Top 10 Christmas Markets in the World

Christmas Shopping is a once a year occasion so why not make it awesome. There are literally hundreds of markets all around the world each offering you something more awesome than the last and each offering you better ways to make your Christmas better. But since it is a once in a year splurge yourself opportunity, why settle for anything less than the best? Explore the world for the most enchanting Christmas markets, lighting up your Christmas and making it all the more brighter. From France to Canada, Denmark to Germany take a look at the crème de la crème of Christmas shopping experience at the top ten Christmas markets in the world.

Top Ten Christmas Markets in the World

Here are the top ten Christmas Markets in the world, offering you the best Christmas shopping experience humanly possible.

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic - Top Ten Christmas Markets in the World

Shopping in Prague is pretty much like taking a stroll down the Santa’s village. With brightly decorated wooden huts lining the market selling all kinds of Christmas goodies, it truly gives you that winter wonderland feeling from the scratch. The largest and the most popular markets are held in the Old Town Square and the Wenceslas Square. You will definitely find some of the most enchantingly gorgeous decorations. Apart from the décor you must absolutely take in some of the cuisine especially ‘Trdelnik’ which is sort of like a Czech pastry. Standing on number one in our list of the top ten Christmas Markets; Prague is definitely the place to be and the best part they’re even open on Christmas and New Year.

2. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia - Top Ten Christmas Markets in the World

Tallinn offers something magical. The medieval old town of Tallinn takes becomes a complete wonderland for the season. A colossal Christmas tree standing tall in the middle surrounded by Christmas cabins and stands, all lit up like the sun. But that’s not even the best part, the best part is Santa clause seeing children in his own house and there are live reindeers and even Christmas Dwarves. The Markets at Tallinn flawlessly capture the magic of Christmas. So if you’re looking out for a magical Christmas you know where you want to be, especially if you have children.

3. Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria - Top Ten Christmas Markets in the World

One of the biggest markets in Europe is Vienna Christkindmarket on Rathausplatz which starts in November mid and ends till the end of December. Almost 200 stalls dominate the square, selling traditional decorations and hand-crafted gifts as well as scrumptious, melt-in-your-mouth Viennese pastries and Weihnachtspunsch. Take your love with you on the trip to Europe and have an enchanting experience of Christmas.

4. Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium - Top Ten Christmas Markets in the World

Since 2004, Brussels has come in picture and soon has become the top 10 Christmas markets in the world. Almost 250 chalets, fairground rides, an ice rink and bauble-studded Christmas tree make it a wonderland. Chocolates lovers will mouth-watering experience with delicious and unique flavours of mussels and Belgian waffles. Grand palace is definitely a place to visit on Christmas and take in the beauty in the world and Christmas market makes it more enthusiastic and enchanting for shopping in festive season.

5. Dresden, Germany

Dresden, Germany - Top Ten Christmas Markets in the World

Get the best crafts of Germany in Christmas market at the time of festive season in November and December. Every region has its specialty to offer like German’s have blue-and –white ceramic, crafts from Ore Mountains, blown glass from Lauscha and much more. The three ton baked stollen (German fruit cake) is the main beguiling thing of Christmas festival in this market. It is one of the oldest Christmas market running since 1434.

6. Lille

Lille - Top Ten Christmas Markets in the World

Put some efforts to reach the place Lille and you will not regret by going through London to Kent for the fascinating city. It’s kind of foodie and specialize in cheese and sweets, as well as offers the gourmet treats all around the France. The climax comes when Pere Noel (Santa Clause clambers down the 76-metre belfry of the chamber of commerce with a sack of sweets to give out. Celebrate your Christmas on one of the top 10 Christmas markets in the world to experience the merriment of Christmas.

7. Cologne, Germany

Cologne - Top Ten Christmas Markets in the World

Cologne offers probably the best Christmas markets in Germany. Cologne has about seven of the most romantic Christmas markets that are a must visit if you truly want to make the most of your visit. The Christmas market at Cologne cathedral is an absolute must followed by ‘home of the elves’, the Fairy-tail Christmas market, the Christmas market at Stadtgarten, the Maritime Christmas market and the gorgeous but not so popular Christmas avenue.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen - Top Ten Christmas Markets in the World

A family trip to Tivoli funfair gardens, where stalls mix with vintage rollercoaster rides, concert halls, and toboggan rides, skating and ice sculptures will be life time experience for you all. The willow trees decorated with lights and on four miles of colourful stalls that will give you the idea how the residents of Nissekbing live there.  It get started by 18th November 2011 and usually based on a Russian theme, visitors can enjoy the festive market till the end of December.

9. Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg - Top Ten Christmas Markets in the World

France is a famous for shopping anyway but at the time of festive seasons, there is nothing beautiful and magnificent than Strasbourg. Now, it’s more than 400 years the city is enjoying and welcoming visitors around the world to its Christkin de la markin. This market has prestige of locating in front of sublime, towering cathedral.

10. Berlin, Germany

Berlin - Top Ten Christmas Markets in the World

If you want to taste every bit of enjoyment with the vast variety of markets then Berlin is waiting for you. Berlin has 60 markets to offer you with all their unique selling points and trendy warehouse parties. Potsdamer Platz is the place to kick things off, with a toboggan run and an ice rink, Gendarmenmarkt is the place to search out handicrafts, Kulturbrauerei has a Nordic flavour, while Sophienstrasse satisfies those Berliners who like their Christmases to be Eco-friendly. From Nov 22 to Dec 24 you get a warm welcome for shopping in Berlin for Christmas.

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