Top 10 Rules about Wearing a Suit

How to Look Good In a Suit for Men? Being a male, you are not left with many wardrobe choices, and have to make the best out of limited options and fashion statements. A well-groomed and styled outlook is something we are always acquainted with, but merely displaying a suit isn’t enough. This is where the whole hard work starts! Looking out for Latest Trends in Suits will give you a diverse and versatile peek into the world of men’s fashion and clothing with Best Suits for Men. Striking the first impression is not an easy thing, and requires just the right amount of mind, imagination and knowledge while donning a suit, blazer or three-piece attire.

Improper and ill-fitted suits might hamper your reputation within the social as well as professional grounds. The worst, it may diminish the chance to pull it off with the girl you are obsessing on for over days or weeks. So, following are some of the track points to keep in mind while pulling off the dapper look with such charisma and bravura. These are the basic A-B-Cs of the art of wearing a well-groomed suit.


Top 10 Rules to Look Good in a Suit


1. Open up the Last Button

Open up the last button

One of the Rules for Suits would be to open up the last button. Remember that the last button is for making a style statement, and must be remain unbuttoned while donning a smart piece of clothing. This gives a rather cool look and makes a powerful impression on the seekers while extracting your powerful and handsome personality. This comes out as one of the elegant Rules for Suit Buttons.


2. Unfasten Your Suit Buttons while Sitting. No Exceptions!

Unfasten your suit buttons

Unless you want to spoil your suit, of course! While sitting down, open up your coat/suit/blazer’s buttons, as it will make you feel comfortable, will allow an easy access to reach out and will not ruin your clothing in any manner. There are Three Button Suit Rules, according to many man-themed magazines and style gurus, which tell how you carry a three-buttoned suit piece, buttoning which one. Mostly, middle one is preferred, as it gives away a detectable charm and an over-powering personality.


3. Button up the Top Shirt Button

Button up the Top Shirt Button

Make sure you are not clogging yourself out while buttoning your top shirt button. Open top button gives you a trashy and messy look, and highlight your lazy and uncertain nature in every way. A buttoned shirt with a neat, crisp tie gives you a rather smart look and proposes a smart outlook.


4. A Light-coloured Pocket Square will go with the Dark Coloured Suits

Pocket Square

Pocket squares accessorize your whole look in one go. They act as an additional ornament adorned by the men in contrast with their suit tint. If you are wearing a dark coloured suit, then try for a light or contrasting colour pocket square decorating your whole look to a new level. They are labelled as the latest trends while flaunting your look in a three piece suit. This comes out as one of the 3 Piece Suit Rules.


5. Sports-watch and Suits never go hand-in-hand

Sports-watch and suits

Have you ever heard or seen a person donning a full-fledged suit while flaunting a Nike sports watch? Well that would be against one of the Men’s Suit Rules. Sports watch with a three-piece or crisp suit is a total shame of a good clothing etiquette. A sports watch with a suit never gives a good vibe, and highlights your inability to fashion up vividly.


6. The Shoulders should be a Perfect Fit

Shoulders should be a Perfect Fit

A saggy-tailored suit is never accepted as a good personality trait, and doesn’t portray a strong style quotient. Imagine walking inside a party with the worst attire, baggy coat overpowering your whole body and giving the worst fit! You don’t want people chatting up and laughing over your dress-up, now do you?


7. An Overcoat Accentuates the Corporate Look

Overcoat Suit

If you have to make your presence notable within a room full of enthusiastic and well-maintained corporates, make a vivacious entry by donning an overcoat matching your suit style. All eyes will be smitten by your presence and people will make an outstanding perception about your stance and persona warming up the room instantly. An overcoat completes a full-length corporate look and gives away a breath of fresh air amongst the old-quoted styles.


8. No going over the Fence with Accessories

Suit with Accessories

Please. Don’t do it! Over-accessorizing your clothing material may put you in a funnier light, unless you have a brain amongst all that smartness and style. Don’t add multi-coloured pocket square, or bling-y cuff-links, or a gold-plated chain, mind-kicking and diamond studded rings, shiny bands, crazy belts or anything like that- ALL TOGETHER! You will be the laughing stock of the society- FOR A LONG, LONG TIME! (It will make you look crazy, hah!)


9. Well-polished and Tinted Shoes Complement the Colour

Well-polished Shoes

Well-groomed shoes really go well with a well-fitted suit with contrasting yet complementary colour combination. A person with no regard to his external looks and hygiene is not accepted well amongst the socialites. How can someone just punch their way inside a party wearing a three-piece suit with dusty and dirt-marked shoes and flaunting himself!?


10. The Length of the Suit Jacket should cover the Zipper of your Trousers

Lenth of Suit

Well, this one’s necessary! The length of the coat or suit jacket should cover up the zipper, as it cleanses your look in a much better way. A well-fitted suit of perfect length, colour and fitting is all a man would ever want to wear. If you have a penchant for these trendy, modern outfits, hop into one of the best showrooms and discover a whole new world.

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