Top 10 Christmas Books of All Time

Books are your best friends, you must have heard about this phrase.  For a learner, nothing can celebrate Christmas holiday like an engrossing and wonderful book. There are many stories on Christmas and Santa Claus but very few which can best describe the true and special things about Christmas. Celebrate this season of festival with your family and friends by reading the Top 10 Christmas Books of all time.

List of Christmas Books of all Time

1.  A Christmas Carol
2. How the Grinch stole Christmas
3.  The Polar Express
4. The night before Christmas
5. Nutcrackers
6.  The best Christmas pageant ever
7.  The life and adventure of Santa
8. The little match girl
9.  A wish to be Christmas tree
10. The Tailor of Gloucestor

Top Ten Christmas Books of all Time

Find the most popular and rejuvenating Christmas books with great morals and lessons. This is the list of Top Ten Christmas Books of all time. See if you find your favorite author or book in the list. 

1. A Christmas Carol

No.1 Christmas Book of all Time - A Christmas Carol

A story by Charles Dickens has evolved around an old and bitter miser who lived his live to accumulate money. How the old man, Ebenezer Scrooge experience reclamation in just one evening.  This book is divided into 5 staves not in chapters as it carries the meaning of its name A Christmas Carol. A musical and humorous story which can give you an amazing experience on Christmas Eve has managed to rank first in the list of top 10 Christmas books of all time.

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

No.2 Christmas Book of all Time - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch stole Christmas has a great moral linked with it. Dr. Seuss has perfectly sent his message of Christmas with full emotions hiding in quirky rhymes and whimsical drawings.  This story is about Grinch who hides gifts to prevent Christmas from coming and at the end he realized that Christmas came anyway and made him understood the meaning clearly.

3. The Polar Express

No.3 Christmas Book of all Time - The Polar Express

The Polar Express written by Chris Van Allsburg tells the story of a young boy who was lying in the bed on Christmas Eve. Then the Polar Express came and took him to the world of Santa where he met other children and was asked to pick up the first gift of Christmas. He choose to have the little silver bell whom he missed because of the hole in pocket and later at the end found it as a gift from Santa. This story is all about Believing as at the end the only the boy and his sister can hear the bell not their parents as they don’t believe in Santa.

4. The Night Before Christmas

No.4 Christmas Book of all Time - The Night Before Christmas

The night before Christmas is embellished with plethora of familiar Christmas poems. This book is best to narrate to your children at the time of Christmas season. This book is written by Clement C. Moore and Mary Engelbreit to give children an amazing experience of Christmas with rhyme and hymns. 

5. Nutcrackers

No.5 Christmas Book of all Time - Nutcrackers

This is E.T.A. Hoffmann’s original story turned into a little cardboard theater. Nutcracker has become a tradition for children to hear this story on Christmas.  How nutcracker comes to life and battles with mouse king. How he won his love Marie who has been his support of all time. What was the role of love spell and how they lived happily ever after has become the top 10 Christmas books of all time.

6. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

No.6 Christmas Book of all Time - The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Barbara Robinson has very well explained the scene of Headman kid’s when they cast in Christmas play. How the yearly tradition of same casting and roles changes and when and who took the first step forward to do the changes.  They just wanted to give the best pageant and how the worst kids in the world succeeded in it.

7. The life and Adventure of Santa

No.7 Christmas Book of all Time - The Life and Adventure of Santa

The life and adventure of Santa is fantasy and the story about Santa Claus which is believed by every child and by many  grown ups by believing the story of Santa Claus who has been bought up by the fairies. How Santa decides that his mission in life is to bring joy and happiness to mortal children by fulfilling their wishes and distributing gifts. This fairy tale is the reason behind the hanging socks on Christmas Eve and giving meaning to the fantasy of children. L. Frank Baum has given face to Santa Claus.

8.  The Tailor of Gloucester

No.8 Christmas Book of all Time - The Tailor of Gloucestor

A story about the magic and help from Santa to a tailor who becomes too ill to complete the mayor’s wedding coat by the day of Christmas. Beatrix Potter has written a great fantasy tale about the magical help and assistance gained by the tailor at the time of need.

9. The little Match Girl

No.9 Christmas Book of all Time - The Little Match Girl

Jerry Pinkney has portrait the story of little girl who used to sell matches on the street and ended her life there because of hunger, cold and poverty. Lavreys’s fanciful acrylic paintings soften Andersen’s indictment of an indifferent society that allows such poverty and misery to exist. The resignation and calm on the girl’s face capture her sadness, as does the artist’s palette of soft colors. Bright colors, collage elements, and whimsical landscapes suit Little Red Riding Hood. This story is sure to give your children a lesson in life and emotional touch towards the mankind.  The emotions and deep feelings has made this book in the list of top ten Christmas books of all time.

10. A Wish to be Christmas Tree

No.10 Christmas Book of all Time - A Wish to be a Christmas Tree Image

A beautiful story which describes the celebration of Christmas in an innovative and unique way and considered on the top 10 Christmas books of all the time. This story goes around the tree which was picked by people to be used as Christmas tree but when it became old and tall and was not in the reach of anyone. It made him upset and sad, so finally all the forest animals decided to make him cherish by beautifying it at the Christmas Eve and appreciate him for his support and love to them. Colleen Monroe has described his illusion very nicely and wonderfully.

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