Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Flowers are symbolic representation of love and beauty. They are present in a wide variety of combinations of color, size, form, and anatomical arrangement. These days’ flowers perform a very essential part in our lifestyle to balance our cultural and social behavior. Flowers are readily available in the markets throughout the year as these are used to boost your love and happiness. They are used as gifts, appreciation, events and compliment. Not only this, flowers are also used in sad times of life i.e. grieving, when sorry or in memorials. In many countries flowers are vital elements of wedding and reception ceremonies. Allow us to present a list of the top 10 most beautiful flowers in the world. These may set off a sense of pleasure and alter your mood as flowers gives out feeling of peace and relaxation.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers

Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

10. Gazania

With Unique pattern and intense colours, Gazania is certainly one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Native to South Africa it prefers sunny position and appears in early summers. ‘Sunburst’, ‘Sunglow’ and ‘Sunrise Yellow’ are some of its amazing varieties.

9. Cherry blossoms

Pure white spattered with unique pale pink shade makes Cherry blossoms a delighted visual gift on this earth. Since ages they have been true poetic inspiration and undoubtedly famed to be most cherished flower in Japan.

8. Plumeria

Colour, beauty and fragrance perfectly define Plumeria flowers. This five petal flower is extremely wonderful to look at and can be easily cultivated with sun and very little water. The surprising feature about this splendid flower is that it has no nectar.

7. The Water Lily

Beautiful water lily has always been used as love symbols by artists all around the world. Its beauty and magnificence has made it a visual treat for many photographers. The water lily signifies calm and serene sensation no matter wherever you are.

6. The Peony

Large and exceptionally beautiful peony flowers enhance the beauty of gardens as well as outdoor arrangements. It is prized as traditional floral symbol of China and Paeonia anomala, Paeonia bakeri are some of its species.

5. The Hyacinth

The splendid Hyacinth ranks 5th in the list of most beautiful flowers on this planet. Sensitive in nature these can be found all round the year in beautiful shades of red, blue, orange and yellow to list a few.

4. The Calla Lily

The elegant calla lily is mainly a European flower and adds a splendid attraction to outdoor surroundings and gardens. Owing to its beauty it is famed as holy flower of Greece it is popularly called as “Kallos” by the Greeks.

3. Orchids

Since centuries Orchids have been an eternal symbol of nature’s beauty. They have wide range of species along with commendable structural variations in their appearance. Orchids have also been source of herbal remedies in many parts of the world since 2800 BC.

2. The Rose

Rose has always been symbol of love, beauty, passion and main attraction of every event across the globe. Its beauty and fragrance has made it the most popular flowers in the world. There are over 100 species of rose tinged in striking variety of colours glorifying our every occasion be it small or big.

1. The Bird of Paradise

Native to South Africa, The Bird of Paradise tops the list of most beautiful flowers in the world. This amazing colourful flower has a pretty good height and beautifully depicts the shape of a vibrant bird on a flight. Also known as crane flower, The Bird of Paradise is surely most beautiful exotic flower in this universe.

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