Top 10 Custom Bikes

Custom bikes have always grabbed the attention of motor lovers and recently it has again returned with a bang only to further hype up the craze for ultra designed two wheelers. Starting from the Honda CB Cafe Racer to the BMW R100RT there have been few arrivals that have not only won the hearts of the bikers but have as well drawn the attention of biggest selling motorcycle magazines. So let us take a look at the record of top 10 custom motorcycles to identify the special feature that they have been enhanced with.

Top Ten Custom Bikes

Keep scrolling to know the top ten custom bikes that have been making rounds as the as the best.

1. Classified Moto – Honda CB Cafe Racer

Classified Moto - Honda CB cafe racer

Designed with a Yamaha YZF-R6 sportbike front and comprising of a hand control, forks and wheel; the Honda CB Cafe Racer by Classified Moto leads the record when it comes to best custom motorcycles. It has taken its rear wheel from a Ducati 1098 while the single-sided swing arm has been adapted from Ducati Multistrada. Moreover, it is geared with a gold D.I.D X-Ring chain, a Superlite 525 rear sprocket and a custom front sprocket.

2. Jvb-Moto – Ducati Monster 1100

Jvb-Moto - Ducati Monster 1100

Almost ten years after the introduction of the stunning concept bike – ‘Flate Red’ by Jens vom Brauck, the German designer has this time come up with the Flate Red II with further enhancements. Sporting an aluminium tank with a carbon cover, the elegant monster is based on a Ducati Monster 1100. Though it consists of 100 bhp, the model just weights 150 kg and is quite light as compared to its initial version. This is due to the presence of a Termignoni ECU, all round Öhlins suspension, custom exhaust and forged OZ wheels. Plus it has a modified Monster 696 swingarm to cover up the compact li-ion battery. Its electrics are concealed inside the new tank’s shell while the headlight and the fender are surrounded by carbon fiber.

3. Walt Siegl – Ducati 900

Walt Siegl - Ducati 900

The third best custom built motorcycle is a creation of Walt Siegl – a rare craftsman with exceptional talents in auto field. The bike has been improved to match the design of the Verlicchis built for racing along with 4130 chrome moly steel tubing. It weights 19lbs, just like a Verlicchi TT1 and TT2. For enhanced performance, it is geared with a 39mm Keihin FCRs motor.

4. Mateusz Stankiewicz – Honda CX500

Mateusz Stankiewicz Honda CX500

Though Honda CX500 might not be that pleasant to the eyes but it is definitely the most reliable and toughest of all bikes. Initially launched in 1978, the new model is a custom from Poland. Bearing a durable and faithful engine happens to be the best feature of the old dog, making it more tempting. Its back fame has been completely power coated and redesigned while the tank has been sandblasted and elevated to line up with the new casing. Moreover, to offer a more aggressive yet comfy riding experience, the front end was lowered.

5. Analog Motorcycles – Yamaha SR500

Analog Motorcycles - Yamaha SR500

Regarded as not only one of the top ten custom motorcycles, Yamaha SR500 has even gain reputation as the perfect model for cruising around the town and bar-hopping. Named as ‘Bruto’, the 1979 case offers a raw edge look with a seat big enough for two. While its rear end is kept planted with Gazi Suspension Hyper Lite shocks, the front end has been stolen from a GSX-R. It has been painted with raw metal coat accompanied by a black and golden strip. Furthermore it has been adapted with LED strips to operate the lights along with a Shinko 705 series dual sport tires fitted well into powder-coated rims.

6. CRC Sportster – Cafe Racer Customs

CRC Sportster - Cafe Racer Customs

Designed on an oil-in frame, Cafe Racer was built by the American firm – C&J. To enable belt changing, the original rear swinging arm bike has been perked up with removable section. Fuelled by a Mikuni HSR 42mm slide carb, the engine is a Buell S1W1203cc. Furthermore, the model has been enabled with Screaming Eagle cams, carbon pushrod tubes and ignition. Its front master cylinder is from a Honda Fireblade and uses CRG levers.

7. Moto Guzzi V50 by Rno Cycles

CRC Sportster - Cafe Racer Customs

Named as ‘Opal’, the classic Moto Guzzi V50 is owned by founder of Rno Cycles in Culemborg – Arno Overweel. The bold, rising waistline that reveals the elegance of the V-twin motor is the most eye-catching feature of the rapier-sharp V50. In addition to it, it bears a small bore 490 cc motor escorted by a five-speed transmission. Its electric start has been replaced with kick start by changing the complete gearbox. Making use of custom swing arm and new fork internals, even the suspension has been upgraded to 10 cm in length to blend with an HK Suspension monoshock.

8. Simon Ackrill’s – Kawasaki GT550

Simon Ackrill - Kawasaki GT550

In order to maintain the family bike, Simon Ackrill refurbished his father’s 1986 Kawasaki GT550 to shape it as the custom Kawasaki GT550. He completely repainted, replated and repowered the model to offer it a dashing look. A new Z Power top yoke was fitted into it to not only for comfortable ridding but as well to use it as modern Renthal bars. It’s handing has been perked up by rebuilding the original fork and the rear shocks.

9. Mean machines – Triumph Bonneville

Mean Machines - Triumph Bonneville

Created by MeanMachines, Triumph Bonneville appears among the 10 best custom motorcycles due to its attention-grabbing tires – 200 out back and 130 up front. By offering custom sprockets, both back and front, the monster truck got its gear changed by small ratio. In order to match a Suzuki GSX-R fork attached to an improved hub and laced rim, the suspension has been refinished. GSX-R switchgear, 5½” Bates unit headlight and battered oil tank are the other additions that have offered the model a cleaner-than-stock look.

10. Bill Costello – BMW R100RT

Bill Costello - BMW R100RT

Bill Costello is the man behind the conception of the classic yet tough looking BMW R100RT which had even been selected as the cover picture for three magazines. The urban styled motor has all the power Bill required as it has been upgraded with 70 hp on tap. It has been added with adjustable gold-valve emulators, Works Performance shocked suspension, spoked wheels, Avon tubeless tires and a small BMW toolkit underneath the seat. Even its handing has been improved along with the weight, dropping to 430 lbs from 525.

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