Top 10 Nonfiction Books for Kids

Seeing to the rising demand for nonfictional books for kids, many contemporary authors have come up with creatively narrated factual volumes to catch the imagination of the young generation. Starting from Great Migrations, Weird but True 3 to Steve Jobs: Genius by Design, we have selected ten leading titles that have witnessed overnight success in regards to kid’s section of reading. So let us glance through the row that discusses the secrets of the top 10 nonfiction books for kids.

Top Ten Nonfiction Books for Kids

Read further into the details of the top ten nonfiction books for kids.

1. Great Migrations

Great Migrations by Elizabeth Carney - Top Ten Nonfiction Books for Kids

Composed for the young animal lovers, the Great Migrations by Elizabeth Carney is an amazing non fiction book for kids. The book focuses on wild animals and their action filled migration periods. To captivate the imagination of the young learners, it is even filled with beautifully coloured and descriptive photos. The stores inscribed here talks about the incredible animal strength and their will to survive and protect their community. It also addresses how change in climate has an effect on animal migration.

2. Snowflake Bentley

Snowflake Bentley - Top Ten Nonfiction Books for Kids

The biography of a Vermont farm boy who was enchanted by snowflakes has been narrated beautifully; keeping in touch of minute details by Jacqueline Briggs Martin through her book, Snowflake Bentley. Wilson Bentley spent his life capturing the images of snow and examining the tiny crystals and its fragility. The author tells his story through the graceful pros of the nonfiction book in order to mesmerise kids with the imagination of the Bentley’s tale.

3. Legend of Herobrine

Legend of Herobrine - Top Ten Nonfiction Books for Kids

A novel compiled out of factual Minecraft player’s experience with Herobrine, the Legend of Herobrine opens up with stories that will assure the existence of Herobrine to its juvenile readers. The stories are mind grabbing enough to keep a booklover glued to it as its pages explodes with adventures of the players while trying to solve the mysteries of Herobrine.

4. Weird But True 3

 Weird But True 3 - Top Ten Nonfiction Books for Kids

Based on the popular features from the National Geographic Kids, the Weird but True 3 is the best nonfiction book for kids to educate on topics like science, food, weather, animals, pop culture and geography. Additionally it also includes facts discussed by readers. To make things seems more interesting to kids, the book explodes with fanciful and curious designs and well described information. Like its original edition, even this one has been an immediate success, selling thousands of copies.

5. Falling Upwards: How We Took to the Air

 Falling Upwards, Richard Holmes - Top Ten Nonfiction Books for Kids

Composed by Richard Holmes, Falling Upwards was released in 2013 to narrate the tales of the group of men and women who were the first ones to dare take a flight into the air. Since childhood is the best phase for imagination, the heart-lifting chronicle discusses the experiences felt by this group and the secrets of the planets revealed by them. It also mentions the exciting adventures felt by renowned figures such as Sophie Blanchard, John Wise, Felix Nadar and James Glaisher.

6. LEGO Movie: The Essential Guide

 The LEGO Movie - Top Ten Nonfiction Books for Kids

Released on 30th December 2013, LEGO Movie: The Essential Guide speaks of characters, locations and profiles for the upcoming movie with the same name. It reveals three of its major characters and vital facts regarding them. Plus, the nonfiction kid’s book also includes a brief narration of the off-screen features, allowing readers to peep through the interesting things that resulted in the creation of the LEGO movie.

7. The Hive Detectives: Chronicle of a Honey Bee Catastrophe

 The Hive Detectives - Top Ten Nonfiction Books for Kids

A tribute to the honeybees, author Loree Griffin Burns describes the importance of these buzzing insects in a very attention-grabbing manner through the book – The Hive Detectives. The volume is meant to aware readers with the fact that without honeybee there won’t be anyone to carry out pollination and as a result of which the planet will lose all its flowers, fruits and veggies. To make things interesting and simple for the smaller generation, Burns very creatively jots down the imperativeness of a bee’s life.

8. Homes Around the World

Homes around the World - Top Ten Nonfiction Books for Kids

With insights into some of the most unusual human residents around the world, Max Moore has not only captured a kid’s imaginative impact via Homes around the World but has as well helped develop one’s reading skills. In combination with vibrant photos, and age appropriate stories the book describes in details about floating homes, portable yurts, pueblos, tree houses and eco-friendly homes. Thus the volume has been regarded as one among the top nonfiction books.

9. 100 Facts World Wonders

100 Facts World Wonders - Top Ten Nonfiction Books for Kids

100 Facts World Wonders offers readers with the scope of exploring fascinating facts and mystifying truths about the planet we dwell in. A mixer of details and quizzes, this 48 pages volume is the perfect book for kids belonging to the age group of six to twelve. Compiled by Miles Kelly and released on 1st November, 2013, the 100 Facts World Wonders can even be downloaded with Mac or iOS device through iBooks.

10. Steve Jobs: Genius by Design

Top Ten Nonfiction Books for Kids

The world we live in went through a change as Steve Jobs’ inventions starting surfing up. This message has been very beautifully acknowledged by Jason Quinn in the book – Steve Jobs: Genius by Design. Additionally it also speaks about the complete journey made by the innovator and the ups and downs he had to come by on the way to his triumphs. Nothing can be better than this piece of nonfiction to inspire youngsters to aim for a life full of passion.

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