Top 10 Best Proposal Ideas

Nothing is more romantic than to propose your beloved on 8th February – Proposal Day. This day is already meant for lovers; add more zeal to it by letting him/her know that you want to spend the rest of your life with him/her. If you are keen to move your relation to the next level, pour out your heart in unique way. This February make it clear that your life is incomplete without him/her. You’re finally ready to pop the big question, but still stumped with how to present it. Be it classic, daring, romantic or intimate; go for the one that best suits your relation. We bring you the best ideas for a romantic proposal for your special someone through the selection of Top 10 Proposal Ideas for Propose Day.

Top 10 Best Proposal Ideas

Ask her out to be the most special partner in the most romantic and creative way. Use these best proposal ideas and impress her.

1. Traditional Way

Traditional Way - Best Proposal Ideas

 No matter where you are or what you’re doing, go down on bended knee and simply let her know that you want her to be your life partner. This type of traditional proposal is usually combined with formally asking her father for her hand in marriage in advance. The tradition way of wedding proposal is not only popular but is also one of the best proposal ideas for Propose Day.

2. Say it with Flowers

Say it with Flower - Top 10 Best Proposal Ideas

If you want to keep things simple, you can also ask your valentine to spend the rest of her life with you by presenting her a bouquet of rose, orchid and lily. Tell her the magical words, “Will you marry me?” and offer her the ring that you have kept for her. Although it might seem common, it will touch your lover’s heart paving the path for eternal love.

3. Through the Memory Lane

Through the Memory Lane - Top 10 Best Proposal Ideas

Proposing your eye candy in a place full of memories of your relation can be the most passionate thing to do. Choose a memorable location for your wedding proposal that is momentous to your relationship. This could be the place of your first meeting, the location of your first date, your first apartment together or the place you first kissed. This romantic proposal will clearly illustrate your love for her and your relationship.

4. At The Restaurant

At the Restaurant - Top 10 Best Proposal Ideas

If you want your sweetheart to be all yours this Valentine’s Day, then restaurant can be another place to pour out you heart. Make all the arrangements in one of his/her favourite restaurant or in one with magical ambiance. Order for special dessert and food where it can be written “Marry Me”. Else you can also arrange a glass of wine with the ring inside it. Once she/he accepts celebrate it with champagne. You can also ask to play a soothing music at the backdrop to make it more romantic.

5. Romantic Getaway

Romantic getaway - Top 10 Best Proposal Ideas

Schedule a surprise trip, without letting him/her know anything about your plan. When you get to your destination –a beautiful and secluded spot, pop the question. No doubt he/she will be mesmerized by your idea and will fall in love with you all over again. Further you both can stay back and rejoice the new relation that night.

6. In Front of a Crowd

Propose in front of crowd - Top 10 Best Proposal Ideas

Nothing beats the proposal that is been proposed in front of a big crowd. However, you need to make sure this about your girl that she is not the shy one and won’t be scared if you will propose her in the big gathering. You can choose a place to propose her that suits you the most in front of the masses. Most of the couples go to the theatres to propose their girlfriends on the stage. You can also take her to some mall or any concert where you can get on the stage and propose your beloved one. Make it in advance so that the cast and crew should be able to help you plan something

7. At The Beach

At the Beach - Top 10 Best Proposal Ideas

Go for a romantic stroll on the beach. Have a small bottle with a secret message inside asking her to be your bride. Else while both of you walk through the beach, suddenly pause and write “Will You be Mine” on the sand. Then quickly take out the ring and present it to her. The moment will not be only exciting but will also add memories to your relation.

8. Skywriters

Skywriter - Top 10 Best Proposal Ideas

This is the great way to pop the question on the propose day, and they are impressive yet expensive. Your lady will go crazy, if you plan to propose her this way. However, the idea is not the most original, and a cloudy day can destruct all of your plans. If you decide to put on an air show for your lover and want to tell them how much you love her. This extreme proposal idea can be one of the heart-winning ideas.

9. Through Jigsaw Puzzle

Through Jigsaw Puzzle - Top 10 Best Proposal Ideas

If she likes doing jigsaw puzzles then propose it in her style. Get a puzzle in a box, wrapped as a present. Break it up and let her solve it. Make sure you take out one piece from the puzzle beforehand. When she realizes one piece is missing, take that piece out from your pocket in which it is written, “Marry me because you complete me”. It will melt her heart for sure.

10. Intimate Dinner

Intimate Dinner - Top 10 Best Proposal Ideas

Invite your partner for dinner at your place and cook his/her favourite dishes. Decorate one room with aroma candles and fill the entire floor with red rose petals. With soft music playing at the background, have dinner in some other room. Now, blindfold your partner and take him/her into the decorated room. Remove the blindfold and propose.

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