Top 10 Best Workout for Abs

From glamour world to ordinary people, having six packs is the “in” thing. Seeing the high profile people even the commoners have started to desire for a well shaped body. Fats and cholesterols are not at all welcome by anyone. A well maintained figure also boosts the personality.  To achieve this growing trend exercise plays a vital role. It is necessary to keep up a well planned workout schedule.  Here we will be discussing about the Top 10 best exercises for our abs recommended by experts.

Top 10 Exercises for Abs by Experts

1. Bicycle Crunch

Bicycle-Crunch - Top 10 Exercises for Abs

According to American Council on Exercise, Bicycle crunch is the best abdominal exercise. Bicycle crunch recommended for the waist and the six packs. Breathing evenly throughout the process is very necessary.  A slow bicycle paddling with the elbow touching the alternate leg is required for doing it. If it hurts the lower back then it should not be carried out.

2. Captain’s Chair Leg Rises


Captain’s Chair Leg Raises

Captain’s chair leg raise is essentially for reducing the excess fat in the stomach area.  All the core muscles are used in this form thus giving the body a proper shape.

3. Exercise Ball Crunch

Exercise-Ball-Crunch - Top 10 Exercises for Abs

The third best way to power our abs is by Exercise ball crunch. Here the maximum effort is put by the abdomen while curling up on the ball. This is a better form than the floor crunch because it makes the whole body get involved.

4. Vertical Leg Crunch

Vertical-leg-Crunch - Top 10 Exercises for Abs

Another valuable calisthenics for physical fitness is to lie down and to stretch the legs upward. This makes the abdominal fats to shape up giving a tone to the part.

5. Torso Crack

Torso-Track - Top 10 Exercises for Abs

The name Torso crack itself suggest that this particular exercise is meant for the torso part of the body. One needs to hold the torso track and pull his/her abs without holding their breath. Torso crack is allowed for those who have back pain.

6. Long Arm Crunch

Long-Arm-Crunch - Top 10 Exercises for Abs

The Long arm Crunch is the sixth effective workout since it makes the abdominal muscles isolate and focuses on the upper part. It is just like the normal floor crunch where one has to draw out his/her arms up into the air.

7. Reverse Crunch

Reverse-Crunch - Top 10 Exercises for Abs

The reverse crunch is another suggestive formula for achieving the goal of six packs. According to physicians this method is a good way of getting thin muscles. Lying on one’s back with the legs up and crunching the abs slowly is the technique.

8. Crunch with Heel Push

Crunch-with-Heel-Push - Top 10 Exercises for Abs

The crunch with heel push is a variation of the typical estomacal crunch where one needs to push his/her heels while bending upwards. This exercise enrolls the rectus abdomen’s muscles better making it a proper method of losing fats.

9. Ab Roller

Ab-Roller - Top 10 Exercises for Abs

The abs roller is a wheel type of thing where one should put his weight and try to stretch. While doing so there will be pressure upon the stomach which will further strengthen the muscles. Precaution should be taken not to involve the knees.

10. Plank on Elbows and Toes

Plank-on-Elbows-and-Toes - Top 10 Exercises for Abs

From the name itself it can made out that this specific push up exercise is carried out mainly with the elbows and toes. This gives direct effect on the abdominal region.

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