Top 10 Best Comic Books of all Time

When some trendy characters within a fictional universe get used in superfluous inappropriate incidents, it surely catches our fantasies and interests. Though over the decades many comic characters with superhuman abilities have been out in the market, only handfuls of them have been successful in grabbing the attention of their readers and fan. From batman series to Spiderman there are few other comic books that have been rated as the best comic books of all time.

Top Ten Comic Books of all Time

Find out if your favourite comic book is also a part of the list of top ten comic books of all time.

1. Batman

Batman - No.1 Top 10 Comic Book of all TimeBatman is the best comic book that was published in 1940, owing to the popularity of the DC Comics hero with the similar name. Initially it was available monthly but by late 1950s it became bimonthly. The early stories of the comic book were composed by Bill Finger. The Joker, The dark Knight Returns, Gotham city etc were few of its famous issues that were demanded by a large number of fan. Even after 73 years of its birth, the Batman happens to be a much-loved comic book.

2. From Hell

From Hell - No.2 Top 10 Comic Book of all TimeFrom Hell by Alan Moore is a graphic comic that centres on his Ripper – Jack’s brutal activities. According to sources, the comic is an inspiration of Douglas Adams’ novel Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. From 1989 till 1996 it was issued as series and there after it was published as a collected edition comprising of 572 pages. The popularity of the comic even gave birth to the 2001 movie with an identical title.

3. Spiderman

Spiderman - No.3 Top 10 Comic Book of all TimeAwarded with more than twenty accolades, the Spiderman deserves the third position among the top 10 comic books of all time. The Amazing Fantasy published during the summer of 1962 was the first edition where the superhero- Spiderman surfaced. That very edition surpassed all records and was Marvels’ highest selling comic. The central character’s ability to shoot spider webs, to cling to any surface and his quick reaction to crimes had caught with the fantasy of each reader.

4. Superman

Superman - No.4 Top 10 Comic Book of all TimeAnother DC Comics that has the tag of being one of the best comic books of all time are the superman series. Moreover it is the first of its kind whose hero has appeared in more than one comic book. It was launched in 1939 and it’s soon became the world’s greatest adventure strip character. During 1940s Superman had the record for being sold more than a million copies per month. In between 1986 and 2006 the comic was renamed as “The Adventures of Superman”.

5. Wolverine

Wolverine - No.5 Top 10 Comic Book of all TimeWith eleven Annuals and 323 issues compiled into five volumes, the Wolverine is a series of comic book that features the X-Men member with the same name. The first volume was released in between September to December of 1982 and was written by Chris Claremont. There after it has never ceased to captivate the mind of its reader with fascinating adventure actions. It is still rated as one among the best comic books of all time.

6. Saga

Saga - No.6 Top 10 Comic Book of all TimeIllustrated by Fiona Staples and composed by Brian K. Vaughan, the Saga has once again proved to be the best comic book of all time though it was started in 2012. It is an epic space fantasy comic book inspired from the movie “Star Wars”. The early six issues of it received widespread appreciation along with three Eisner Awards 2013 nominations for Best New Series, Best Continuing Series and Best Writer. As of 2013 only eight issues have been released.

7. Prophet

Prophet - No.7 Top 10 Comic Book of all TimeThe Prophet first appeared in July of 1992 with three ongoing series. The comic is based on a fictional character John Prophet with the abilities of speed, superhuman strength, durability and stamina. Influenced by Steven Spielberg and Gene Roddenberry, Rob Liefeld conceived the idea of creating this fantastic comic book.

8. Hawkeye

Hawkeye - No.8 Top 10 Comic Book of all TimeCentred on an imaginary superhero and published by Marvel Comics, the Hawkeye is another name that appears among the top 10 comic books of all time. After the character’s appearance in the “Tales of Suspense #57” he became so popular that he was rated at 44 on IGN’s list of Top 100 Comic Book Heroes. Besides Hawkeye’s unaccompanied appearances have been gathered in a number of trade paperbacks.

9. Teen Titans

Teen Titans - No.9 Top 10 Comic Book of all TimeAlso well known as New Titans or New Teen Titans, the Teen Titans revolves around an illusory superhero team. The comic series are published by DC Comics while its stories are sketched by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani. Seeing the fame of the comic, an animated television series started running on Cartoon Networks from 2003 July till 2006 January. In its second edition, the notorious Wonder Girl joined the comic team adding fuel to the fun.

10. Preacher

Preacher -  No.10 Top 10 Comic Book of all TimeThe list of top 10 comic books of all time will be incomplete without mentioning the hit comic book series – Preacher. As of now the series has published 75 issues in totality along with five one-shot specials. Jesse Custer, Tulip O’Hare, Cassidy, Herr Starr, God and Arseface are the main characters that have made the comic book such a success.

One thought on “Top 10 Best Comic Books of all Time

  1. Alex Gaginsky

    Sorry to say, but your list looks meaningless. Teen Titans? Hawkeye? Prophet? Preacher? Is it a list of your personally favourite comic book series? Is it a list of most popular comic book superheroes? (If that, how From Hell and Saga ended up here?)

    Or is it, according to tittle, a list of Top 10 Best Comic Books of all Time? If that, what about Watchmen, Sin City, Sandman, Hellblazer, Hellboy, 300, Wanted, Kick-Ass, V for Vendetta? Any one of them is more important and influential than most of the list. To say nothing on European bande dessinee, such as Asterix, Tintin or l’Incal.


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