Top 10 Largest Islands in the World

Apart from many wonderful scenic beauties, the world is also gifted with some amazing and incredible islands which cover more than 250,000 kilometers square and 97,000 squares miles area in the countries. The given list of 10 largest islands in the world will reveal the implausible facts and the main fascinating things about isolated islands of the world.  Every Island has its specialty to attract the nature lovers, be the one to get indefatigable feeling with the beauty of Island. Browse through our given list of largest Islands to find out the names of the largest Islands in the world.

Top 10 Largest Islands in the World

Top Ten Largest Islands In The World

Explore the magnificent Islands in the world and know more about the top ten largest islands in the world.   Get wonder about the facts of covered area of large Islands in the countries and the living population in them.

1. Greenland

 Greenland rank first in the list of 10 largest islands in the world. The Island is the second largest of Ice shelf. Greenland is located between the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It is the main centric location in the Kingdom of Denmark.  Most of the land area of Denmark is covered by Greenland.  It is the only Island which has the largest area around 2,130,800 kilometer square and 822,706 square miles and yet called as Island but not the continent. The name of Greenland is opposite of its meaning “Green Earth” as it is less with vegetation.

2. New Guinea

New Guinea is the second largest Island in the world and it covers the area of about 785,000 square kilometer and 303,381 square miles in the premises of Indonesia situated in the South-West side of Pacific Ocean.  The island is divided into two areas of the western part is dominated by Indonesia and eastern Papua New Guinea.  The Island is gifted with beautiful scenery and adventures likes diving, surfing and learning various cultures.

3. Borneo

Top ten largest Island in the world has given Borneo ranked 3rd in the list.  The area covered by the Borneo Island is 748,168 kilometer squares and 288,869 square miles.  The location of the Island is Indonesia but it has three different regions in the single Island which makes it unique and differentiates it from others.  73% area of the Island is owned by Indonesia, 26% is possessed by Malaysia and 1% by the Kingdom of Brunei.

 4. Madagascar

Madagascar, fourth largest Island in the world which is located on the Indian Ocean and facing off south-Eastern coast of Africa.  Madagascar ranked 46th among the largest countries in the world and 4th in top 10 largest islands in the world with area of 587,713 kilometer squares and 226,917 square miles.  The island has an oblong shape with a width of 400 to 600 km and the distance from the most northern point – Cape Amber, to the south – Cape St. Mary, is 1600 km.

5. Baffin Island

Baffin Island is the largest Canadian Island and ranked 5th on the list of ten largest island in the world. Baffin Island covers an area of 507,451 kilometer squares and 195,928 square miles. The central part of this island is Barnes Ice Cap.  Low temperature, ice blocks, blocking sea lanes and lack of infrastructure makes this island unwelcoming to the people.

6. Sumatra

The sixth largest Island in the world which covers the area of 443,066 kilometer squares and 171,069 square miles named as Sumatra.   The area of Sumatra covers from North-West to South-East side of the equator and turns up as the second largest Island in Indonesia.  Due to the marginal active volcanoes, the island of Sumatra is frequently shaken by earthquakes and Kerinci Volcano is the highest point on the island with the height of 3800metres.

7. Honshu

The second most populated Island in the world and Japan’s largest island, Honshu is on the number seven in top ten largest Islands in the world. It covers an area of 225,800 kilometer square and 87,182 square miles.  The territory of the Island is mountainous and Mount Fuji with the height of 3776 meters is the highest point in the Island.  The Island is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions quite much.

8. Victoria Island

Victoria Island named after the British Queen Victoria in 1839. It is located in the Arctic Ocean and is a part of the group of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago.  It covers an area of 217,291 kilometer square and 83,897 square miles.  The Island has a beautiful 50 hectare park which has a wealth of thousands of flowers and tropical trees which makes it the most attractive Island for nature lovers.

 9. Great Britain

Top 10 largest Islands in the world has ranked the Island Great Britain at number nine as it covers the area of 209,331 kilometer squares and 80,823 square miles.  Great Britain is also the 3rd most populated island in the world and the population is named as Brittany by the Romans. Great Britain is the largest of the British Isles, where England, Scotland and Wales are located.

10. Ellesmere Island

Ellesmere Island comes in the territory of Canada and belongs to the Island group Queen Elizabeth. It has an area of 196,236 kilometer square and 75,767 square miles and ranked 10th on the top 10 largest Islands in the world.  This is one of the least populated Islands with the population of 146 only. The beauty of the Island lies with glaciers and ice.

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