Top 10 Greatest Romance Novels

Love and romance have proved to be the most convenient themes that can be used to offer various shades while inscribing a tale. Making a note of it, discussed here are the highly recommendable volumes that have lured an uncountable number of romantic hearts during the past couple of years. Backed with passionate and sensuous story line, some of the selected names have as well managed a position among The New York Times Best Seller and the USA Today bestselling list. So hurry up and grab home a copy of the following if you have not yet laid your eyes on it.

Top Ten Greatest Romance Novels

Get drowned into the list of top ten romance novels only to surf out the leading volumes in the category of love.

1. Lover at Last

Lover at Last – J.R - Top Ten Greatest Romance Novels

One of the hottest collections of romance novels in 2013, Lover at last is the eleventh release from the series of Black Dagger Brotherhood by J. R. Ward. The volume speaks about Qhuinn, who becomes one amid the fiercest fighters in the war against the Lessening Society since he was disowned from his ancestry. As soon as Lover at Last became public in March 2013 it got sold like hot pancakes among its fans and new readers.

2. Walking Disaster

Walking Disaster – Jamie McGuire - Top Ten Greatest Romance Novels

Composed with wonderful finesse by Jamie McGuire, Walking Disaster is the best contemporary romance novel, making space among books that topped The New York Times Best Seller list for 2013. Cocooned with the concept of “love hard, fight harder” it narrates the tales of Travis Maddox whose life becomes full of underworld betting, women and violence. The book was released in April 2013 by Atria Books.

3. Entwined With You

Entwined With You – Sylvia Day - Top Ten Greatest Romance Novels

A proceeding of Bared to You, Entwined with You not only carries forward the erotic story of Eva and Gideon but also reveals the outcome of their fanatical desire once they face the demons from their past. Published on 4th June, 2013; the 356 pages novel is regarded as one in between the top romance novels of the twenty first century. The USA Today bestselling volume is a flawless love story that is worth reading.

4. Losing Hope

Losing Hope – Colleen Hoover - Top Ten Greatest Romance Novels

As a sequel to Hopeless, in Losing Hope, the bestselling writer – Colleen Hoover creates a passage to it protagonist – Holder’s mysterious life concerning a little girl. Making note of very required details, the author compiles the novel as a refined work of romance and passion. Once a reader enters Holder’s hopelessly haunted head he/she won’t feel like leaving the book midway. This is the grip that Losing Hope provides its ardent readers with.

5. Fallen Too Far

Fallen Too Far – Abbi Glines - Top Ten Greatest Romance Novels

Nineteen years old motherless Blaire Wynn moving into her new home starts desiring something she is not suppose to have. The first publication of Too Far series, Fallen Too Far had grabbed the attention of many readers the moment it was released in 2012. America’s well accepted author, Abbi Glines is the man behind the creation of obsessive and ardent adult fiction. Rush Too Far, Never Too Far and Forever Too Far are the follow-ups of Fallen Too Far.

6. Ten Tiny Breaths

Ten Tiny Breaths – A. K - Top Ten Greatest Romance Novels

Published on 11th December, 2012; Ten Tiny Breaths is yet another volume that has been considered along with the best romance novels of current times. Through the book, K.A. Tucker allows readers to scrutinize what forced Kacey Cleary to leave her uncle’s home alone with her sister and what awaits her in her new dwelling. Staying true to the title, Ten Tiny Breaths has proved to be an incredible love noble appreciated by a long list of fan.

7. Reckless

Reckless – S.C - Top Ten Greatest Romance Novels

With the question “can love survive when life gets reckless?” lurking large at the backdrop, Reckless by S.C Stephens unfold to book lovers the relationship that was created between Kiera and Kellan once stardom bites them. The volume concludes with an ending that will definitely quench the thirst that readers will feel for during the interpretation. No doubt it ranks among the top contemporary romance novels.

8. Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard – Christina Lauren - Top Ten Greatest Romance Novels

Initially released online as a Twilight fan fiction, Beautiful Bastard by Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings is the most sensual novel that was composed during the past few years since the author – Christina Lauren describes quite impeccably the tensed relation that grows out between Chloe Mills – a diligent intern and her boss – Bennett Ryan, since day one. The popularity of the novel was so well accepted that a film will be released based on it, soon.

9. Wait for You

Wait for You – J - Top Ten Greatest Romance Novels

Author, J. Lynn introduces his characters – Avery and Cameron with very different perspective and background to ensure that readers get glued to the story till the end. The characters have been portrayed in a manner that it can lure any book lover into a romantic situation that has the capacity to make them swoon with excitement. Wait for You has received uncountable positive responses due to the story sketch and has also been ranked as a top romance novel.

10. Beneath This Man

Beneath This Man – Jodi Ellen Malpas - Top Ten Greatest Romance Novels

Beneath This Man has grabbed the last spot among the top 10 romance novels of the twenty first century. Doing justice to the title, Jodi Ellen Malpas has sketched his male character with a shade that needs to be uncovered to know his dark secrets and broken soul. Even the lady in his love life does not possess the slightest hint about his background and instead get trapped with his intensity. The novel was released during the summers of 2013.

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