Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World

If you have a crazy craving for performance, speed and reliability then you ought to peep into the list that has been discussed below. They are the ones that have been ruling the globe for decades in terms of stylish and innovative two wheelers. Motorbikes produced by the top motorcycles brands in the world are classy in all angles. So what the wait for? Dive into the depths of the article and outline the one that catches your senses the most.

Top Ten Best Motorcycle Brands

You never know, your favourite motorcycle brand can be a part of the top ten motorcycle brands in the world. To find out continue reading.

1. Ducati

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World - Ducati

Well known for designing high performance motorcycles with characteristic features of 90° V-twin engines, large capacity four-cylinder and desmodromic valve; Ducati is an Italian company established in 1926. It has its headquarters in Bologna, Italy and is owned by Audi. All through the decades, the motorcycle brand has evolved out to be unparallel tradition with a mixture of Italian style, latest technology and sports victories. Today it is a leading motorcycle brand in the world.

2. Honda Motor Company

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World - Honda Motors

Honda Motor Company, without a doubt has been producing trail ready and reliable bikes ever since it was founded on 24th September, 1948. The Japanese company has even earned credits for producing the maximum internal combustion engines measured by volume. The brand was even awarded with six world championships during Motocross World Championship and eight titles in the World Enduro Championship. Manufacturing motorcycles with the base goal of providing satisfaction to consumers has served as the success point for the world’s best motorcycle brand.

3. Kawasaki

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World - Kawasaki

Another Japanese motorcycle brand that grabs a primary position among the top motorcycle brands in the world is none other than Kawasaki Motorcycles – a division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. The company formed in 1963 after the amalgamation of two major corporations – Meguro and Kawasaki. The brand’s Ninja series is popular globally for their swiftness as well as stylish framework. Apart from this, Kawasaki motorbikes are notorious for fuel efficiency, high quality, low cost and undeniable power.

4. BMW

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World - BMW

BMW not only has a status for producing world renowned luxury cars but is also pretty admired one while talking of top-notch motorbikes. Since 1923 the brand has been engaged in introducing new concepts into the field of motorcycles like anti-lock brakes in 1980s, electronic stability control during 21st century and anti-skid technology by 2007. In addition to these, BMW has also played a vital role in adapting bikes with innovative suspension designs.

5. Triumph

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World - Triumph

Apart from being the largest motorbike manufacturer in the United Kingdom, Triumph is also one amid the top motorcycles brands internationally. The brand specialises in engineering six major sectors of scrambler – classics, roadsters, touring, adventure, cruisers and super-sports. As per 2012 report, Triumph has produced 49,000 motorcycles during the complete year. Till date 675 cc Street Triple has been the best selling bike from the company.

6. Harley-Davidson Motor Company

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World - Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson Motor Company is yet another motorcycle brand eminent for producing jaw-dropping bikes accompanied by the styles of classic Harley designs. The American legendry bike company is the most preferred one for those who love to ride with the freedom of open roads.

7. Yamaha Motor Company

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World - Yamaha

Bikes such as Yamaha YZF-R6, FJR1300, FZ1, YZF etc has allowed the Japanese company to rank one among the top motorcycle brands. The company launched its first model – YA-1  in 1955 and since then there was no looking back for them. After more than five decades into the motorcycle industry, today Yamaha manufactures a collection of 50 to 1,900 cc motorcycles for every single purpose including sport touring, dual-sport, cruiser, sport and off-road.

8. Moto Guzzi

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World - Moto-Guzzi

One amid the seven brands owned by Piaggio, Moto Guzzi is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that came into existence during the first quarter of the 20th century. The European company is the foremost brand when it comes to industry innovation as well as racing. As per unit sales, Moto Guzzi holds the fourth position in the world and the top position in whole of Europe. Launched by Carlo Guzzi, Giovanni Ravelli and Giorgio Parodi, the company’s headquarters are located at Mandello del Lario, Italy.

9. Suzuki Motor Corporation

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World - Suzuki

Suzuki Motor Corporation is the fourth Japanese motorcycle brand to rank the record of top 10 motorcycle brands in the world. Founded in 1909, currently it has broadened its operation into twenty three nations with 133 distributors across 192 countries. X6 Hustler, GT750 Le Mans, Katana, Hayabusa etc are few of the well accepted Two-cylinder engines and four-cylinder engines bikes shaped by the corporation.

10. Aprilia

Top 10 Motorcycle Brands in the World - Aprilia

Even though Aprilia started off as a scooter manufacturer company in Italy, at present it is a celebrated name for producing top-notch race-winning sports-bikes. It might be a small corporation compared to its other competitors but it has never failed to attract the attention of motorcycle sports events by launching some of the best models know to this section of the globe. The company is also noteworthy for choosing somewhat “out of the box” engine configurations. It was founded by Cavaliere Alberto Beggio during 1945.

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