Top 10 Ways to Reduce Weight

Are you a fitness freak? Desperately trying to squeeze your workouts between your packed schedules? Avoiding your favourite sweet treats with high calories has become a habit? Well, no one says it is a cakewalk to maintain a healthy body. Instead, one has to work hard and maintain a firm diet to achieve those body goals. Rather than hitting the gym to tone up and bulging those muscles, switch to some painless ways to lose weight and maintain a stress-free life. Following are some of the Top 10 Ways to Reduce Weight for a healthy lifestyle:


Top 10 Ways to Lose Weight


1. Go Green with your Diet

Go Green with your Diet

Rather than starving yourself to your guts, try adding healthy and nutritional foods to your diet. Munch on a whole bowl of green leafy vegetables with crushed pepper and minimal salt to boost your energy and blood levels. Deep-red cherries, juicy strawberries, grapes, cherry tomatoes, crunchy peas and cabbage are some of the add-ons you can pack up as your breakfast meal within the calorie line.


2. Say Yes to Physical Activity

Say Yes to Physical Activity

One of the Steps to Lose Weight is to eliminate your heavy exercise routines, as it will do less good to you in achieving your aim. Burn your calories by indulging in certain regular habits, such as beachcombing, bike riding, grass skiing, hiking, car washing, playing Frisbee, taking your dog for a walk and chasing him around the yard and much more. You must not admit it, but it will create a positive environment around your life and will surely help you in attaining your body objectives.


3. Walk Regularly

Walk Regularly

A long walk to home, or a morning and evening walk will surely help you to tone down your body mass and your physical strength as well. This is said to be one of the ultimate Ways to Lose Weight on a regular basis. Rake the leaves in your garden rather than using a leaf blower. Take the stairs whenever possible. Get those headphones on and run your heart out on sun-kissed mornings. A 10 minute walk twice a day will help you in shedding some calories and body fat.


4. Plan a Low-Cal Diet

Plan a Low-Cal Diet

One of the main reasons we are unable to reduce our weight is because of our habit of munching on oily, spicy foods, which basically drag us behind from our motives. Cut back on your diet, and look out for low-Cal versions of the food items you love. Opt for artificial sweeteners, try adding reduced-fat cheese, or chomp on low-fat ice cream with fruit toppings. Drink as much water, as it hydrates your body and gives you a refined glow.


5. Because Hydration Helps

Hydration Helps

As mentioned in the above point, drinking 8 glasses of fresh water every day will help you in rejuvenating your skin and body. Said to be a natural remedy, water helps you in detoxifying and will allow a smooth blood flow. On a contrary note, it helps you to maintain your hunger levels, and avoid over-eating.


6. Green Tea Instead Of Coffee Or Tea

Green Tea

Green Tea works like wonders over Coffee or Tea for a weight loss program. Prepare a hot cup of green tea every morning with an empty stomach. It helps to cleanse your skin, and detoxify your body along with eliminating several digestive issues such as constipation. Basically a low calorie drink, a regular intake can help you to shed some extra kilos.


7. Limited Intake Of Carbohydrates


One of the most famed sources of Carbohydrates are rice, bread, pasta, cereals, jam, sugar, desserts and much more. Keep a limited intake of such foods for a healthy body weight. Said to be one of the Top 10 Steps to Lose Weight, it helps you to take charge of your lifestyle in a nutritious way. Eat artificial sweeteners to your diet, start eating fruits and healthy drinks in order to check your weight issues.


8. Increase Protein Intake

Increase Protein

Proteins are said to be a muscle-building nutrient, and can help you to strengthen your metabolism and blood levels. A regular consumption of proteins in the form of spinach, pulses, meat, fish and seafood, Omega-3 enriched or pastured eggs etc. can help you to tone down your muscles and reduce that extra plumpness off your body.


9. Sleep Better

Sleep Better

Poor sleep results in increased fatigue and obesity, and sustains as the strongest risk factor for an enormous weight gain. Known as one of the Top Ten Ways to Reduce Weight, a sound sleep refreshes your mind and body, and helps in efficient physical functioning. Maintaining a good “sleep hygiene” is essential for a fit lifestyle.


10. Bonus Tips

Bonus Tips

Following are some additional points to keep in mind on How to Lose Weight and sustain a rejuvenating lifestyle:

Create and follow a time-table and eat at the same time every day, be it your meals or snacks.
Have a heavy but nutritious diet once a day in order to maintain the equilibrium.
Munch on some fruits or veggies in between schedules rather than gorging on oily foods.
Add Yoga and Pranayams in your daily routine exercises.
Take a short walk before dinner to cut on your appetite.

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