Top 10 Best Airlines in US 2013

Now-a-days, with soaring flight rates, one needs to think twice before booking one. Despite the tight situation, there are handfuls of American airlines that have managed to offer its passengers not only high class flight services but also affordable flight hours. They excel in all spheres including on-time arrivals, denied boarding, luggage maintenance, timely departure and customer satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? Slip through the write up and grab the details about the top 10 best airlines in US.

Top Ten Airlines in US

Read to know why the following airlines have been termed as the top ten best airlines in US.

1. Virgin America

No.1 Best Airline in USA - Virgin America

Founded in 2004, commenced on 8th August 2007 and by 2013 it has topped the chart of top 10 best airlines in US. Just in a span of six years, Virgin America has earned the name for offering “low-fare with high quality” status. Though the American Airline’s major hub is San Francisco International Airport, it also treats Los Angeles International Airport as its focus city. Awarding frequent fliers with additional flight benefits is an additional positive aspect of the airline.

2. Jet Blue

No.2 Best Airline in USA - Jet Blue

Frequently stylized as “jetBlue”, Jet Blue is a low-cost American Airline that operates within United States as well as to The Bahamas, Barbados, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Caribbean, Bermuda, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Mexico. It is a non-union airline that has its head office in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. Airbus A320-200, Airbus A321-200, Embraer 190, Airbus A320neo and Airbus A321-200 are the aircrafts of JetBlue Airways fleet as per September 2013 report.

3. AirTran Airways

No.3 Best Airline in USA - AirTran Airways

A subsidiary of Southwest Airlines, AirTran Airways operates almost 700 flights, daily, eastern and midwestern United States as its prime destinations. Additionally, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport being its major hub, from here it operates approximately 200 departures each day. In 1992, the airline was founded by the ValuJet Airlines. For the past three years it has been ranked among the top airlines in US. This is so due to their mission “Be the Best” which the airline has been maintaining since its birth.

4. Delta Airlines

No.4 Best Airline in USA - Delta Airlines

Headquartered in Atlanta, Delta Airlines is not only a major airline in America but is also a one of the best airlines in US serving extensive international as well as domestic flight networks. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is its chief operational ground and regularly more than 5000 flights are reported to be part of it. Commenced on 17th June, 1929; it is also known to be the oldest operating airline in North America.

5. Hawaiian Airlines

No.5 Best Airline in USA - Hawaiian Airlines

Fifth in position among the top airlines of North America, Hawaiian Airlines has a record for not witnessing a single fatal accident since its birth in 1929. Besides, the introduction of commercial jet service in the 1960s and pure jet inter-island aircraft in 1966 has dramatically change into the airlines services. All through these decades, Hawaiian Airlines has caught up the attention of its passengers by offering excellent and flawlessly safe international and domestic flight hours. Currently, the airline caters to 8 million customers annually covering 20 domestic and intercontinental destinations in the Pacific region.

6. Alaska Airlines

No.6 Best Airline in USA - Alaska Airlines

Covering whole of contiguous United States, four Hawaiian Islands, Mexico and Canada; Alaska Airlines is the seventh largest US carrier and ranks highest in terms of customer satisfaction. The airline’s main motive is to provide reliable transportation at reasonable price accompanied by safe, caring and professional services. Since Alaska Airlines is based in Seattle suburb in Washington, Seattle–Tacoma International Airport serves as its largest hub.

7. Frontier Airlines

No.7 Best Airline in USA - Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines flies a varied fleet of aircraft on the many routes across United States, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Costa Rica and Jamaica. Its major port is Denver International Airport along with Trenton-Mercer Airport and New Castle Airport as its focus cities. In order to differentiate itself from its competitors, the airline’s tails are printed with animal photo – a universally accepted wild life theme. It was launched in 1994.

8. Southwest Airlines

No.8 Best Airline in USA - Southwest Airlines

Apart from being a top airline in the United States, Southwest Airlines is as well renowned for being the world’s largest low-cost flier. Operating since 18th June, 1971; currently it serves over 3,400 flights daily. As per September 2013 reports, Southwest Airlines has programmed service to 86 destinations across 42 states and Puerto Rico. Boeing 737s is the sole carrier of the airlines, thus becoming the world’s largest operator of the 737.

9. US Airways

No.9 Best Airline in USA - US Airways

US Airways is another major American Airline operating widespread domestic and international network around South America, North America and the Middle East. In February, 2013 when it merged with American Airlines it has become the largest airline in the world. By January 2013, US Airways has operated 3,028 on regular basis along with employing 32,213 people globally. The company is owned by the US Airways Group with its corporate office in Tempe, Arizona.

10. American Airlines

No.10 Best Airline in USA - American Airlines

Owned by AMR Corporation, American Airlines schedules flights for North America, South America, Asia/Pacific, the Caribbean and Europe. Dallas, Texas is its headquarter while Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) serves as its major hub along with hubs in Miami and Chicago. The airline operates maintenance bases at Tulsa (TUL) and was launched in 1930. Even though American Airlines is not a flag carrier, it has not failed to maintain its standards and share it space along with the top airlines in US.

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