Top 10 Most Addictive Drugs in the World

Drugs come with varying degrees of addictiveness which can prove to be harmful. The risks associated with getting hooked to some “life- threatening” drugs is based on the dependency level.  Whether you are addicted or hooked just after first “drag”, it doesn’t create any difference! Here’s a list of Top 10 Most Addictive Drugs in the World validating their risk factor.

10 Most Addictive Drugs In The World


Heroin is listed as the “King” of all downers, so it is not surprising that it tops the list of Most Addictive Drugs in the World.  Heroin penetrates the brain in no time, results in the flow of intense “rush” experience. If consumed on a regular interval, the user cannot feel anything without the aid of the drug.

2. Crack Cocaine

Crack is the most potent form of all cocaine! A yellowish-white rock, it is often smoked and heated through a hand-pipe. Crack cocaine causes excess amount of “dopamine” giving a pleasurable feeling. It reaches to the brain faster than if it were snorted!

 3. Methadone

Consumption of Methadone is considered beneficial in a clinical setting as it is used to cure a morphine or heroin addiction. But people who use this “medication” can also become addicted. Its effects are similar to heroin. The withdrawal from methadone is extremely difficult and painful!

4. Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine is one of the Top 10 Most Addictive Drugs as it releases 10 times the normal level of dopamine. The excess of “artificial” norepinephrine subdues natural adrenaline production leading to chemical imbalance in the brain.

 5. Alcohol

Alcohol withdrawal comes under the worst of all drug withdrawals, so severe it could lead to death. It affects two main chemicals in the brain that cause the addiction – Dopamine and Endorphins. Dopamine gives out feelings of satisfaction and pleasure while endorphins act as a natural “painkiller”.

6. Nicotine

One should not underestimate the addictive potency of nicotine. Consumers who try to quit nicotine often relapse within a week.  Irrespective of its “legality”, nicotine has the ability to slower down the brain functioning.

7. Cocaine

Cocaine messes with the amount of dopamine in the brain and causes intense cravings. Cocaine in a powder form has a short high and rapid tolerance, making it to the top ten list.  Smoking crack or snorting, consuming powder cocaine also has massive withdrawal symptoms.

8. Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepines such as Xanax and Valium increase the effectiveness of the brain’s “nerve calming” agent. The body tries to compensate by lowering the sensitivity of receptor cells. As the body becomes habitual of the tolerance quitting gets harder.

9. Amphetamines

Apart from causing intense cravings, amphetamines offer an enthralling array of effects such as confidence, euphoria, energy confidence, weight loss, and feeling of self-accomplishments. All these qualities make its entry to Top 10 Most Addictive Drugs in The World.

10. GHB

The effects of GHB stay for a shorter duration of 2-4 hours, but withdrawal often lasts for 10-14 days. Quitting results in vicious withdrawal symptoms: insomnia, hallucinations, and high anxiety levels. Once consumers are hooked, addicts have to take the drug round-the-clock to avoid rapid withdrawal.

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