Top 10 Best Trail Mountain Bikes 2013

You have landed on the perfect ground, if mountain biking makes your adrenalin go wild. Based on your desires and our comparison of the best trail mountain bikes, choose out the one that best suits your test. The leading brands in this arena accompanied by their upgraded versions of mountain bikes have been mentioned by us. These are the ones that have been rated with the top ten positions due to its competitive and rugged nature. Dive along our selection to know them in details.

Top 10 Best Trail Mountain Bikes

Top Ten Mountain Bikes 2013

 Glance through the top ten mountain bikes 2013.

1. Giant

Giant, Giant Talon 29er - No.1 Best Trail Mountain Bikes 2013

Conceived with the pledge to enhance the cycling experience by pushing the boundaries of technology, Giant has a status of being the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, best designs and highest quality of geared cycle.  It is a Taiwanese company with its branches in Taiwan, Netherlands, and China.  At present it has covered more than 50 global markets with over 12,000 retail stores. In the year 2007 its international sale crossed 5 million bicycles and had collected global revenue of $820 million. Giant Talon 29er is the company’s best mountain bikes under $1000.

2. Specialized

Specialized- Rockhopper 29 - No.2 Best Trail Mountain Bikes 2013

Most of the North America and European cycling professional prefers mountain bicycles from Specialized and this has positioned the brand among the leading mountain bike companies. Among others Rockhopper 29 is the primary model that is under the limelight for being the best mountain bikes for trails as well as the best mountain bike under $1000. Even the popular mountain biker Ned Overend had proved the potentiality of the bike by winning the 2010 Singlespeed World Championships. Specialized was incorporated in 1974 by Mike Sinyard.

3. Trek

Trek - Mamba, Marlin - No.3 Best Trail Mountain Bikes 2013

During 1976, Trek laid its foundation with the mission of building the best bikes in the world and today it has achieved its dream by producing fine mountain bikes like “Mamba”, “Marlin” etc. They are gifted with some of the latest features such as comfortable Bontrager Evoke 1 saddle, upgraded Shimano M446 hydraulic disc brakes and Rock Shox XC 32 fork. Additionally, these bicycles also make use of the brand’s most praise worthy G2 geometry which enables swifter steering without the brakes being jittered.

4. Merida

Merida - one forty 5000 - No.4 Best Trail Mountain Bikes 2013

Manufacturing 2.2 million bicycles globally with production outlets in Taiwan, China and Germany; Merida is the second Taiwanese corporation that has hit the record of best trail mountain bike brand. The most famous models are its rigid framed and dual suspension mountain bikes with meticulously engineered design and output.

5. Cannondale

Cannondale- Claymore - No.5 Best Trail Mountain Bikes 2013

The year 2013 best trail mountain bikes has allowed Cannondale to grab the fifth position manufacturing models such as the Claymore. It has been designed as full-suspension Mountain bikes with a fame that can act as an unobtrusive platform for racing. It is also credited for its ability to alter from a 180mm of travel monster to a competent 110mm of travel trial bike. Cannondale is the American part of the Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries.

6. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz - Nomad - No.6 Best Trail Mountain Bikes 2013

The 1993 born bicycle company is basically known for its sleeker, leaner and more competitive “Nomad”. It is one among the best trail mountain bikes that can be easily geared against rocky terrain. Another positive aspect of bikes under this brand is that they are crafted out of either aluminium or carbon fibre for covering up various range of disciplines. Santa Cruz is based in Santa Cruz, California.

7. GT

GT - Karakoram 2 - No.7 Best Trail Mountain Bikes 2013

GT has earned a name for supporting teams engaged in mountain trails and cross-country competitions by producing some of the best trails mountain bikes. RockShox XC 28 fork, well gripped brakes, tough tires and Shimano drivetrain are few of its highlighted features. Karakoram 2.0 is its best mountain bike under $1000. GT was started by Gary Turner along with Richard Long in 1979. The brand has also sponsored few of the fastest riders known to the world such as Steve Peat and Juli Furtado.

8. Jenson

Jenson - jamis Dakar xc camp - No.8 Best Trail Mountain Bikes 2013

Despite nationwide economic disturbances, Jenson has continued to maintain its reputation of being one among the best trail mountain bike manufacturer. The brand is a passionate bicycle company that has served millions of bikers over the globe with their distinctive and much competitive bicycles. Jenson was established in 1995 by Mike Cachat. Priced at $999, Jamis Dakar XC Comp is the best model of mountain bikes under $1000.

9. Kona

Kona- Kona tika - No.9 Best Trail Mountain Bikes 2013

The Ferndale based company Kona has introduced a women oriented bicycle called Kona Tika.  The cycle has been rated as the best trail mountain bike 2013 for its distinctive features like 100mm fork RockShox, aluminium frame, Shimano hydraulic brakes and a 27-speed drivetrain. Moreover it comes with added features like female-specific grips and saddle. Kona was created by Jacob Heilbron, Dan Gerhard and Joe Murray in 1988.

10. Marin

Marin - Rocky Ridge 7 - No.10 Best Trail Mountain Bikes 2013

Since late 1990s Marin has been actively engaged in producing some of the well accepted mountain bikes for competing in trails and Rocky Ridge 7.6 takes the leading position for the year 2013. The bikes has been designed with a numbers of upgrades like rear derailleur, e13 TRS Single crankset with SRAM’s X7/X9 shifter and Rock Shox Revelation fork. Bicycles manufactured under the brand are also known for stable steering, forward leaning and geometry.

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