Top 10 Yoga Asanas for a Healthy Body

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Yoga Asans

Top 10 Yoga Postures for a Fit Body

Are you a health freak? Leave all that heavy lifting behind and switch to Yoga, a fascinating subject slowly casting a spell on the Western civilization.

With hidden powers and sustained abilities, Yoga Asanas or postures have helped many develop their stamina, strength, suppleness and mental comfort to a certain level. It not only affects physically, but really soothes you down psychologically. The true quintessence of Yoga orbits around the elevated life force or ‘Kundalini’, starting from the base of the spine.

Hence, one must follow certain Yoga postures for a fit body and a rejuvenated mind and gain a healthy prospective towards life. The list of top 10 Yoga Asanas showcases certain benefits delivered for a shaped-up body:

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