Top 10 Rarest Flowers in the World

Through flowers nature expresses beauty at her best and during spring they mesmerizes the whole universe. In this list we will take a look at some amazing flowers which sadly may not have a much longer life time. These are the rare, endangered and in some cases extinct in the wild flowers. The reason most of these carry the title of rare, is because humans do not have the ability to work in perfect harmony with nature. Quickly scroll through the chart of top 10 rarest flowers in the world to have a glimpse of the names that are considered as the rarest flowers in the world.

List of 10 Rarest Flowers in the World

1. The Corpse Flower

2. Youtan Poluo

3. Yellow and Purple Lady Slipper

4. Ghost Orchid

5. Kadupul Flower

6. Koki’o

7. Chocolate Cosmo

8. Parrot’s Beak

9. The Jade Vine

10. Campion

Top Ten Rarest Flowers in the World

Get down the list of top ten rarest flowers in the world to know more about the rarest flowers in the world.

1. The Corpse

No.1 Rarest Flower in the World - The Corpse Flower

Amorphophallus titanium as the scientific name, the Corpse Flower is unique to Western Sumatra, where it grows in openings in rain-forests on limestone hills. This rare and striking plant can reach over 3 metres in height and has a reminiscent smell of a decomposing mammal when it blooms. A specific vine called the Tetrastigma vine is responsible for its nourishment and support since it is bodiless, stemless, leafless and rootless. The flower takes months to bud and after blooming remains hardly for a week before drying.

2. Youtan Poluo

No.2 Rarest Flower in the World - Youtan Poluo

Youtan Poluo is a flower which does not have any scientific name and if botanical experts are to be believed it blooms only once in 3000 years. It was discovered by a Chinese farmer named Mr. Ding when the plant was found growing in his steel pipes. The mysterious plant is made out of 28 pieces of minuscule, white sweet-smelling flowers measuring a mere 1 mm  According to Indian myth, it is believed to blossom only when the Sage King of the future visits the present world.

3. Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers

No.3 Rarest Flower in the World - Yellow Lady Slippers

Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers is restricted to the north-east region of United States and is also known by the botanical name, Cypripedioideae. The plant is characterized by the slipper-shaped pouches of the flower with which it traps insects. In United State the flower is known as the moccasin flower since it resembles a moccasin. The species is very difficult to grow that is believed that even Charles Darwin failed at cultivating the plant, thus it has a place among the top 10 rarest flowers in the world.

4. Ghost Orchid

No. 4 Rarest Flowers in the World - Ghost Orchid

Dendrophylax lindenii, Epipogium aphyllum or the Ghost Orchid is a perennial epiphyte from the orchid family. This orchid is leafless and consists of large masses of photosynthetic roots, anchored as a network on trees. The flower blossoms between June and August, with one to ten fragrant white flowers that open one at a time. This rare and fascinating plant was presumed to be extinct for almost 20 years and only recently materialized again. It is basically impossible to propagate and needs a specific fungus in close contact with its root system to feed on. The Ghost orchid can live underground for years, without showing any external signs and will only bloom when all conditions are optimum.

5. Kadupul

No.5 Rarest Flower in the World - Kadupul

Kadupul Flower is easily cultivated, but is rare for the sole reason that it blooms so rarely and is found Sri Lanka, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela etc. in the wild and has spiritual significance to Buddhists. This particular plant has a exceptional characteristic of blooming only at night and withers before dawn. Epiphyllum oxypetalum as its technical name it is also famous as Dutchman’s pipe, Kardable, Night Queen Nishagandhi or Gul-e-Bakawali. The plant produces delicate, white flowers with an oddly scent.

6. Koki’o

No.6 Rarest Flower in the World - Koki o

Discovered in 1860, Koki’o is an extremely rare flower, endemic to Hawaii. It is a small tree which grows to about 10-11 meters high and only 23 such plants are found across Hawaii. The striking feature of Koki’o is that each tree produces 100 red flowers once a year.

7. Chocolate Cosmo

No.7 Rarest Flower in the World - Chocolate Cosmo

Native to Mexico, Chocolate Cosmo is a species of Cosmo and was introduced into cultivation in 1902. The herbaceous perennial plant grows up to a height of 40-60 cm with fleshy tuberous root and 7-15 cm long, pinnate leaves. The dark red-brown flower bearing plant is not self fertile and needs to be propagated through division of the tubers. As the name suggests, Chocolate Cosmos emit a delicious vanillin fragrance in the summer.

8. Parrot’s Beak

No.8 Rarest Flower in the World - Parrots Beak

The eighth position in the list of top ten rarest flowers in the world has been given to Parrot’s Beak for the plant is either extinct in the wild or persists as a few individuals. Parrot’s Beak has a creeping habit with leaves divided into 3-5 slender leaflets and densely covered with fine silvery hair. This particular flower is orange-red to red in colour which are peaflower shaped and 2-4 cm long and 5-8 mm broad.

9. The Jade Vine

No.9 Rarest Flower in the World - The Jade Vine

Jade Vine, technically known as Strongylodon macrobotrys is a origin of the tropical forests of the Philippines and belongs to the species of leguminous Perennial woody vine. With stems that can reach up to 18 m in length it is closely related to beans such as kidney beans or runner beans. It is claw shaped and grows beside steams in damp forests or in ravines. The flower is pollinated by bats which will hang upside down to drink the nectar.  These rare flowers are now hardly seen in the wild and are believed to be threatened by the deforestation of their natural habitat in the Philippines.

10. Campion

No.1 Rarest Flower in the World - Campion

Silene tomentosa or Campion is a very rare flowering plant of the genus Silene and the family Caryophyllaceae. It is a woody-based perennial about 40cm high, with bi-lobed flowers ranging from pink to pale violet and is endemic to Gibraltar. In 1992 it was thought to be extinct but in 1994, a single specimen was discovered by a climber hiking on the high cliffs of Gibraltar and was grafted at the Millennium Seed Bank and specimens are now grown at the Almeda Gibraltar Botanic Gardens, as well as at the Royal Botanic Gardens in London.

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