Top 10 Best Luxury Cars in USA 2013

Everyone and I mean everyone has a Luxury car oriented fantasy; be it owning one, sitting in one or at least being seen in/around/near one. But who can you blame; there are very few (if any) individuals who can resist the allure of a luxury car. Owned by the privileged and coveted by all, Luxury cars are indeed a luxury and a pretty exclusive one at that. Let’s take a look at the creme de la creme of pretty much the most exclusive segment of vehicles in the motor world, the top ten American luxury cars.

Top Ten Luxury Cars in USA

Read on if you want to know what makes these four wheeled wonders the best luxury cars 2013.

1. Rolls Royce Wraith

No.1 Top Luxury Car in USA - Rolls Royce Wraith

The Wraith is probably the most gorgeous looking monster you might encounter. Born in the garages of Rolls Royce, the Wraith packs a 6.6l V12 turbo petrol engine with a 624BHP output and a Top Speed of 250 Kmph. It’s not just a pretty face it’s a pretty powerful face. The Rolls Royce Wraith comes packed with a horde of features just to pamper you. What will probably attract you the most is the ceiling of the car which is embedded with 1340 fibre optics that create a beautiful starry sky all for you.

2. Mercedes Benz S Class

No.2 Top Luxury Car in USA - Mercedes Benz S Class

The name Mercedes has for ages been the benchmark of all luxury cars and the S class speaks for it. Beautifully sculpted, the Mercedes Benz id definitely going to turn a few heads irrespective of the neighbourhood it rolls through. Powered by a V8 engine and the power of 455 horses this ride can hit a max speed of 209 Kmph. The Mercedes Benz Class features a Mercedes-Benz mbrace system which is a mobile app that lets you plan a trip, handle emergencies and even help you remember where you parked your car.

3. Porsche Panamera

No.3 Top Luxury Car in USA - Porsche Panamera

From a company known for making car meant for speed the Porsche Panamera is a stunning luxury vehicle in fact it is good enough to be counted amongst the best luxury cars in the USA. Packing a powerful V6 engine with the power of 310 horses, the Panamera has a top speed of 257 Kmph. the good people at Porsche have put in quite a few toys in this car which include a state of the art BOSE audio system and an entertainment system for the rear passenger.

4. Tesla Model S

No.4 Top Luxury Car in USA - Tesla Model S

This Motor trend car of the year award recipient is special in its own way. One thing that sets it apart from the others is the fact that it is an electric car. Its eco-friendly a sight to look at and performs pretty beautifully. The Tesla Model S features new take on key-less start. All you have to do in a tesla is get in with the key and since there is no engine to turn on put the car in gear and step on the accelerator, simple as that. The dash board is completely touchscreen and pretty easy to control. And just because it’s an electric doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch, there is a reason why its counted among the top luxury cars. The tesla packs the power of 362 horses.

5. BMW 7 series

No.5 Top Luxury Car in USA - BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 series is another pretty car and assures you comfort and speed. The 7 series is packs a good 320 horse power and can hit a max speed of 250 Kmph. It can hit the 100 Kmph mark in just 5.7 seconds. The cabin is quite large and spacious although it’s a bit noisy. The BMW 7 series features a night vision feature for those night time travels.

6. Audi A8

No.6 Top Luxury Car in USA - Audi A8

The Audi A8 is in every sense of the word a true luxury car, meant to pamper you in the extreme. Packed with features like massage seats and individual entertainment systems for each passenger and night vision, this car will spoil you. The Audi A8 packs quite a punch on the streets a well with its 350 horses under the hood. It can hit a top speed of 250 Kmph and can hit a 100 from standstill in just over 5 seconds.

7. BMW 4 series coupe

No.7 Top Luxury Car in USA - BMW 4 Series

The 4 series is the gorgeous sibling of the already beautiful 3 series. The BMW 4 series is best described as a smart looking sporty car. It is powered by a classic straight six turbo engine and can give a max output of 306 horse power. It can hit a max speed of around 250Kmph and can hit the 100Kmph mark in under 6seconds. The BMW 4 series offers the comforts of heated leather seats, satnav and park radar among other features.

8. Bentley Continental GT

No.8 Top Luxury Car in USA - Bentley Continental Gt

The Bentley Continental GT speed is probably the fastest car produced by the manufacturer. This British-born four wheeler packs 500 horses under the hood and has a top speed of 300Kmph. it can scoot all the way to 100 from 0 in under 5 seconds. Combined with a plush comfortable interior and a state of the art entertainment system this is a luxury car that understands luxury.

9. Lexus LS

No.9 Top Luxury Car in USA - Lexus LS

The Lexus LS is another pretty little hybrid and has its strong points. A beautifully sculpted interior, so good you might just never get out. For a hybrid the LS packs a quite a punch with its 5ltr V8 439 horse power engine. The LS has a top speed of 210 Kmph and can hit the 100 Kmph in just under 6 seconds. The climate controlled seats and the excellent entertainment system just add to the charm of this hybrid.

10. Jaguar XJ

No.10 Top Luxury Car in USA - Jaguar XJ

The Jaguar XJ is another stunning car with a quite futuristic interior and has a pretty hi-tech feel to it. Under the hood the car packs a 5000cc 8 cylinder engine with the strength of 500 horses and can hit a 0 to 100 in just 4.9 seconds. its possibly the best way to feel like one of the royalty.

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