Top 10 Worst Mental Disorders

If you would wish to know the peculiarity of the human brain, then you ought to scroll through the Top 10 Worst Mental Disorders. The complexity of the human mind is beyond its own understanding. Men and women have spent centuries trying to unravel the infinite mysteries of the human brain and yet there are aspects of our mind that still elude us. It is said that an average human being uses less than 1% of the capacity of his brain, that the true potential of the human mind is endless. However, apart from being our biggest strength the human mind is also our most fragile possession and therefore also our biggest weakness. This is what makes the mental disorders of today the worst possible affliction on mankind. Keep reading for the list of the top ten worst mental disorders.

Top 10 Worst Mental Disorders - Multiple Personality Disorder

Top Ten Mental Disorders

First off there is no single disorder that can be worse than the other, however some of them are more of an inconvenience and in certain cases a threat to individuals. Here are probably the worst mental health disorders known to mankind.

1. Schizophrenia

To put it simply, Schizophrenia is basically a complete loss of reality. The reason this syndrome tops our list of worst mental disorders is basically because it affects a large segment of the population and makes functioning in society close to impossible to all affected. A person suffering from the syndrome will exhibit fits paranoia, emotional instability, and obsession with media, false beliefs about their body, delusions of being powerful and famous, catatonia (complete inactivity) and visual and auditory hallucinations. Depending on the level of the disorder, individuals may or may not be able to live normally.

2. Dissociative Personality Disorder

More commonly referred to as multiple personality disorder, Dissociative Personality disorder has received a lot of media coverage, probably more than any other mental syndrome. Despite Hollywood’s portrayal of the syndrome it should be noted that most patients go on to lead normal lives. A Patient might have personalities anywhere from two to a hundred. In most cases the personalities are aware of each-other’s existence and often communicate however there might be cases where other personalities will hide their presence from one identity causing an amnesia-like episode.

3. Impulse Control Disorder

Just like the name suggests impulse control disorder is actually an individual’s inability to control his or her impulses. The impulses maybe something trivial like stealing things (kleptomania), compulsive gambling and compulsive shopping or something serious like pyromania, a compulsion to start fires, which can be extremely dangerous to the patient and the people around him or her. Extreme cases of ICD include Trichotillomania, a condition where the patient impulsively rips their own hair from their scalp. Autophagia, a condition where the patient starts to eat him/herself is another extreme case of ICD and can be extremely harmful to the patient.

4. Autism Spectrum Syndrome

Autism is actually a spectrum syndrome and is not the same for every person. Autism is actually a spectrum of disorders with a shared core of disorders. Patients afflicted with Autism exhibit problems with communication, social skills, empathy and flexibility. Patients also tend to avoid eye contact, don’t respond to facial expressions and display no interest in having a social life. They also tend to take things literally and don’t really get humour or sarcasm. Patients also exhibit an obsession with routine and express irritation when it is disturbed.

5. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Contrary to popular belief OCD is not the urge to clean everything in sight. People afflicted with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are constantly plagued with their rituals and obsessions. The rituals are usually an outlet for the patients to relieve their obsession related anxiety however some do it basically because they always feel a need to. Many OCD patients will exhibit an obsession with order (sequences, even numbers and optical symmetry) and exhibit anxiety when deprived from it. People suffering from this disorder are capable and usually do lead normal lives.

6. Specific Phobia

Phobias are probably the most common mental disorders but are still one of the worst mental illnesses known to man, thanks to their extremely detrimental impact on social functioning. Specific phobia refers to a fear of a certain objects or particular situations (fear of public speaking, fear of spiders or snakes). Basic symptoms of a phobia include, Panic and extreme nervousness, excessive sweating and elevation of heartbeat. Phobias are different from normal fear since they may become obsessive and sometime even manifest into paranoia.

7. Boanthropy

Not much is known about Boanthropy apart from the fact that people affected from it suffer from delusional episodes where they think they are cattle. There have been recorded cases where people start behaving like a bovine animal, walking on all fours and even eating grass. It may be caused by hypnotism, suggestion or auto suggestion.

8. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder restricts the diagnosed from concentrating on tasks and causes them to exhibit hyperactive nature. Individuals suffering from this disorder find it difficult to concentrate on any task and tend to develop a sudden interest in smell, sounds and sights surrounding them. Patients may also exhibit, constant fidgeting or squirming in their seats, inability to follow instruction and prone to daydreaming.

