Top 10 Real Life Ghost Stories

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Ghosts are omnipresent, they can pass the opaque objects, they can follow you, you cannot hurt them, they are invincible, YOU JUST CAN’T ESCAPE! This world is full of such scary true ghost stories and myths. They might be wandering in your home, or on stairs or in your back yard. They might be looking at you this very moment from that door or that window, or might have entered the body of the person sitting next to you. But here arises a question, can you see them, can you sense their presence? It’s said that the older the ghost is the scarier he appears, the violent his end was the violently he will behave with you. Strange shadows, noises, screams, sudden appearances and weird feeling of someone touching you, are signs that ghosts are around!

Are you looking for some real life ghost stories then following stories will scare you and will give you sleepless nights for days.


Top 10 Real Life Ghost Stories


1. Haunted Connecticut

Haunted Connecticut

The story dates back in 1986, when Allen & Carmen Snedekar with their four kids moved to their new home in Southington, Connecticut. The family later found out that their house has been built on a funeral ground. The strange and unusual things started happening from then on-wards. Their eldest son noticed shadows of men and frightening visions in their home. He started living in isolation, turned violent and strange. His mental health was deteriorating with every passing day. Snedeker family encountered more supernatural happenings like water turning blood red, smell of rotting flesh and presence of spirits. Their sweet home turned into a scary home, which forced them to contact demonologist.


2. Myrtles plantation

Myrtles plantation

Not 1, not 2, 12 persons lives came to an end, but their graves are still alive, their spirits still mourn, still wander to seek revenge! That’s the reason it has made to the top ten ghost sightings list. Many unnatural activities have been recorded and experienced here at myrtles plantation. People claim that cruel ends, unfulfilled desires, and unsatisfied souls turn into ghosts These souls haunt places of their tragic end, and we are left with two options either explain them or experience them. As per the myths it’s the ghost of a servant named Chloe who was hanged, other stories claim that the house was built on an Indian burial ground, but the mystery is yet to unfold.


3. Annabelle


No horror list would be complete without Annabelle, the doll. If you haven’t heard this 1970 story then you have missed something very scary and spooky. Doll was gifted to Donna by her mother. Donna lived with her friend in an apartment peacefully. But till the time that doll was peaceful. Annabelle started moving on her own, changed her positions and got weirder. There were papers with messages ‘help us’ and many more mysterious activities took place. After a few investigations they found out that a girl with the same name, passed away in the house and it’s her spirit, her cries that surrounds the house. It’s said that exorcists trapped her inside a box, which is located in Warren’s occult museum, Monroe, Connecticut.


4. Amityville


6 brutal killings with many ghost stories that are real, are characteristics of a house in Amityville. It is said that in 1974 there lived Ronal Defeo’s family, their youngest son took away life of all the members. The house was ceased for 13 months, when a family came to turn the home into their paradise with hopes of bright future and cheerful living. It was Lutz family whose dreams shattered in 28 days of darkness. Their daughter started playing with an imaginary friend, there were stains all round the house, George Lutz would suddenly wake up at night, and his wife would feel strange touches. Demonic appearances and unusual activities took away the life out of their lives. 112 Ocean Avenue, this Dutch colonial house of Long Island, New York has now become synonymous of fear.


5. Belmez faces house

Belmez faces house

Studied, documented and photographed several times this Spanish house is haunted. There occur many paranormal activities which haven’t got any answers yet. Faces and images appear on the concrete floor, disappear and then reappear! Some conclude that it’s just thouhtographic phenomenon, while others claim that it happens due to some chemical reactions. Till now no scientific reason could be finalized. What so ever it might be, the home attracts many visitors from all around the world and carries an aura which is gloomy and cold.


6. Haunted House

Haunted House

Norman and Jennifer Rice bought a 19th century built Victorian house to start their beautiful life together, which later turned a nightmare. The couple hired many contractors to renovate their house, but the renovation could never complete. Those who agreed to work were injured or harmed in accidents. Many bluntly refused to work, because of the rumors. Jennifer was left alone to complete it. She, her husband and their son noticed many strange events and presence of unseen force in their home and basement. It was rumored that a pregnant lady’s husband brutally ended her life in the basement. One day Jennifer met the great niece of the banker who owned the house and she gave her a scrapbook to end the rumors.


7. Chaonei No. 81

Chaonei No. 81

Ghosts and fear emerges when nights turn darker, winds go quieter and you are alone, all alone! Chaonei No.81 is ominous, is spooky, is scary and gets alive in the dark. This mysterious 3 storied building was abandoned years ago. It has now become residence of ghosts and paranormal activities. This scary story revolves around a suicidal woman and her mysterious appearance and disappearance. The woman was believed to be the wife or mistress of an officer. Many people have reported noises from the building and inexplicable activities. To believe this you got to visit the building, will you?


8. Bell witch

Bell witch

The story is set in 18th century with the Bell family in Adams, Tennessee. John Bell’s family was claimed to be haunted by a witch named Kate Batts. It is assumed that John cheated on her in a land deal and she cursed his family. Curses frighten, destroy and that’s what exactly happened with John’s family. His family was frightened till their last breath and was destroyed. They sensed strange sounds, being pinched, pulled or pushed, objects used to float in the air, all this give them experience of hell on earth. The story traveled through the time and became reality. No one knows whether this documented ghost story is an imagination, half truth or half lie!


9. Guard of Egyptian Mummy

Guard of Egyptian Mummy

Long back in 1997 there lived a 14 yr old boy Caleb Weaver. He went to a field trip to a science museum organized by his school. There he was threatened by a spirit who was guarding a mummy. He left the place and moved to Maryland, worked as a security guard. In 2013 when he returned home, the creatures spirit returned and influenced him to an extent that Caleb’s wife and friend were sure that he is not the real Caleb. They then contacted an exorcist to perform exorcism on him and free him. The exorcism was a success, but Caleb still feels scared and could sense an enigma around him reminding him of Egyptian mummy.


10. Soldiers Ghost

Soldiers Ghost

Suddenly radio announcements used to start in the quiet room, warning about the ambush, ghostly appearances at the window and fear would besiege the house. The home belonged to a single mother named Lisa Wilson. The spooky adventures started when she came across a photograph of soldier in her house. It was Michael her ex boyfriend’s brother who lost his life in the Vietnam War. She gradually falls in love with that man, whom she never met. Later she realized that Michael’s spirit stays in the house. Lisa then contacted a demonizer to give peace to his soul in order to get rid of those scary and unusual activities.

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