Top 10 Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

The Rainforest might cover only 6% of the earth’s total land area but shelters more than the half of the animals and plants found in the world. Plus the interesting fact about it is that some of its inhabitants have adapted to its surrounding in such a way that it bewilders and fascinates us. Starting from the transparent glass frog to the intoxicating bullet ant, here is the record of 10 such tropical rainforest animals that have been garnering attention with their captivating behavioural habits.

Top Ten Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

Grab interesting facts about the strange rainforest animals through the list of top ten weird tropical rainforest animals.

1. Glass Frog

Glass-Frog - Top 10 Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

Notorious for its translucent abdomen, the glass frog is the most weird rainforest animal that has fascinated many zoologists as well as animal fanatics. It is lime green in colour and has a thin clear skinned belly through which its heart, intestine, liver and other organs can be noticed crystal clearly. Varying in between 1.4 to 3 centimetres in size, till now, 134 species of glass frogs have been found.  It belongs to the amphibian family Centrolenidae and is also found in Central and South America.  

2. Jesus Lizard

Jesus-Lizard - Top 10 Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

Gifted with the ability to run across water, the Jesus Lizard is a blue spotted with yellow iris 70 to 75 mm long reptile from the corytophanid lizard family. Though a very unique capability, it is true that it can move on water top for a relatively long distance before sinking completely into it. It is even a perfect underwater swimmer. It loves to spend its hours basking under the sun for hunting purposes and sleep on perches and branches at nightfall.

3. Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko

Satanic-Leaf-Tailed-Gecko - Top 10 Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

A native of Madagascar and a popular tropical rainforest animal, the Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko is a devilish looking relative of gecko. The creature is even nick named as the eyelash leaf tailed gecko or the fantastic leaf tailed gecko due to its leaf-like tail which helps it to mimic dry leaves while resting and clawing on trees and branches. Moreover, it can adapt its body colour as per the requirement of the surrounding. This Gecko is nocturnal in nature and moves out during the dark hours to hunt food.

4. Candiru Fish

Candiru-Fish - Top 10 Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

The reason why Candiru Fish has found its space among the weird animals of the tropical rainforest is due to its tendency to parasitize and invade the human urethra. This parasitic freshwater catfish can create havoc in an individual’s life and can only be removed through surgeries. Greater chances are when explorers and travellers urinate into Amazonian water; they can swim up to the unlucky one and inter his/her body. Belonging to the large Trichomycteridae family of catfish, there three species of it, known till date.

5. Electric Eel

Electric-Eel - Top 10 Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

An apex predator dwelling in the South American region, the Electric Eel though has an appearance of an Eel, actually belongs to the catfish family. As the name suggests, it possess the ability to deliver hundreds of volts of electricity to stun a human. The fresh water dweller can even make its victim incapable of partial or complete movement through its three abdominal pairs of organs that emit electricity.  Thus it is one amid the strange animals that live in the rainforest area.

6. Bagheera Kiplingi

Bagheera-Kiplingi - Top 10 Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

Among the 40,000 species of spiders that have been found till now, the Bagheera Kiplingi is the only one that is known to be a stern vegetarian, making its survival out of leaves, nectar, bud and tiny plants. Besides this, the inhabitant of Latin America as well acquires the potentiality to jump around with the help of its acute and large eyes. It got its name from the panther in The Jungle Book and his originator – Rudyard Kipling.

7. Mata Mata

Mata-Mata - Top 10 Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

A weird Amazon rainforest animal, the Mata Mata is a fresh water turtle with ridged and spiky scales that resembles like a dry piece of bark. It prefers to remain motionless under water and pretends to be a part of its surrounding. Its can open its mouth as large as it wants and creates vacuum to suck up its victim and prey. Another interesting fact about it is it always swallows its prey as it cannot chew seeing to its mouth structure.

8. Pink Dolphin

Pink-Dolphin - Top 10 Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

Also known as the Amazon River dolphin, the Pink Dolphin is a unique fresh water dolphin that is found in abundance in lowland rivers of Amazon and Orinoco. It can be identified with its hump on its back and a lump on its head. Plus it can move its from side to side and displays human friendly behaviours. Its complexion varies from bright flamingo pink to light pink depending on its exposure to sun.

9. Capybara

Capybara - Top 10 Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

A close relative of rock cavies and guinea pigs, the Capybara is the largest known rodent in the world. The dense forests and the Savannas of South America are its home and prefer staying in large groups summing up to 100 individuals. They follow an herbivores diet and grow up to 4 feet in length with a weight of 140 pounds. Capybaras are semi-aquatic with partially webbed feet. Though they rarely bite humans, belonging to the rodent family they have a shape set of teeth.

10. Bullet Ant

Bullet-Ant - Top 10 Weird Tropical Rainforest Animals

 The last one among the weird tropical animal list, the Bullet Ant is a tropical Rainforest ant that has grown popular with its potent and powerful sting. It is mainly found in the humid lowlands of Paraguay and Honduras. It is even called as a 24 ant as it sting continues to pain for a long period of time. they can be easily located at tree base and stays collectively.

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