9. Antisocial personality Disorder

An adult who behaves violently, recklessly and disobeys rights of others is a person suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder. Sometimes being shy or being an introvert is confused with antisocial behaviour which is completely false. People suffering from antisocial personality disorder will exhibit emotions but no empathy. Their inability to share others feelings make them prone to cheat or hurt those around them. Patients are more of a threat to those around them than they are to themselves,

10. Aboulomania

Aboulomania can be simply described in three words paralysis by analyses. Patients suffering from this syndrome exhibit extensive lack of will power and are severely indecisive. An Aboulomania patient will exhibit all the signs of anxiety when faced with a choice which can be as simple as choosing dinner from a restaurant menu. They tend to over analyse any situation and may even go into depression and start to panic. This makes it extremely difficult for them to function socially.

15 thoughts on “Top 10 Worst Mental Disorders

  1. Noob1976

    I been suffering from schizoaffective disorder for 7years. I don’t hear people talk about much at all. They told me it’s a mixture of other mental illness.

  2. justin miller

    i have also been sufering generalized anxiety disorder for 1 year it is very bad it is physical and mental.

  3. Sam

    From this list, it is apparent that you know absolutely nothing at all concerning mental illness. You seriously think OCD is worse than schizophrenia? Have you ever taken neuroleptics? Or how about treatment-resistant psychotic depression? Ever experienced that?
    You are an ignorant maggot.

  4. Sooz

    Dyslexia is not a mental illness you fud. I am yet to meet someone suffering with dyslexia who mixes up sounds…. also I am dyslexic and you have mentioned nothing that relates to me. Stupid people and dyslexic people are not the same. To put dyslexia on a list for mental illness is in itself idiotic 🙂

  5. Tom

    So Dyslexia is apparently worse than Schizophrenia, Depression, and Anorexia? What a joke lol, Autism Isnt that bad either, they pose no risk to themselves, the only problem with autism is the ignorance of those that dont have it

  6. Sneha More

    well i think dyslexia is not worse than schizophrenia as it can be cured by proper guidance and teaching but schizophrenia is very worse as it leaves the person with no desire to move forward in life

  7. Stephen

    hi my name is “stephen” (an alias, I don’t want anyone to see this) and i was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia last year, and suffered from severe OCD for years before the onset of my schizophrenia but it was treated with Prozac and the symptoms all but subsided.

    I can tell you, from experience of both afflictions, that schizophrenia is absolutely, unbelievably, unquestionably worse in every possible way.

    let me explain.

    OCD afflicts your day to day routine with rituals and obsessions that bother you in your daily life at school or work or whatever. it’s a big hindrance on your life, no doubt.

    schizophrenia plagues your mind with a neverending uncertainty of what is real or not real. the amount of obsession you spent on your obsessions is negligible compared to the amount of obsession you have trying to validate your delusions and living in fear. in addition to this, your life simply falls apart. I was kicked out of my high school (I’m young), lost pretty much every personal relationship I had except for the ones that had to support me like my parents and even that was irreversibly damaged by mistrust and genuine hatred for months.

    this doesn’t even begin to describe the effects of the anti-psychotics i was given. they completely drain you of your very essence, what makes you you. sure they can rid you of hallucinations and delusions for a short while but they never worked long-term for me and when they did I was merely a shell of a person.

    I can tell you that schizophrenia is not only hands-down the worst mental illness, but one of the worst illnesses of all. Living in uncontrollable fear, doubting everything, hating everything, in addition to the anxiety in daily life is unbelievable. I wouldn’t wish it on the absolute worst, stupid, ignorant, arrogant, malevolent cesspool of a human being in the world. It’s worse than any perceivable hell.

    Luckily I finally found a helpful neuroleptic after months of switching and such called thiothixene which helps enough for me to distinguish between reality and the unreal. Things are getting better.

    Good luck with your OCD, friend! Life can get better no matter the circumstances 🙂

  8. Ally

    so dyslexia and ocd are worse than mpd and schizophrenia? lol no. i’ve been living with mpd since my early teens, it is hands down the worst mental illness you can have. schizophrenia comes at a close second, my brother had it.


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