Top 10 Electric Cars

The Top 10 Electric Cars or the future four wheelers will be soon running all over the boulevard with zooming speed and sinfully superior features. Gearing up the speed, many manufacturers have jumped into preparing high speed Fully Electric Cars, that are the unfolding future from here till eternity. BMW, Honda, Chevrolet and Mitsubishi, have given the world some amazing Future Electric Cars which will astound you with their furious speed, stunning mechanics and sporty looks. Enjoy the list of marvelous ten Best Electric Cars that are very much available in the world for driving on streets.


Top Ten Electric Cars

Pass an eye over these Top Ten Electric Cars which are amazingly fast and up to date to run on the streets.


1.Fiat 500 E

Fiat 500 E

Fiat 500 E, a classic beauty or the futuristic electric car, is positioned at number one among the marvelous ten electric cars. This stunning sensation by the Italian automotive holding company runs on 111 horse power lithium-ion battery pack. The urban commuters can enjoy the daunting experience of this hatchback which can cover a distance of 87 miles in one go. Get this drivers delight at your door steps at a very affordable price of 31,800 dollars. Drivers get to keep a check on the energy level, consumption of energy and nearest charging station which are compiled within the dash.


2. Honda Fit EV

Honda Fit EV

With its complete hatchback looks don’t get confused, Honda Fit EV is actually a futuristic electric four wheeled wagon. At a base price of 37,415 dollars drivers can have a good time with the compact hatchback by the Japanese auto maker. Lithium-ion battery pack with advanced ion super charge battery modules this beauty presents swift acceleration and even speedy charging. Cover a complete distance of 82 miles with this power driven four wheeled car by Honda. The Honda Fit EV gets a 118 MPGe rating, which allows you to enjoy your Honda Fit more often on road.


3. Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

At number three of our list we have, Leaf, a breath taking and incredible brain child manufactured by Nissan. Get the latest version of Nissan leaf at a very affordable price that will cost your pocket only  21,300 dollars. Take a 124 miles long drive on a highway with this mini hatchback at a top speed of 90 mph. Nissan have done a great job with the inbuilt specifications by removing some of unwanted luxuries in the car, but still provides all the essential stuff. Leaf packs in a rechargeable  lithium-ion battery, which will give you a wondrous ride to the future.


4. Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Positioned at number four, we have the world’s first premium electric sedan, the Tesla Model S. It will truly take you off your feet with its phenomenal speed and remarkable performance. Grab your hearts as it can take you miles at a top speed of 125 mph starting from 0-62mph in just 5.6 seconds. It might hit your pockets a bit hard with a starting base amount of 71,070 dollars. Take a good look at this luxury car and you will find world class features like Wi-Fi internet access, sweeping panoramic roof and a touch screen driver interface. Don’t let your imagination stop here, there is a lot this futuristic car can show you.


5. BMW i3

BMW i3

Clocking over 120 miles on one charge the BMW i3 is active at number five in our list of amazing ten electric cars. This futuristic beastly beauty stances like a sporty four wheel wagon that is completely battery operated. BMW, the German auto giant, has put in a lot of rigorous research and efforts to construct this futuristic vehicle. Speeding from 0-60 mph in just 7 seconds this automotive vehicle is a great threat to its rivals in both electric and gas powered vehicles. Let your worries go off as this beauty will be available at a very affordable price of 41,350 dollars. Trust this automotive giant as they always have something stunning in the box.


6. Ford Focus EV

Ford Focus EV

Let your thoughts lift you into creativity that can hamper you with the luxury of comfort and speed. The sporty hatchback, Ford Focus EV is powered with a 23 KWh lithium-ion battery motor that can reach up to 76 miles in just a single charge. Ford has generated a very efficient electric car that can run at a top speed of 84mph. It is one of the most environmental friendly car that uses cent percent recycled material to create the interior of the car. The environmental beauty unleashed by Ford is engineered with regenerative brakes which holds more than 90% of energy majorly lost because of friction. This gorgeous sporty vehicle is a very big competition in the automotive market of electric cars.


7. Toyota RAV4EV

Toyota RAV4EV

In the thirst of creating a futuristic vehicle Toyota the Japanese automotive manufacturer joined in the race of producing electric cars. Toyota RAV4EV is the innovative creation that came out from the bag of this Japanese giant. Unleash the dragon that boasts an impressive mileage that reaches up to 60mph in just seven seconds. It stances 154 horsepower with 103 miles maximum distance covered in one go. This Japanese automotive giant manufactured SUV is a high tech and Eco-friendly model that is an ideal choice for nature lovers. With its outreaching technicalities and sporty looks this vehicle is positioned at number seven of our list.


8. Chevrolet Spark EV

Chevrolet Spark EV

Happiness for some people lie in thrill, excitement and creative efforts, similar is the case with Chevrolet Spark EV. It is one of companies successful experiments that made it stand at eight position among the astounding ten marvelous electric cars. This compact hatchback is an in budget electric wagon that is priced at a basic price of 19,185 dollars. Out of the box a 130 horse power that can take you for a 82 miles ride in one go and burns around 400 Ib-ft of torque. Right now Spark EV is available only in Oregon and California, only by ordering before hand. Chevrolet always have something for someone in their box of surprises, Spark EV is one of its surprises for nature lovers.


9. Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Dancing on the same tune Mitsubishi also came up with its latest compact ride, the Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Starting at a base price of 29,125 dollars this car became a super hit among the futuristic electric cars. Make your journey a pleasant and swift motion that will take you up to 62 miles in one charge. Powered with a AC synchronous permanent magnetic motor running at 66 horsepower. Enjoy this cute little exciting electric ride that can make your daily commute easy and comfortable. With its affordable price and adorable looks, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, received its ninth position among the ten most trendy electric rides.


10. Smart forTwo Electric Drive

Smart forTwo Electric Drive

Innovative imaginations never stops you from creating something that stands out among all. Smart for Two Electric Drive is an innovative and in budget drive that can make your city commute easy. Its cute little mouse like structure makes it handling very easy and you can sneak out from heavy traffic jams. The company has engineered its pretty meager ride with 55 Kilowatt motor that can take you up to 70 miles in one go. This affordable electric wagon will cost only 12490 dollars to your pocket, that is the lowest price of a fully electric car.

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