Best Intelligence Agencies in the World

Since crimes are rising at an alarming rate, safety has become a matter to worry and thus various nations across the globe have appointed bodies to look after the securities and defense of the concerned country. These agencies are well equipped with all sorts of advance instruments and highly trained professionals who are ready round the clock to serve their country. The list below talks about the top ten best intelligence agencies in the world.

Top Ten Best Intelligent Agencies in the World

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1. ASIS-Australia:

No.1 Best Intelligence Agency in the World - ASIS AustraliaThe Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) is the leading intelligence agency in the record of top ten best intelligent agencies. It is a part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade which is responsible for collecting foreign intelligence, undertaking counter-intelligence activities and cooperation with other intelligence agencies overseas. ASIS was founded on 13th May, 1952 and is headquartered at Canberra with an annual budget of $162.5 million.

2. RAW-India

No.2 Best Intelligence Agency in the World - RAW IndiaFormed in September 1968 due to two consecutive wars, Research and Analysis Wing (RAW or R&AW) is an external intelligent agency of India. It is headquartered in Delhi with the prime function of collecting external intelligence, counter trouble and covert operations along with obtaining and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and persons, to advise Indian policymakers.

3. DGSE-French

No.3 Best Intelligence Agency in the World - DGSE FrenchEffective under the direction of the French Ministry of Defence, Directorate General for External Security (DGSE) is French external intelligent agency. With the duty of providing intelligence and national security, the agency was formed on 2nd April, 1982 from a large number of prior intelligence agencies in the country. It has credits for preventing more than 15 radical intrusion in French since 9/11.

4. Mossad-Israel

No.4 Best Intelligence Agency in the World - IsraelThe intelligent agency of Israel, Mossad is a name derived from Arabic meaning “Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations”. Formed in December 13, 1949 as the Central Institute for Coordination, its principal task is intelligence collection, covert operations and counter trouble along with bringing Jews to Israel and protecting the community worldwide. The current motto of the agency is “Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counsellors there is safety.”

5. ISI-Pakistan

No.5 Best Intelligence Agency in the World - ISI Pakistan Formed in 1948 after the Indo-Pakistani War in 1947, ISI or Inter-Services Intelligence is the leading intelligence agency from Pakistan. It operates and co ordinates spying activities for the three branches of the Pakistan Armed Force. The ISI headquarters are in Islamabad and both civilians and members of the armed forces can join it. ISI have won more GOLD MEDALS than any other intelligence agency and has the highest number of agents all over the world

6. MI 6-United Kingdom

No.6 Best Intelligence Agency in the World - MI 6 United Kingdom Frequently referred as MI 6 or Military intelligence, section 6 is the intelligence agency from United Kingdom which functions under the official guidance of the Joint Intelligence Committee along with the internal Security Service, the Government Communications Headquarters and the Defence Intelligence. The MI 6 is today “the secret front line” of Britain’s national security.

7. CIA-United States

No.7 Best Intelligence Agency in the World CIA United States The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the independent civilian intelligent agency of the United States government. It was formed on 18th September, 1947 for offering national security intelligence assessment to senior United States policymakers. It is also the largest of the intelligence agencies and is responsible for gathering data from other countries that could impact U.S. policy. Highly funded and technologically most advanced, CIA at times undertakes secret activities at the request of the President of US.

8. FSB-Russia

Best Intelligence Agencies in the World FSB Russia Regarded as the the main domestic security agency of Russia and the main successor agency of the Soviet, FSB is completely pronounced as Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. It was form on 3rd April, 1995 with the soul motive of counter intelligence, internal and border security, counter trouble and surveillance. According to the Federal Law it is considered as a military service and is headquartered at Lubyanka Square, downtown Moscow.

9. BND-Germany

Best Intelligence Agencies in the World BND Germany Direct assistant to the Chancellor’s Office, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) is the foreign intelligence agency of Germany with headquarters in Pullach near Munich. With 300 locations in Germany and across foreign countries it alerts the German government if there happens to be any foreign threats.

10. CSIS-Canada

Best Intelligence Agencies in the World CSIS CanadaThe Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) is Canada’s national intelligence service with the responsibilities of collecting, analyzing, reporting and disseminating brainpower on threats to the nation. Formed on 21st June, 1984 its headquarters are located at 1941 Ogilvie Road, Ontario and is accountable to parliament through Minister of Public Safety.