Top 10 Workout Songs

There is nothing better than a workout while listening to your preferred track. Beats, rhythm, and lyrics within the music motivate us to work out more. We have organized a list of top 10 workout songs which you must have in your playlists. These top 10 best workout songs will help you to refresh and keep you focused to your exercise. There are many top work out songs ever, among which these few songs stand out to be the finest. Include these songs into your playlist and fall into the rhythm and beats of the top 10 music for exercise. This summer don’t rest back in your beds, just plug in the ear phones and follow your workout routine.


Top Ten Workout Songs

Here is the list of Top 10 Exercise Workout Music list, which must be included in your playlist while working out.


1. Empire by Shakira


No song list is complete without mentioning the very famous song Empire by the Columbian singer Shakira. This song will endow your mood with its appealing and overpowering beats and rhythm. While going out for a jog or while exercising this song will not let you stand still, you will be rather dancing on the beats. This three minutes and 59 minutes song will help you sweat while working and its lively lyrics will take off your mind from exhausting.


2. Sing by Ed Sheeran

Sing-Ed Sheeran

Dance and workout to the beats of English songwriter and singer Ed Sheeran’s latest song Sing. With the amazing beats, rhythm and lyrics of the song you might even end up forgetting that you were exercising and start to dance. This song is among the top ten workout songs of 2014, which is a must on your exercising songs list. So, put your ear plugs on and listen to ‘Sing’ and follow the beats, as you carry on with your work out.


3. Summer by Calvin Harris

Summer - Calvin Harris

Recognized as a DJ, Calvin Harris came up with his very overwhelming song “Summer”. It became a popular song among his fans all over the world. This electro house dance pop number will make you hop on your feet and encourage you to move out and go for a healthy workout. Include this song in your play list and enjoy the electrifying song of this pop singer and DJ.


4. Dancing Queen by Abba

Dancing Queen - Abba

Dancing Queen is a twenty first century disco mega hit song by a Swedish pop group Abba. This song became a worldwide hit in many countries making ABBA a very popular group of 1970’s. Dancing queen has still not lost its fan following, which makes it a top contender to enter your workout playlist. This song of the century will take you to a completely new level and you will intend to enjoy your workout with it.


5. Simply the Best by Tina Turner

Simply the Best - Tina Turner

Power up your workout song list with Tina Turner’s, Simply the Best, song of the 1990’s. This impulsive pumped up song will motivate you further to workout. You will enjoy this song in your collection as a revitalizing one among your selections. Because of its popularity and motivating spirit this song is placed at number five among the top ten best work out songs.


6. Lose yourself by Eminem

Lose yourself - Eminem

This track by the American rap artist Eminem is one among the top ten workout songs for men. As the title of the song suggests Lose Yourself, one will tumble into the feel and rhythm of this 5 minutes song. This song is a must to treasure in your song lists and enjoy the rap track while jogging or exercising. This hard core hip hop track has a mid tempo which will make you immerse in the song and enjoy the power of its beats.


7. Back in Black by AC/DC

Back in Black - AC/DC

Wear your jogging shoes or your workout shoes plug in your ear plugs and listen to the Back in Black track by AC/DC. It will surely make you motivated and enthusiastic of working out every day. With its inspiring lyrics and the rocking beats it will bring the best out of your work out training. Add this song today to your list and enjoy your jogging or working out session with full energy.


8. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor

Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Eye of the Tiger is a very famous anthem which was specially made for the movie Rocky. This motivating song is a must to have in your playlist of work out and fall into the feeling of its music. This song by the Survivor is still a motivation for many guys to get that similar shape which Sylvester Stallone had in rocky. Even after so many decades this song has a huge impact on the audience and indulges everyone in the feel of working out.


9. Stronger by Kanye West

Stronger - Kanye West

This song will pump up the base and increase the tempo of your work out session. Stronger is an electrifying hip hop song which moves at a pace of 140 beats per minute which is more than enough to motivate you. This Kanye West song will make you feel like you are dancing on the beats rather than working out. You must add it to your playlist as it will help you to pump up the pace of your workout.


10. Wake me Up by Avicii

Wake meUp - Avicii

If you are looking for some fun and lively beats you have to have Wake me up song by Avicii. This song will awaken your spirit and make you move on the rhythm and beats of the song. Its motivating lyrics will rejuvenate your mood and the beats will make you thumb your head. Wake Me Up is a must have in your collection of workout, jogging or exercising song list.

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