Top 10 Biggest Cruise Ships

Ferdinand Magellan circumnavigated the earth during the 16th Century, in one of the biggest ships of its times. It measured 100 ft. and reached a speed of 10 knots. When Titanic sailed on its first voyage in 1912, it was named the biggest cruise ship in history. But if we compare these ‘biggest ships in history’ with the ones in service now, they will stand nowhere. Let us find out more about the biggest cruise ships in history and the changes aboard them.

Top 10 Biggest Cruise Ships


Biggest Cruise Ships in the World

Here is a list of the biggest cruise ships in history. Let us have a look at the features of these queens of the seas.

1. Allure of the Seas

Set in the sea in 2010, this biggest cruise ship in history is owned by Royal Caribbean International. Allure of the Sea has a length of 1,187 ft. and gross tonnage of 225,282 GT. Constructed in Turku, Finland; it boasts of a double deck dance floor, ice skating rink, a theatre and 25 dining options. It also flaunts of the first Starbucks Café on a ship. With a crew of around 2000 people, and a shopping centre it has redefined luxury cruises.

2. Oasis of the Seas

The sister ship of the Allure has landed on the second spot among the biggest cruise ships in history with a size difference of mere 50mm. Owned and operated by the Royal Caribbean, it consists of 16 decks and 6 marine diesel engines. The luxury liner set a world record with its capacity to carry over 6,000 persons when its keel was laid down in 2007. One of the biggest ships in history, Oasis flaunts of a mini golf course, betting house, rock climbing walls, yoga and tai chi classes.

3. RMS Queen Mary 2

Named Queen Mary 2 by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004, it was the biggest cruise ship in history at that time. The Trans- Atlantic Ocean liner is owned by the Cunrad Line. Built at an estimated cost of $ 900 million it is the only cruise ship with a planetarium on board. Apart from boasting of the Royal Mail Ship (RMS) title the luxury ship also underplays the class difference system. Measuring 345 meter, the cruise ship consists of a ballroom, night club, bars and a spa.

4. Disney Dream

Operated by the Disney Cruise Line, this one of the biggest cruise ships in history is 1,115 ft. long and has a capacity of 4,000 people. Disney dream houses a basketball court, mini golf course, a walking track, and digital sports simulators on board. Along with that it also has two hang outs for children and features the first water coaster at sea. The luxury liner currently sails only to Bahamas. In 2011, Jennifer Hudson was named the God Mother of the ship by the Walt Disney CEO.

5. Disney Fantasy

It is the fourth ship by the Disney Cruise line, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Company. Fantasy embarked on its first sea journey in 2012, under Captain Tom Forberg. With a Structure similar to its sister ship- Disney Dream, it has a total of 1250 state rooms. Mariah Carey is the God Mother of the luxury cruise. Ranked fifth among the biggest cruise ships in history it features on-board services and amenities, night club, theatre and adult only lounges.

6. Freedom of the Seas

Freedom of the seas is another biggest cruise ship in the history owned by the Royal Caribbean International. It has an on board capacity of 4,600 and a length of 339 m. The luxury cruise built at a cost of $ 800,000 (approx.) features a water park, 3D cinema, Wi-Fi and cell phone coverage. Consisting of 15 passenger decks, this cruise ship also offers Irish pubs, betting house and ensures a great family time on the sea.

7. Independence of the seas

Another gem in the crown of the Royal Caribbean International is the Independence of the seas. With dimensions similar to its sister ship- Freedom, this seventh biggest cruise ship in history was launched in 2008. The freedom class cruise was built at the Aker Finnyards dry dock in Turku, Finland. It offers many cool attractions to its passengers like heated fresh water pools, sports deck consisting of volleyball courts and some of the best offered sports facilities on any cruise, a shopping street, an Egyptian themed pyramid lounge and gaming sections.

8. Liberty of the Seas

The sister vessel of Freedom and Independence, it consists of 18 decks and is referred to as the safest cruise ship in the world. While this is a big enough reason to spend some quality time on the luxury liner, it also offers fitness centres, playing area for children and ice rinks. Ranked one of the biggest cruise ships in history, it has a gross tonnage of 154,407 GT and 56 m beam.

9. MSC Fantasia

Ranked among the top ten biggest cruise ships in the history this Italian vessel is operated and owned by MNC Cruises. Delivered to its company in 2008, Fantasia got its name from Sophia Loren. With a total length of 1093 ft. it has a capacity of around 4,000 persons including the crew. The luxury cruise is built by the STX Europe in St. Nazaire, France at a cost of $ 550 million. Consisting of 13 passenger decks, it has a maximum speed of 22 knots.

10. Norwegian Epic

Another one of the biggest cruise ships in history belongs to the Norwegian Cruise Line. It offers on board facilities like fitness centre, world class spa, widely acclaimed ‘white hot party’, ice bar, theme park and bowling alley. The luxury liner first sailed in 2010 from Southampton to New York. Built by the STX Europe in St. Nazaire, France, the cruise ship has 4100 passenger berths and is 1,081 ft. long.

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