Top 10 Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, are you finding it tricky to choose the perfect gift to leave a lasting impression on your valentine? If so, then you are at the right place. Our list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas mention all the unique gifts that will help you to break from the traditional candy and flowers. It is a day to express your love for your partner and let him/her know what you feel about him/her. Thus it demands doing something extraordinary to impress your partner. Quickly scroll further down the list of Top 10 Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day to make the ideal gift plan for your sweetheart.

Top Ten Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Strengthen your relation this Valentine’s Day by gifting something unique yet adorable from the list of Top Ten Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day.

1.Gourmet Basket Gift Tower

 Gourmet Basket Gift Tower - Top Ten Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Take your love to the land of chocolates!  Surprise your valentine date with this Gourmet Basket Gift Tower. This unique combination of aroma, texture and taste – makes it the most pleasurable experience that fuels the emotional ‘feel-good’ factor. These gift towers include differently packed and beautifully arranged, assorted taffy, crispy wafer rolls, salted pistachios, butter toffee candy, heavenly peanut crunch and more!

2. Romantic Candle Light Dinner

Candle Light Dinner - No.2 Romantic Gift for Valentine Day

Candle Light Dinner with a Glass of Wine or a Pint Beer or Cocktail is one of the zealous ways of luring your lover’s heart. If you are planning to spend time with each other all through the evening, choose calm destinations that can offer enough scope for you to spend quality time with your loved one. Or if you are a good cook you can also arrange a surprise dinner at home and make him/her taste his/her favourite dish.

3. Weekend Adventurous Getaway

Weekend Gateway - No.3 Romantic Gift for Valentine Day

Let you love fly to the heights and dive into the oceans of adventure and thrill.  Theses romantic Valentine’s Day gift idea is a weekend or a adventurous getaway where both of you can jump into a car and drive to a romantic place to spend quality time away from the hassle and basal of city life. You can also go for some activities that include affordable schooner sailing, walking tours, sunset cruises or cooking classes, hot air balloon rides, kayaking and rafting tours, and many others. Despite proving an awesome Valentine’s Day gift, the trip will also allow to rejuvenate your chemistry all over again. Cuddle in one another’s arm and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the surrounding.

4. Day at a Spa for Two

Day at a Spa for Two - No.4 Romantic Gift for Valentine Day

Take a day leave from office or work and indulge in a little relaxation and pamper yourself and your beloved, this Valentine’s Day. During this time of the year various spa parlours offer special couple packages. Get one of the packages for both of you to enjoy a massage, pedicure or an aromatic facial. Also exclusive treatments are available for pregnant women, new moms, couples and men that sums up to be a good choice for anyone who is looking out for extraordinary Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

5. Personalized Gifts

Personlised Gifts - No.5 Romantic Gift for Valentine Day

Express those feeling of love to your true beloved with some creative personalized gifts and impress your sweetheart with a remarkable Valentine’s Day idea. It can include anything from a personalized diamond ring, pendent, scrap book, mug, T-Shirt, handcrafted fine jewelry, or a bracelet. Choose anything and modify it with the names both of you address each other or a photo of both of you and treat your heart throb with that extra affection which he/she deserves.

6Heart Shaped Trinket Box

Heart Shaped Trinket Box - Top 10 Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Since women are lovers of jewellery, presenting a heart shaped trinket box with a lovely quotation on it can be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. She can not only use it to box in all of her valuable jewels but will also symbolise the beauty of your relationship. Moreover the note on the box will assure her of her importance in your life.

7. Homemade Love Card

 Homemade Love Card - Top Ten Romantic Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Value of the gift gets fuelled once you put to it your own efforts and time to make it more personalised. This Top Romantic Gift for Valentine’s Day are oh, so easy to make, showing that anyone can wow their treasured ones with a homemade Valentine’s Day card. Just a few colourful paper and accessories that is easily available at your place, some add-ons, and patterned handmade papers that are used creatively to make homemade valentine day love cards. Various ideas are available once you browse and they are the beautiful way to say “I love you.”

8. The Latest Smart Phone

Smartphones - No.8 Romantic Gift for Valentine Day

If your partner is planning of purchasing the latest smart phone, then why not surprise him/her gifting it on this Valentine’s Day? It will remain of his/her best gift with an impression of your warmth and care. Every time he/she will use it will remind him/her of your love. What can be more perfect than this to keep your romance alive!!!

9. Photo Frame/ Collage

Photo Frame - No.9 Romantic Gift for Valentine Day

Before the final day arrives, collect all the cute photos that speak great about your relation and arrange it into a collage. Else you can also photo frame both of yours favorite picture. This pretty picture frame will make a great gift for your valentine and will last a lot longer than a box of chocolates. You can also tag a sweet love message on it to be cherished forever.

10. Aromatic Fragrance for Your Beloved

Beloved Favorite Perfume - No.10 Romantic Gift for Valentine Day

Gifting your beloved’s favourite perfume can make a great Valentine’s Day gift as there are wide ranges of colognes with deep passionate fragrance to create the right mood. Since the link between seduction and smell is as old as civilization itself why not go for this choice this Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Plantastic

    Here is a fun gift. Search TickleMe Plant to grow a real house plant that closes its leaves and even lowers its branches when you Tickle It or blow it a KISS!.
    So..why not plant a TickleMe Plant for Valentine’s Day


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