Top 10 Mega Churches in US

Christianity being a major religion in the United States, the growth of churches and mega churches are immense as compared to largest temples and mosques. With the mission of guiding people to build faith in Jesus and the Bible, these mega churches actively participate in the growth of the religion. Moreover a church can be termed as mega church only when it houses more than 2000 worshipers in one go. Hence the ten biggest churches in America have been discussed below. Have a glace.

Top Ten Biggest Churches in US

Know the most popular churches in the States through the list of top ten mega churches in the USA.

1. Lakewood Church

No.1 Top 10 Mega Church - Lakewood ChurchBeing the largest non-denominational Christian church in the United States, Lakewood Church houses 43,500 attendees per week. It is located in Houston, Texas and provides two Spanish and four English language services each week. The mega church was established on 10th May, 1959 and currently Joel Osteen is its senior pastor while his wife Victoria is the co-pastor. Lakewood Church is based on the doctrine of the entire Bible and is recognised for its Word of Faith teaching.

2. North Point Community Church

No.2 Top 10 Mega Church - North Point Community ChurchLocated in Alpharetta, a suburb of Atlanta; North Point Community Church is the second biggest church in US and the largest in Metro Atlanta. It has five campuses that are visited by over 24000 worshipers every week. To guide people into a believing in Jesus is the core mission of the mega church. Andy Stanley is its senior pastor while Joel Thomas shoulders the responsibilities of being the Lead/Campus Pastor.

3. Second Baptist Church of Houston

No.3 Top 10 Mega Church - Second Baptist Church of HoustonWith a membership of 53,000 members, Second Baptist Church of Houston is one of the largest churches in US. It welcomes weekly attendance of over 22,500 and is aligned with the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention. Ever since it was founded in 1927, it has been actively broadcasting worship services over international TV, internet and radio. Second Baptist Church of Houston is opened to people from Christian as well as non Christian backgrounds.

4. Willow Creek Community Church

No.4 Top 10 Mega Church - Willow Creek Community ChurchPopular as Willow Creek Church, it is not only one among the largest churches in US but is also the most influential one. It current senior pastor, Bill Hybels founded Willow Creek Community Church on 12th October, 1975 with three weekend services. At present it welcomes almost 24000 each weekend. The church bases its principle on the Bible, declaring it to be inspired by God, infallible and inerrant.


No.5 Top 10 Mega Church - Life is an evangelical church that is divided into thirteen campuses across fives American states. It is dedicated in encouraging individuals to follow Christ and his teachings for which the mega church has also introduced YouVersion – a Bible application for mobile phones. Its senior pastor, Craig Groeschel is the founder of It was started in 1996 with only 40 congregants in a two-car garage and in today’s date almost 46,000 people visits it.

6. West Angeles Church of God in Christ

No.6 Top 10 Mega Church - West Angeles Church of God in ChristA member of the Church of God in Christ denomination, West Angeles Church of God in Christ is a Pentecostal Christian church located at Los Angeles, California. Under its present head pastor, Charles E. Blake, the mega church has grown from 40 members to over 22,000 believers. Famous celebrities such as Denzel Washington, Michelle Shocked, Magic Johnson, Angela Bassett etc are some of the known faces of the church. Besides this, it also has a reputation for dynamic city ministries, influential pastor and for being one of the most beautiful buildings compared to other mega churches in US.

7. Fellowship Church

No.7 Top 10 Mega Church - Fellowship ChurchFellowship Church was inaugurated as a mission church of the First Baptist Church of Irving in 1989 and since then it has been offering varied number of ministries and activities for all stages of life. With around 20,000 members it is one of United State’s fastest growing churches. Its facility for outdoor baptistery is another notable feature. Fellowship Church has five campuses in the Dallas area and one in Miami that it merged with in 2006.

8. Saddleback Valley Community Church

No.8 Top 10 Mega Church - Saddleback Valley Community ChurchLocated in Lake Forest, California; Saddleback Valley Community Church is an evangelical Christian church that was started by Pastor Rick Warren in 1980. With more than 20,000 worshipers per week, it has the eighth position among the top 10 mega churches in the USA. Through numerous ministries and varied support and counselling programs across ten locations, Saddleback Valley Community Church servers basically the Southern California community.

9. Calvary Chapel

No.9 Top 10 Mega Church - Calvary ChapelFounded in 1968, Calvary Chapel focuses on the inerrancy of the Bible and the interpretative teaching from Genesis to Revelation. It has one thousand congregations internationally and presents itself as a “fellowship of churches” in distinction to a denomination. In order to operate local Calvary Chapel Bible College programs, it also manages a number of radio stations globally. Besides, it has cafes, bookstores, publications sales and thrift store which contribute to its $19.8 million annual revenue.

10. The Potter’s House Church

No.10 Top 10 Mega Church - The Potter's HouseThe entry to be a part of top 10 mega churches in the USA is the Potter’s House Church situated in Dallas. Starting with fifty families initially in 1996, today it has around 17,000 believers visiting the church every week. In addition to this, it is also a non-profit organization that has provided aid and sent missionaries to places such as Mexico, Belize, Kenya and Guyana. By 2010 the Potter’s House Church has expanded into four campuses in Dallas itself.

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