Top 10 Best Private Planes

Nothing says uber-rich than your very own private jet to take you around the world without the hassle of getting a ticket. No putting up with that god awful wailing of that woman’s baby, sitting two rows behind you or the loud mouthed passenger who keeps pestering you and not to mention the vile excuse for a meal you’re supposed to eat. Money may not be able to buy you everything, but it sure lets you travel in style. Read on to find out the best private planes money can buy and get a glimpse on how the other half lives.

Top Ten Private Planes and Jets

For travelling in luxury and style, here is our list of the top 10 best private planes.

1. Airbus A380

Top 10 Best Private Plane - Airbus A380

The airbus A380 is not really your typical private plane but apparently Prince Alawaleed bin Talal doesn’t agree. The gigantic A380 double decker plane is hailed as the biggest passenger plane there is, with a capacity of over 500 passengers and costs $300m. What Prince Talal has in mind for that much space is beyond us. Despite the massive stature the Airbus A380 is more than capable of hitting 900kmph at cruising height thanks to the 4 Rolls Royce engines.

2. Boeing 747-8 VIP

Top 10 Best Private Plane - Boeing 747-8 VIP

This is another passenger jet adopted as private transportation by those who can. The Boeing 747 boasts of a massive 465m­2 cabin space is big enough for 465 people and is incidentally more than big enough to fit in all the luxury and operational flexibility making this a pretty versatile means of transportation. With a pretty massive price tag of $153m this plane offers a lot of freedom and speed. The Boeing 747-8 VIP can hit a 917kmph at 11000m.

3. Boeing 767

Top 10 Best Private Plane - Boeing 767

The Boeing 767 is another pretty common passenger plane offering private services to those who can afford them, like the founder of Google, Larry Page. Thanks to the versatile design and huge cabin this plane can serve numerous purposes depending on the whim of the owner. Costing up to $118m this plane is pretty fast and can hit a cruising speed of 0.80 Mach or in simple terms, 980kmph.

4. Airbus A319

Top 10 Best Private Plane - Airbus A319

Owned by some significant people like the Indian Business tycoon, Vijay Mallya, the Airbus A319 comes with a hefty $80.7m price tag. The Airbus A319 is best known for its cabin adaptability and is the dream of every interior designer. It comes with 6 layouts which the customer is free to select from and can fit 10-39 people. The A319 is designed to give a quite impressive 1004kmph cruising speed.

5. Gulfstream G-550

Top 10 Best Private Plane - Gulfstream G 550

The Gulfstream G-550 started setting records with in two weeks after it started service. The plane set a city pair record by travelling 13,521 Km, Seoul to Orlando, in just 14.5 hours. Later on the plane set 40 more city pair records. The plane also features an Enhanced Vision System which is basically an Infrared camera which dispels the view in front of the camera on a Heads up Display which is pretty useful in case of low visibility. This record holder costs around $60m and is in possession of some big names like Lakshmi Mittal.

6. Boeing Business Jet

Top 10 Best Private Plane - Boeing Business Jet

With a $55.5m price tag the Boeing Business jet series are pretty much just modified versions of the Boeing 737. The modifications however feature some facilities like a master Bedroom, a washroom with showers, a living area and a conference room which also doubles as the dining room. This flying machine pretty much a hotel in the Sky.  This plane has enough space to sit 25 to 50 passengers and can go at a cruising speed of 890 Kmph.

7. Bombardier BD-700 Global Express

Top 10 Best Private Plane - Bombardier BD 700 Global Express

This $47.7m plane owned by the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Celine Dion, is sort of a private version of Bombardier’s ‘Regional Jet ‘. The global Express can easily traverse inter-continental distances one of the main reasons for its popularity. It just needs a small flight crew and can easily seat 8 to 18 passengers. The Bombardier BD-700 can easily hit a 850Kmph thanks to the two BMW Rolls Royce turbofans with FADEC.

8. Dassault Falcon 7X

Top 10 Best Private Plane - Dassault Falcon 7X

Owned by bill gates and costing around $41m this plane can operate in pretty much any weather, can land slower and take off at steep angles which makes this plane extremely safe thanks to the three engine design. Powered by 3 Pratt and Whitney turbofans, the plane boasts of a maximum speed of 953 Kmph.

9. Embraer EMB190BJ Lineage 1000

Top 10 Best Private Plane - Embraer EMB190BJ Lineage 1000

Valued at a whopping $40.95m this Brazilian made private jet offers space, space and more space. The interiors can be divided in to 5 sections which include an optional bedroom, washroom and a walk in cargo area in the back. To improve its performance the plane has added fuel tanks (for more range) in the cargo hold and ‘fly by wire ‘controls. The plane can hit a max speed of 1004.5 Kmph.

10. Dassault Falcon 900

Top 10 Best Private Plane - Dassault Falcon 900

One of the most efficient planes, The Dassault Falcon 900 is among the fuel economic planes and uses 50-60% less fuel with a tiny carbon footprint. The specially fitted with mechanics that make for low drag wing make this flying machine extremely efficient. This is probably the only plane with three engines in its class and is what provides the Falcon 900 with the thrust it needs to hit a max speed of 950 Kmph.

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