Top 10 Halloween Costumes

“Trick or Treat” in one of these Top 10 Halloween Costumes which belong to your favorite character from the latest flicks of 2014. Be it kids or youngsters every individual will enjoy wearing these Best Halloween Costumes. Poise with attitude with these trendy costumes that will definitely lure you this “Hallows Evening”. Gush through the dingy streets, attend the spooky parties with your friends and revel in the full mood of Halloween. Party with a difference, this time, with some amazing Halloween Costume Ideas  we have organized for you. Carve your way through these Top Halloween Costumes 2014, to look like one of your adored characters, from this years hit flicks.


Top Ten Halloween Costumes

Take a step further to have a good glance at the Top Ten Halloween Costumes that will help you decide on a look for this year.


1. Princess Elsa

Princess Elsa

One of the most popular animation movies that touched hearts of the people all around the world. Enjoy being a princess for this day, be sweet to everyone, on the other hand be afraid to touch anyone. Play your character well in a light blue colored gown with braided blond hairs or buy a wig. Paint the town in a snowy color and revel in the joys and amusement of the day with your family or friends. All the adorable ladies and cute little girls out there embrace your beauty with this Best Halloween Costume Ideas, and flaunt throughout the evening.


2. Maleficent


One among the Best Halloween Costumes for this year is of the wicked queen “Maleficent” from the movie Sleeping Beauty. Make a grand entrance at a party with your magnificent black dress accompanied with a huge collared cape. Do accessorize your dress with horns and a wand (or a stick) to go with your attire. Walk with an evil, wicked grin to create a mysterious aura around you while gushing out for candies or while entering a party hall. Make things more crooked this year ladies, with a perfect black attire and flaunt your mysterious colors.


3.  Princess Anna

Princess Anna

A captivating character “Anna”, from this years enchanting movie Frozen is also a very endearing part of the 2014 Top Halloween Costumes. Be a creative head this Halloween and enjoy being an enthusiastic princess who is ready to go in for any adventure. Wear a black and green colored  flowery gown going hand in hand with a pink colored cape and an attached  hood. To complete your ‘Anna’ look make two braids of your golden brown hair or flaunt with a wig to go with it. Act like a determined girl with a cool personality to perfectly fit in the character and go door to door for “Trick or Treat”.


4. Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen

Simplicity can be a way of dressing up this holiday, go gushing door to door in one of the simplest attires for this season. Katniss Everdreen’s costume from Hunger Games is a modern age girls look that one can comfortably flaunt. Black tee, hooded jacket, olive cargo and boots with a pack of bow and arrow will give you a look for this Halloween. Accompany your attire into a braid with some wavy flicks dangling on your eye, with a mockingjay pin. Rise up from the shadows of unseen and walk the path with spirited bravery in your new 2014 Halloween Costumes.


5.  Haymitch Abernathy

Haymitch Abernathy

Wander in the midnight hour as a pale old man named Haymitch character from the movie series of Hunger Games. Gear up with a collared white shirt with a purple jacket going hand in hand with a floppy blond wig. It would be appropriate to carry a small silver flask with you to complete the look you have decided for yourself this Halloween. Make a grand entrance through the moon light all drunk and shabby, with a dab of sarcasm in your talks.


6. Joffrey


Spooky, scary, haunting and forbidden are old age terms for Halloween, make it royal this year with this Best Halloween Costume to Flaunt. Joffrey, a fictional character from the Game of Thrones a very popular television series, will make you look like a chocking royal personality. Wear his lavish wedding clothes from the series with a huge crown sitting on your head while clutching your throat with a golden royal glass to accomplish the look. Have a royal walk between houses chocking in the magnificent attire you are wearing.


7. Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen

Find something elegant in the spooky moon light of the hallow evening then choose the Daenerys Targaryen character from the Game of Throne series. Find a blue V neck flowing dress accessorized with some primitive jewelery made out of steel. Get a white wig and half tie it to copy the looks of your selected character. Carry some dragon dummies with you just to add some extra points to your bag of goodies. Quietly though confidently rise up from the dungeons of dragons and act as if you have a status of “mother of dragons”. Flaunt the attire you are carrying with all the grace and confidence you own in the world.


8. Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Mask yourself in a super hero costume, with a green colored full sleeve leotard accompanied with gloves that match your suit. Accessorize your costume with a huge ring, that is visible to every one around you. Let this years spooky evening light you up in green for you and flaunt your super hero attitude among your friends. Shine with a different look this year and gush around the dingy streets trick or treating door to door. Enjoy wearing this new costume that stands at number eight among the Top 10 Halloween Costumes for the year 2014.


9. Nick Fury

Nick Fury

Haul on the Halloween night with one among the Best Halloween Costume Ideas of Nick Fury from the movie Avengers. Flaunt your way out with black pants, a shirt, a long black leather jacket and a pair of gloves. To complete your macho looks of the commander in chief of Shield, accompany your costume with a black eye patch. Hold a cool calm and composed attitude to suit your selected characters attire. Be a ruler among your friends and lead a group of avengers while going out for “Trick and Treat”.


10. Ichabod Crane

Ichabod Crane

All the handsome hunks out there you are willing to show off your charm on the lovely ladies out there, go for the Ichabod Crane’s character from the TV Series Sleepy Hollow. Wear a high collared linen shirt with an old fashioned coat and boast your dashing personality. To complete the looks you have chosen for this Halloween buy a wig or half tie your long brown locks. Balance out your attire with an attitude that is fit for royalty with a hint of smartness and a dab of weirdness. Flaunt your old age appearance in the modern day hallow evening.

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