Top 10 Best Luxury Trains in the World

When you’ve got the cash there is absolutely nothing that you not convert into a luxurious affair. Take train rides for instance, the constant racketing jerking of the train engine is more than enough to give a glorious pain in your back or arthritis; It’s like travelling on an earthquake. Now throw some cash around and you end up travelling in a moving five star hotel. No more constant earth quake, no more racketing and jerking and definitely no more pain in the back and even if there is it won’t be because of your travels and there’d probably be a masseur on board to treat it. If you’re curious to take a peek into the lives of the uber rich (read: things I can never afford) or at least how they travel take a look at the top ten luxury trains in the world.

Top Ten Luxury Trains

So ladies pack up your bags, get ready and all aboard as we set out on a journey in the best luxury trains of the world.

1. Venice Simplon Orient Express

No.1 Top Best Luxury Train in the World - Venice Simplon Orient express

The Venice Simplon orient express is the oldest luxury trains to be making runs through Europe. It was the first luxury train and was established in the 19th century. The Venice Simplon Orient Express has become the standard against which other luxury trains are measured. The Orient express still carries that old colonial age air about it and is probably the best way to take you back in time. But this time travelling does not come cheap. A normal Journey aboard the Orient Express that lasts 6 days and 5 night’s costs around $5,656 which includes meals and sightseeing, that’s more than enough to make a huge hole in your pocket.

2. Rovos Rail

No.2 Top Best Luxury Train in the World - Rovos Rail

The Rovos rail is beyond a doubt a first class luxury train. The Rovos rail travels through a major part of Africa and is probably the best way to experience Africa, if you have the cash that is. The Rovos rail will take you into deep game reserves where you will be transferred to safari vehicles and taken in to see Lions, elephants and Zebras. The Rovos Rail is also tries to take you back to a simpler times which is why there are no radios or televisions on board and the use of cell phones and laptops is restricted to the suites only and as long as they don’t disturb other passengers. A trip in the Rovos rail will cost you minimum $ 5,110 per person.

3. Palace on Wheels

No.3 Top Best Luxury Train in the World - Palace on wheels

The Aptly named Palace on wheels is one of the world’s most popular luxury trains and actually does feel like palace. The Old world interior décor coupled with some good old fashioned Indian hospitality is just more than enough to make you feel like royalty. The train has all the amenities including 14 plush cabins, two restaurants and lounges for you to relax all in Ethnic décor. A Journey in The Palace of wheels costs at least $2,380 per person.

4. Rocky Mountaineers

No.4 Top Best Luxury Train in the World - Rocky Mountaineers

The Rocky Mountaineer was started in the 19th century and currently operates on five routes in Canada. The Rocky Mountaineer caters to all your senses. While the staffs cater to your every need ranging from food, drink to almost all your necessities, the beautifully tantalizing scenery is more than enough to keep you distracted throughout your journey. The Rocky Mountaineer is a great way to get close to nature.

5. The Maharaja Express

No.5 Top Best Luxury Train in the World - The Maharaja Express

The Maharaja Express is the most recent to join the ranks of the best luxury trains in the world. Equipped with state of the art facilities and complemented with some traditional Indian hospitality the Maharaja express will make you feel like a maharaja. The maharaja express lets you chose from three plans, Classic Indian, Princely Indian and Royal Indian. There are 23 luxurious suites equipped with the latest technology all targeted to make your journey more comfortable.

6. Eastern and Oriental Express

No.6 Top Best Luxury Train in the World - Eastern and Oriental Express

 The Eastern Orient express considered by some as the sister to the Venice Simplon Orient Express, is another treat to your senses. It takes you through some of the most scenic routes possible tantalising your senses and bringing you close to nature. The interiors of the train are plush and are mostly panelled with elm burr and cherry wood covered with intricate designs and tapestries. The plush interiors will definitely make you forget the outside world.

7. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian

No.7 Top Best Luxury Train in the World - Golden Eagle Trans Siberian

The Golden Eagle is also one of the fairly new luxury trains. The trans-Siberian deprives its passengers of absolutely nothing instead it pampers them as much as possible and caters to their every single need. The suites in the Trans-Siberian come equipped with a television and a DVD player, king sized beds, showers with all fixture and a lot more. You name it and they have it. The state of the art restaurants serve you whatever your heart desires. He Trans- Siberian has been designed to spoil you.

8. Royal Scotsman

No.8 Top Best Luxury Train in the World - Royal Scotsman

The Royal Scotsman is once again one of those time-travelling trains that take you back to the Victorian age thanks to the 1960’s décor. The Train is pretty small fair and carries only about 36 passengers. The train has five luxurious sleeping carriages, good enough to not make you want to come out (which would be a mistake). Dining is a very formal affair (dinner jackets and all) and you are expected to wear formals. The multi course meals are brought to you to your table. When you’re not eating or sleeping or taking in the scenes you can always sit in the lounging area and relax.

9. The Blue Train

No.9 Top Best Luxury Train in the World - The Blue Train

This award winning African train is known for its five-star hotel like interiors with everything you can possibly imagine. Marble flooring, check; gold fittings in the bathroom, you got it; fine bed linen, all yours. This train is as good as a five star hotel, In fact its better because the scenery keeps changing and you’re not in the same place all the time. As long as you’re in the Blue Train you might as well believe you’re royalty.

10. The Indian Maharaja

No.10 Top Best Luxury Train in the World - The Indian Maharaja

The Indian Maharaja also called the Deccan Odyssey is again a fairly recent luxury train. The train features 11 air conditioned sleeping cars and each car has a lounging area. The two dining cars are catered by Taj Hotel group. The train also includes facilities like a Spa car, massage parlour, beauty parlour, a small gym and more. The Train attendants are always at your service and make sure you are as comfortable as humanly possible (which surprisingly, is a lot).

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