Most Popular And Dangerous Mythical Beasts

Most Popular And Dangerous Mythical Beasts

Any of the folklore will be incomplete without the existence of mythical creatures. There have been ample bewildering stories since the existence of human beings about the mythical beasts. Some of those creatures were cruel and abhorrent coming out of darkness whereas some were the symbol of goodness and sacredness. Even after ages of their extinction, these creatures were claimed to been seen by people belonging to different ancient places. Discussing some of the most dangerous and shocking creatures, we are here with the list of deadliest mythical beasts.

1. Dragons


Dragons are one of the most popular mythical beasts that people never wish to encounter.  They are also the symbol of opportune powers. These creatures are the symbol of supremacy and believed to be as aggressive as auspicious. Dragons have their origin from Europe, Africa, East Asia, South Asia, and Western Asia.

2. Valkyries


Looking under the hood of the ancient time, anyone would find the astounding and unbelievable tales about these mythological creatures. They are also called the “Chooser of the Slain” and are believed to be the servants of Odin and Freyja. They used to choose who may die in the battle.

3. Vampire


Many creatures above or beneath, the vampires will always remain the most classy and classic mythical beasts. Vampires are one of the most discussed monsters from the folklore to the modern fiction. These creatures are said to be causing the mischievous death of people by feeding on their blood.

4. Acheri


The spirit of a little girl believed to be still straying here and there, this creature was also referred to as the hill fairy. The depiction of this creature was only possible in the dark with the shiny eyes. She is often said to be after the children because she was believed to be either murdered or abused and thrown to die while she was young.

5. Rougarou


One of the most horrible looking mythical beasts, the Rougarou is believed to be the werewolf. The origin of these creatures is linked to the European notion of the werewolf from the Laurentian French communities.

6. Centaur


The mythical beasts from the Greece origin, the centaurs are based on the horse. They possess the abilities to speak and think like humans. This creature had the half body of a human from head to stomach and the rest of the portion was based on the horse. There have been several mentions about the centaurs in many fictions.

7. Cyclopes


The Cyclopes are giant one-eyed monsters that are usually mentioned in the modern fiction as well. These creatures are believed to be one of the scariest looking creatures from the folklore. The origin of these creatures is said to be from the ancient Greek. They were the one to live with no fear of God and were blinded by the odysseys.

8. Mermaids


The habitat ocean creatures who are also one of the purest, the mermaids are believed to be existing for a long time period. The merman was said to be the male kind of these creatures and familiar to the mermaids.

9. Unicorns


Unicorn is the symbols of both purity and goodness; the unicorns have its origin from Asia. It is a legendary creature from the ancient time, without the mention of unicorns the folktales are incomplete. The Holy Bible also has the mention of unicorn.

10. Sphinx


A Greek mythical creature with the head of a human, the Sphinx has the flanks of a lion and the wings of a bird. The deadly version of a sphinx appears in the myth of Oedipus. The sphinx depiction is majorly associated with the architectural structures like royal tombs or religious temple.

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