Experts have put in rigorous efforts to get acquainted with the Strange Ocean Creatures, still there is not much knowledge about them. Get a glance into the world of  Top 10 Bizarre Ocean Creatures that very much exist in the world with us. Know what’s what about these Strange Sea Creatures and next time be careful when you go for deep sea diving.


Top Ten Weird Ocean Animals

Get a close look into the world of Top 10 Weird Ocean Creatures that can give you turns and make you jump.


1. Giant Isopod

Giant Isopod
Giant Isopod tops the list of Weird Ocean Creatures with its hair rising, horrendous looks it beholds. A far flung relative of shrimps and crabs, this specie is mostly found in the cold and shallow waters of Indian Ocean, Atlantic and Pacific. These giants of the deep sea survive on fish, squids and whales that are lifeless and also chase the slow moving creatures as a vivacious predator. They can survive long famine and drought for over an extant of five years without surplus food. Bathynomus or Giant Isopod was first discovered by a French Zoologist, Alphonse Milne Edward in the year 1879.  It has a closeness with the pill bug and woodlouse.


2. Northern Stargazer

Northern Stargazer

Astroscopus Guttatus or the Stargazer is a spooky, spine chilling creature that climbed directly out of your nightmare. They can reach up to 22 inches in length and are majorly found at the eastern shores amid New york and North Carolina. As the name speaks the mouth of the fish is mounted over the top that helps it to pounce at the prey, while hiding under the mud. Believe it or not they bear organ at the top that can propagate and transfer  electric current to the body of its prey. Northern Stargazer waits under the mud, for its victim to just float over it and nothing can stop it after that.


3. Angler Fish

Angler Fish

The spooky and eerie Angler Fish swim all across the deep and dark oceans in the world. These bonny fishes are named after its style of predating the other small fishes deep down the ocean. They have an extension hanging over their head which lures other fishes to feed itself. Many species of the fish are consumed by humans found in Africa, North America and Europe. Their tail meat of the fish is considered as a tasty food item by people and the taste is compared to that of a lobsters tail.


4. Blob Sculpins

Blob Sculpins

At number four we have Blob Sculpins one of the weirdest creatures living in the deep waters of north Pacific Ocean. This shallow water resident can grow up to 60 cm or two feet in length. They are the occupants of the deepest waters (840- 2800m), where the pressure is harmful for humans. It devour on small insects, fishes and other creatures that crawl in the deep sea. The fish you see in the deep waters changes into a miserable lump or organ after you pull it out of water.


5. Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber

Positioned at number five we have the deep ocean resident Sea Cucumber which belongs to the class of Holothuroidea. They are found plenty in numbers at the shallow waters of the ocean with greatest population found in the Asia Pacific Region. It works as an essential role in nourishing the ecosystem of the oceans as they recycle nutrients and other organisms on which bacteria degrades. They have an endoskeleton, that develops within the skin or in the deeper body tissues. They can grow up to 1 meter 3.3ft in length, on the other hand the smallest species can grow up to 0.12inches long. They are even captured from the deep waters, as they have medicinal qualities to heal arthritis and many dangerous diseases.


6. Frilled Shark

Frilled Shark

A widely spread species of shark that is found in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean finds a position at number six among weird creatures of ocean. The Frilled Shark is mostly found at 50 to 200 m or 160 to 660 ft deep in the depths of oceans. This sea creature has a flexible mouth which allows it to swallow a whole pray that mainly includes bony fishes and other sharks. They are dark brown in colour, crawling all over the seas like a snake or an eel in search of food. If this sea serpent or shark came in contact with a human they definitely pose great threat.


7. Viper fish

Viper fish

A tropical and temperate water Viper Fish finds a place at number seven in the list of strange sea animals. They vary in colour amid silver, black or green with huge fang like teeth that helps in capturing a prey. These fishes can live for more than 30 or 40 years in their natural habitat but doesn’t survive for few hours if captured. Viper fishes prey on dragon fishes and other small creatures under water and can even sustain scarcity of food, if situation demands. It dwells at 250 to 500 ft deep waters during the day time and at night rises to shallow water. Some species or sharks and dolphins prey on the species of Viper Fish.


8. Giant Spider Crab

Giant Spider Crab

Deep down the oceans live these long legged, giant spider crabs that can grow up to 12 feet long. They are found thousands of feet under the waters of Japan where they spend their time hunting for food. These crawling spine chilling creature are omnivores which can live on plant matter, small sea animals and lifeless animals also. Their huge body structure and spooky looks bring it to number eight position among the top ten bizarre ocean animals.


9. Carpet Shark

Carpet Shark

Lying low in the ocean bed like a carpet gave this shark its weird name and number nine position among the strange sea animals. They are mostly found in all oceans but are majorly concentrated  in the indo-pacific ocean and Australian region. The various specie of carpet shark is found in diverse diets, appearance, habitats and sizes. They are spineless creatures with two caudal fins and a small mouth with up front eyes. Till now the largest carpet shark is the whale shark that grow up to 14 meters in length. Without doubt it is not dangerous to be around until and unless harmed.


10. Wolf Fish

Wolf Fish

Living under the coastal rocks around 1600 feet deep down the sea this strange looking sea creature gained its number ten position among the Weird Creature in the Ocean. They are called with varied names that are sea wolf, ocean catfish, sea cat, devil fish, Atlantic catfish and more. They have very robust jaws, which they use for consuming shells, mollusles, echinoderms, crustacean, green crabs, star fish and sea urchins. Wolf Fish play an important role in keeping a balance in marine system by hunting down urchin and green crabs, as they can cause some serious harm.

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