Top 10 Fitness Gyms in USA

Take a tour across our top 10 gyms in USA list to reach your health benefiting goals faster. Based on high quality equipments and experienced guidance, these are some of the best know gyms in the States. With a huge association of clubs all over the country and worldwide, some of which even remain open round the clock, members of the mentioned health centres can work out almost anywhere, anytime. So what’s the wait for? Quickly grab membership in one of them and start gearing up your health.

Top Ten Best Gyms in USA

Refer the top 10 gyms in USA to afford some of the best health training programs that too at cost effective membership.

1. JP Fitness

Top 10 Gym in USA - JP Fitness

JP Fitness is definitely the place to be, for those who look out for rigorous training programs supported with experienced mentors, knowledgeable staff and comfortable ambience. The equipments provided by the centre are as per the latest technology and fitness guidance. What distinguishes the company from others is the fact that they have the ability to judge and experience various fitness methods, before making any commitments. JP Fitness was created by Jean-Francoeur with the sole intension of achieving all these.

2. CrossFit Hardcore

Top 10 Gyms in USA - Crossfit Hardcore

As the name suggest, CrossFit Hardcore is seriously hardcore when it comes to fitness methods and work outs. Here programs are based on power, speed, strength and flexibility in order to provide the best to their clients and members. The company welcomes people from all walks of life irrespective of their age and schedule and this fact itself has allowed CrossFit Hardcore to stand under the limelight. In order words, the fitness centre not only changes their clients physically but also mentally.

3. D1 Sports Training

Top 10 Gyms in USA  - D1 Sports Training

Owned by a group of professional athletes, D1 Sports Training is meant for the ones who desire to be agile, explosive and stronger, health wise. It is geared with all sorts of professional and home exercise equipments along with indoor grass floor for carrying out activities such as jumping and running barefoot. It also provides team environment to motivate lifters to get better with every passing day. Thus it has earned the status of being one of the best gyms in the United States.

4. 24 Hours Fitness

Top 10 Gyms in USA - 24 Hours Fitness

With 425 clubs and 18000 US based employees, 24 Hours Fitness, besides being one of the best gyms is also the largest fitness centre in the entire world. Though it took birth in 1983 as a one-club operation today it has spread over seventeen states of North America with three international operations. During 2004, the health club was even a part of United States Olympic team. It is also the first of its kind to offer fitness training all round the clock.

5. Sports Club/LA

Top 10 Gyms in USA - Sports Club LA

Standing at fifth spot among the top 10 gyms in US, Sports Club/LA operates from Los Angeles with branches located at California, Florida, Washington, New York, Massachusetts and Texas. Due to its non-athletic services and size, it falls under the category of “lifestyle gym” or “mega gym” and is quite popular among celebrities. Founded in 1979, the company’s unique wellness community has created a warm environment which best suits any individual with health concern.

6. Equinox

Top 10 Gyms In USA - Equinox


Way ahead of its competitors, Equinox sums up to be what full service, perks and meticulously clean facilities, means. All of its clubs located east as well as west of North America can be termed as a gem due to their work schedule, fitness equipments and guidance. Benevolence is woven tightly into the Equinox culture and this pushes their members to work for their personal best. The health club is quite true to its tag line “It’s Not Fitness, its Life”.


Top 10 Gyms in USA - YMCA

YMCA is the best fitness brand where one can afford quality fitness training at cost effective membership. Though the organisation has been around for more than 160 years, it still carries a reputation across 10,000 nations for providing health programs that goes beyond ordinary gym community. It is a part of the organisation Young Men’s Christian Association.

8. Curves

Top 10 Gyms In USA - Curves

Being the first fitness franchise to offer nutritional information for women and one-stop exercise programs, Curves is yet another brand that shares its position among the top 10 gyms in USA as well as in Europe, The Caribbean, Australia, South Africa, Canada, South America, Mexico, New Zealand and Japan. Even though the organisation is committed towards women, some centre even welcomes men. It was established in 1992 and is privately held by its co-founder. At present it has around 4 million members all through 10,000 locations globally.

9. Anytime Fitness

Top 10 Gyms In USA - Anytime Fitness

Came into existence in 2002, Anytime Fitness is a “24 hours a day, 365 days a year” fitness and health club. With 2200 clubs to its credit, the franchise is located at many places around USA, Mexico, Ireland, Poland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, India, Canada, Chile, Netherland, Spain, Australia, Qatar and Japan. While Chuck Runyon is the current CEO of the company, Dave Mortensen is its President.

10. Lifetime Fitness

Top 10 Gyms In USA - Lifetime Fitness

The record of top 10 gyms in USA will be incomplete without mentioning Lifetime Fitness – a chain of mega-fitness centres offering services in Canada and the United States. These centres are designed with large high-end facilities that operate 24/7 with support and guidance from some of the best known experts in this field. It was founded in 1992 by Bahram Akradi with its base in Chanhassen, Minnesota.

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