Top 10 Dangerous Sea Creatures

The underwater sea is a vast world of docile plus aggressive ocean lives and sea animals. Some of them are dangerous enough to take human lives and cause serious injuries. Thus the list of top 10 dangerous sea animals has been provided with all the behavioral details of some of the treacherous sea creatures. Gifted with amazing hunting features these water animals are found at various points of Indian and Pacific Ocean. So without wasting time let us stroll through the record to have a glance of the dangerous sea creatures.

Top Ten Dangerous Sea Creatures

Be a part of the top ten dangerous sea creatures list to know many frightening facts related to some dangerous sea animals.

1. Great White Shark

No.1 Top Dangerous Sea Creature - Great White SharkGifted with strong commanding tail that can drive through the water at up to 15 miles per hour, the Great White Shark is torpedo shaped species of large Lamniform Shark. It has been taken into account as the most dangerous sea creature as it is the largest predatory fish known. Even many incidents of human incursion have been reported till date. The water animal is also known for its huge size, with an approximate length of 6 meter. This shark has a life span of thirty years and feeds mainly on marine animals, sea birds and fishes.

2. Salt Water Crocodile

No.2 Top Dangerous Sea Creature - Salt water CrocodileThe Salt water Crocodile is the largest among all living reptiles and are found at various parts of the world with a total population of around 200,000 to 300,000. They have sharp teeth and powerful jaws for tearing purposes and have earned a reputation as excellent swimmer. They normally grow to a length of 17 feet, weighting around 1,000 pounds. Their food list includes anything that they can prey on including wild boar, monkey, water buffalo and sharks. Thus Salt water Crocodile has been added to the list of dangerous sea creatures.

3. Great Barracuda

No.3 Top Dangerous Sea Creature - Great BarracudaA species of the Barracuda family, the Great Barracuda is another sea creature that is terrifying enough with a set of dagger-like teeth along its jaw of small teeth, portraying a fierce appearance. This aquatic animal is also called as the giant barracuda and covers a length of 6 feet when matured. The voracious predator is basically found in open seas as it loves to hunt its prey with a sudden charge. Though human incursions are a rare case among the Great Barracudas, they never let go fishes out of its trap.

4. Lion Fish

No.4 Top Dangerous Sea Creature - Lion FishScientifically known as Pterois, the Lion Fish deserves a position among the Top 10 dangerous sea creatures due to its venomous fin rays which serves danger not only to ocean lives but also to human, especially fishermen.  They are beautifully coloured sea animals that are commonly found in the low lying waters of Indo-Pacific area and coral reefs. A single sting from this fish can cause paralysis, convulsions, collapse, breathing difficulties and nausea. A number of Indo-Pacific universities have even stated reports of Lion Fish charges towards divers and researchers.   

5. Blue Ringed Octopus

No.4 Top Dangerous Sea Creature - Blue Ringed OctopusBlue Ringed Octopus or the Hapalochlaena belongs to the family of octopus and is a habitant of the coral reefs and tide pools of Indian and Pacific Oceans covering from Japan to Australia. They are regarded as the most venomous ocean life found across the earth. Regardless of their relatively tame nature and small size, they can prove a danger to aquatic animals and humans. Blue and black rings on their yellowish skin are their trademark. Shrimp, crabs and hermit crabs are what they feed on.

6. Stone Fish

No.6 Top Dangerous Sea Creature - Stone FishKnown as the dangerous fish in the world, the Stone Fish is a ray-finned, carnivorous sea animal. They are mostly found under the reef beds, around dull colored plants and hunt their prey with their poisonous venom. It feeds mostly on shrimp, small fish and other crustaceans. The largest stone fish recorded till now had a length of 51 cm though it generally grows to a size of 30-40 cm. Tremendous swelling and excruciating pain are caused by the sting of Stone Fish.

7. Box Jellyfish

No.7 Top Dangerous Sea Creature - Box JellyfishAnother poisonous sea animal that has been added to the record of dangerous sea animal is Box Jellyfish. This cnidarians invertebrate dwells mostly in the Indo-Pacific and Northern Australian region. Due to its venomous stings leading to painful fatal among humans, it is also popular as sea wasp or marine stinger. According to the U.S. National Science Foundation, around 20 to 40 people loose their life every year from the stings of box jellyfish, alone in Philippines. Their tentacles spread out to almost 3 metres in length with a body weight of 2 kg.

8. Sea Snake

No.8 Top Dangerous Sea Creature - Sea SnakeAlso known by the name Hydrophiinae or coral reef snakes, the Sea Snake is a native to the warm coastal waters from the Pacific as well as Indian Ocean. Despite their evolution from the earthly ancestors, they prefer marine atmosphere so much so that, that they cannot move on land. A Sea Snake’s fangs are smaller relatively but that does not mean its bite is harmless. These fangs are strong enough to penetrate its poison through the blood of its victim. The sea creature is born with special glands for disposing of excess salt and flattened tails for swimming.

9. Stingray

No.9 Top Dangerous Sea Creature - StingrayA relative of shark, Stingray is a cartilaginous fish with one or two pointed stings. They are a common inhabitant of the coastal tropical and subtropical marine waters, all over the world. When any danger approaches them, they make use of their whip-like tails accompanied by one or two spines, to get rid of it. Stingrays chiefly survive on molluscs, crustaceans, and occasionally on small fish.

10. Moray Eel

No.10 Top Dangerous Sea Creature - Moray EelThe Moray Eel is a slender, predatory bony fish belonging to the family of Muraenidae. They are also notorious as the painted eel because of its varied colors and patterns on its body. As they are carnivorous they love to indulge in cephalopods or fish along with mollusks and crustaceans. Though they are shy and secretive by nature, they do not hesitate to charge humans and other sea animals if disturbed with their rear hooked teeth.

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