Top 10 Civil War Books

Realities of the miseries and game of politics portrayed in these Top 10 Civil War Books, will take you to the journey of that horrendous experience. “The mystic chords of the memory” depicting the scenes from the long gone battle fields, are penned down on these Good Civil War Books. Historians and histories are created with some great minds, these books for civil war are some among the great works till date. Out from the bag of some amazing writers these Best Books On Civil War have shown a great trend in terms of describing the essence of the life during war. So, go through the list of Top 10 Best Civil War Books To Know War Facts.


Top Ten Civil War Books

Go ahead and lure your imagination with these Top Ten Civil War Books and understand the chaotic memories.


1. Battle Cry of Freedom

Battle Cry of Freedom

Playing with words is an art and James McPherson has brilliantly put together a complete history of civil war in his “ Battle Cry of Freedom”.  A page turning drama and analysis of the ruthless battle that recite the episodes that go ahead of the Civil War. Politics, personalities, strategies and the battles are critically discussed by the author. An era of Civil War is clearly depicted by the author in very appropriate words. The title of the book “Battle Cry of Freedom” is applicable to the sentiments of the Northern and the Southern ideas of difference. With its outraging discussions and clearly defined drama, this book got its place among Good Books On War.


2. The Civil War: a narrative

The Civil War: a narrative

A twisted narrative of Civil War facts, put together in three volumes, “The Civil War: a narrative” is the work of the most famous non-fictional narrative historian – Shelby Foote. This piece of work touches on the military history, political and social themes of that horrifying era. With its exceptional depiction of the civil war this literary marvel will sway your mind with the narrative facts.


3. The Red Badge of Courage

The Red Badge of Courage

One among the top most Good Books About Civil War “The Red Badge of Courage “ is a novel reciting a story about a union army official’s flight from the battle field. A book depicting a realistic story about a soldier and his realization. The soldiers journey is very well  concealed in the authenticity of Stephen Crane’s words. His source of inspiration relied on the numerous contemporary accounts and written data. The Red Badge Courage will surely take you to the era when the war was being fought with in America.


4. Gone With the Wind

Gone With the Wind

Margret Mitchell remarkably showed the adverse effects of the war on the economy and people of America. Roaming around the Clayton County of Georgia and Atlanta during the American civil war and the reconstruction era. A historical novel illustrating the lives of Scarlett O’ Hara and Rhett Butler during the war era. The experience of this book will give you a clear glimpse of the life lived during the war era. From the very commencement of the novel in 1937, “Gone With The Wind” became a bestseller fiction in America.


5. Team of Rivals

Team of Rivals – Doris Kearns Goodwin

The “Team of Rivals” is a prize winning non fiction book, based on the political genius of Abraham Lincoln. It is one among the best works penned down by Doris Kearns Goodwin, who is a renowned American biographer, political commentator and historian. One among the Best Books on Civil War is a biographical work based on the life span of Lincoln and his cabinet members. The author spent ample amount of his time researching on the topic to recount the memories of that terrible episode. Because of its popularity and content this book received its position among the Best Books For Civil War Facts.


6. A stillness at Appomattox

A stillness at Appomattox

A renowned historian and journalist Charles Bruce Catton wrote this fascinating account depicting the history of American civil war. The book manages well to take you on a tour to the final year of the war describing more about the 1864 Virginia.  Battles and assaults are extensively available in the work of this renowned writer. With his rigorous research and hard work he was able to put together a marvelous work of literature. “A stillness at Appomattox” is a work of excellence, which places it amid the Best Civil war Facts Book.


7. Last Full Measure

Last Full Measure

To give the readers an insight of the working and minds of union and confederate army officers, Jeff Shaara wrote this novel. The “Last Full Measure” is one among the trilogy works written on the American Civil War. The heroism and the shattering losses of the third brutal year of the civil war are brilliantly explained in the novel. It is a continuation of the legacy that Jeff Shaara took up from his father.


8. Confederates in the Attic

Confederates in the Attic

A best seller of United States “ Confederate in the Attic” was written by a renowned journalist and writer Tony Horwitz. The author of this book is a Pulitzer Prize Winner, who followed his interest in American history to write this work of non fiction. He describes the ties in United States in citizens to a war that that took number of years to end. With its amazing depiction of the American Civil War this book gained a position among many Civil War Best Books.


9.  The Coming Fury

The Coming Fury

The disintegrating political process and rising temper of the commoners and the force put in to drag away the raging power named, United States. A small but true description of the book that truly specifies the story of fury and outrage of people against the high powers.  An astounding work by Bruce Catton “ The Coming Fury” give the readers a glimpse of how the civil war was initiated. With its amazing plot, content and drama this book became a part of the Best Book For Civil War Facts.


10. Gods and Generals

Gods and Generals

Following the legacy of his father’s work on American Civil War, Jeff Shaara wrote this historical fictional novel on the civil war. The drama and problems faced by the soldiers while fighting their old friends. Though this is a work of fiction, but the author clearly understood the historical significance of the civil war and mentioned everything with clear factual details. Because of its factual details and clear content this book received a position among the Top Ten Best Civil War Books.

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