Top 10 Best Budget Headphones 2013

To create a real, intimate and personal ambience of tuning to favorite numbers, few international brands such as Sennheiser and Beats have come up with the finest headphones. These innovated models can provide all the excitement and fervor required to tap your toe and bang your head. Some of them are even upgraded with noise controlling technologies for high end sound quality. So brow them one by one to know the top 10 best headphones 2013.

Top Ten Best Headphones 2013

Your preferred headphone might be a part of the top ten best headphones 2013 list. So why not check it out ?

1. Sennheiser Momentum

No.1 Top Best Headphone 2013 - Sennheiser Momentum

With an ideal mixture of comfort, price, audibility and outer noise reduction; Sennheiser Momentum has once again gained predominance as the best earphone 2013. Added to these the earphone will be available in multiple colours starting from the current year. Being a style committed brand, the headphone is designed with breathable leather for the headdress and ear cups along with the use of superior-performance neodymium magnets for extremely affluent stereo sound.

2. Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

No.2 Top Best Headphone 2013 - Beyerdynamic Custom One-Pro

The Custom series of headphones is known to provide an entirely new ambience of getting tuned to music. This one can cover up the entire ear to avoid unnecessary noise accompanied by an adaptable bass vent to privilege the listener to with the control of bass dept. And the happier news is that through it looks chunky, it does not wait much and one can even go for customisation if required.

3. Focal Spirit One

No.3 Top Best Headphone 2013 - Focal Spirit One

The classy high-fidelity and polished Spirit One from Focal has garnered the status as one of the best earphones 2013 due to its light weight and 100% sound performance. It is a complete mobile headphone with well defined design and an addition of a remote control for iPad, iPhone and iPod. Engineered and crafted in France, Spirit One also comes with a 42-inch long detachable cloth wrapped cable to be fitted into mobile controls of Apple Smartphone.

4. Studio Beats

No.4 Top Best Headphone 2013 - Studio Beats

Stronger and more comfy, the Studio Beats has made space among the best earphones 2013 with its complete makeover features like 20 hours rechargeable battery, noise cancelling adapter and RemoteTalk. This current model beats all its previous versions that were launched since 2008. Even its design has been bettered with smooth curves and variation of colors. Beats was launched by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, four years back and today it is one of the most renowned headphone company.

5. Klipsch S4i Premium Noise-Isolating Headset

No.5 Top Best Headphone 2013 - Klipsch S4i Premium Noise Isolating Headset

 Gifted with an advanced 3-button mic and remote system, the S4i Premium Noise-Isolating Headset from Klipsch has been in news as the best earphone under 100. Besides offering great comforts with its trademark oval ear tips it also provides fantastic sound performance. It is available in two colours with two years of warranty. A clothing clip, four pairs of different-sized ear tips and a carrying case are the added frills of it.

6. Sound Magic E10

No.6 Top Best Headphone 2013 - Sound-Magic E10

With gold plated 3.5mm jack and 15Hz to 22Hz frequency, Sound Magic has introduced E10 as one among the best earphones 2013 available in the electronic market currently. The model can be of great entertainment while carrying out daily activity such as jogging, spending leisure time, travelling etc. Moreover the good news about it is that one can get all these luxury for only $35. Thus it is also serves the purpose of being the best earphone under 50.

7. JVC HA-NC250

No.7 Top Best Headphone 2013 - JVC HA NC250

The JVC HA-NC250 has been designed with a double housing structure for blocking outside noise and cushioned ear pads to enhance comfort. Plus it also makes use of a 40mm neodymium driver in both the earpiece for superlative sound quality. So it can offer the experience of listening music without the need to pump the volume. A 1.5V AAA battery power compartment and a 4-foot long detachable cord are other two vital parts that tags along with it.

8. Panasonic Bone Conduction Headphones

No.8 Top Best Headphone 2013 - Panasonic Bone Conduction Headphones

By launching the Bone Conduction Headphones in January 2013, Panasonic has brought in a new dimension in the field of enjoying musical tracks through earphones. It has been specially crafted for people who love to stay tune even while carrying out outdoor activities in busy metropolises. This wireless head phone has been equipped with unique take on sound transmission. Audio is directly delivered to the head via an individual’s cheekbone.

9. Sony MDR-NC500D

No.9 Top Best Headphone 2013 - Sony MDR NC500D

Geared with pioneering technology, Sony MDR-NC500D can create awesome atmosphere for listen your favorite track. To accurately reduce stress-inducing noise from the surrounding, this set of headphone utilizes digital technology and thus presents high-quality audio. Apart from these, it has been built in with a Lithium-ion battery and two AA batteries for long lasting usage. No doubt it is one amid the top 10 best headphones 2013.

10. Monster iSport In-Ear Headphones

No.10 Top Best Headphone 2013 - Monster iSport In Ear Headphones

The $149.95 Monster iSport In-Ear Headphones has grabbed the glare of publicity with its new and super- comfortable earhook look. If music is what makes you move, then you should definitely go iSport. Moreover the sport headphone is not only sweat-proof but also washable. It has also been on spot tenth on the chart of top 10 best headphones 2013. So get hold of it and cover your distance without even missing a single beat of your favourite track.

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