Top 10 Superhero Vehicles

Only a true actor can give life and persona to any fictional character being sketched with theoretical personality and characteristics. While some superheroes like Superman can fly in a quick second, Quicksilver can run miles in a flash, Professor X has incredible telepathic powers with a kind heart and a powerful jet, and Hancock was already a born star. But what happens when you are a Superhero without any of these naturally-developed qualities? One needs the best automobile to reach the designated places. Movie buffs has seen some of the awesomely-created fighter machines and vehicles and have longed for such a real life prototype! Let’s list out Top 10 Superhero Vehicles of All Time which gained wide popularity:


Top 10 Superhero Vehicles


1. THE BATMOBILE (The Batman Film Series)

THE BatMobile

Every list is incomplete without counting the coolest and the most iconic automobile any superhero has owned, THE BATMOBILE. Ranked as first in the list of Top 10 Vehicles of Superheroes, the machine has changed its form throughout the years, adding gadgets, hidden weapons, and much more, and has advanced with every series and formation. “Black Tank” in the Dark Knight trilogy had countless additions like lasers, rockets, a Batphone, radar machine, mobile Batcomputer, smoke emitter, rear-faced camera, a police beacon, parachutes (for 180 degree “bat-turns”), an audio-controlled Batmobile Relay Unit and the Bat-ray (of course). The Tim Burton version evolved beautifully, and gave the Batmobile a better perspective. Some of the enticing features involve a fully-functioning gas turbine equipped with high-speed madness, Browning machine guns, a grappling hook, a Batdisc ejector, smoke emitters, oil slick guns, and bulletproof protection.


2. SEBASTIAN SHAW’S SUBMARINE (X-men: First class, 2011)

Sebastian Shaw's Submarine

With mastered portrayals of power of mutation originated some of the best technical gadgets and machines in X-Men series. Sebastian Saw, the antagonist and the mastermind of Hellfire club, owned an underwater submarine which was a well-equipped and updated piece of metal. With very powerful location barriers, it was difficult to trace and see on radar. Comfortably crafted, it acted as a secret base for operating their ideas. A perfect hide-spot for an evil mastermind, it was updated with best systems, devices and artilleries.


3. THE FANTASTICAR (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer,2007)

The Fantasticar

One cannot forget to include the Fantasticar while preparing the list of Top Ten Superhero Vehicles, fully operated by the Fantastic Four. The credit goes to the most intellectual and creative mind in the group, Reed Richards. He added some advanced and updated systems into the machine such as a “photon accelerator”, an “ion generator” for thrust, bullet proof exteriors, and its capability to fly.


4. BLACK ZERO (Man of Steel, 2013)

Black Zero

Designed and constructed by Jor-El and débuted by Kryptonian villain Black Zero, this machine exhibited some flexible designs and state-of-an-art technology, and was directed under the control of General Dru-Zod. This machine compered some of the devilish villains such as Faora and Jax-Ur, and incorporatedgravity beam gun for a serial blast.


5.THE GOBLIN GLIDER (Spider-Man, 2002, Spider-Man 3, 2007)

The Goblin Glider

There is not a single person who wasn’t mystified by the double-faced evilness of Norman Osborn/ Green Goblin. Developed under a military agreement by Oscorp, this weapon involved an array of bombs, machine guns, timer bombs, air rotors, mini jet like engine for an easy propelling, a flamethrower, blades and seeking missiles. With his son, Harry, carrying his mischievous legacy, he transformed the glider into a more progressive mechanism. Both the gliders were designed with the capacity to kill their owners.


6. BATPOD (The Dark Knight, 2008, The Dark Knight Rises, 2012)


The Batpod, known as another upgraded version of Dark Knight’s Batcycle, is an obvious name in the listing of Ten Best Superhero Vehicles of All Time. The intention was to develop an escape pod armed with twofold front-mounted cannons, machine guns, and coping hooks. This machine provides great flexibility in terms of mobility and was ridden by both Batman and Catwoman on a protection spree.


7. X-JET (X-men film series)


The X-Jet served as an auxiliary to the Blackbird, and saw some breath-taking popularity amongst comic buffs. The jet was constructed as this fast, big and armed equipment loaded with cutting-edge technical surveillance while trying to reconnect the cinematic space with the comical creations. This piece of metal proved very useful for several occasions, and was mostly supervised by Cyclops and Storm.


8. HELL CYCLE (Ghost Rider, 2007, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, 2012)

Hell Cycle

Hell cycle represents the flaming chariot of the Ghost Rider with unusual exteriors and a blazing effect. Very fast, powerful and fearful, this “baby” is Johnny Blaze’s best friend, leaping almost at any distance, driving upon any buildings, always on fire and bomb when immersed or placed in water. It was sure one hell of a ride!


9. THE BAT (The Dark Knight Rises)

The Bat

The Bat was the distinctive and multi-levelled aircraft functioned by Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, and comprises of exclusive characters like Dual-affixed machine guns, Dual-mounted floodlights, Emp cannon, Rocket launchers and maximum control while driving with a 2-person cockpit design. This mobile was Batman’s favourite until it saved the city with the Bomb apocalypse.


10. THE BLACK BEAUTY (Green Hornet, 2011)

The Black Beauty

Fans of the Green Hornet movie will understand how technically impossible but functioning his car was. It was said to be one of the best and most iconic mechanical automobiles. The Black Beauty, a 1964-1966 Chrysler Imperial, is one in a million, and boats of a GM Performance ZZ454 500hp crate motor and Race Trans Turbo 400 labour-intensive valve body diffusion. With mini-guns popping out of the dashboards and hoods, this car served as a military equipped. Several features comprise a suicide doors with 12-Gauge AR-15 machine guns, an m2 flamethrower, 12 front and rearmost stinger artilleries, massive spikes out of the wheels and invincible.

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