Top 10 Strangest Laws in the World

It might sound unnerving but there are Top 10 Strangest Laws in the World, which are very much prevalent in day today life. Many of us might not even be aware of these existing Weird World Laws, which might get you arrested for not following it. It’s amazing to see how authorities legalise some of the Strangest Laws around the World. Go through the List of Weird Laws before you commit any one of them, intentionally or unintentionally. Get a grab guys and girls we present to you a List of Strange Laws, which have the ability to sway you off your feet.


Top Ten Strangest Laws in the World

Read through this amazing list of Top 10 Weirdest Laws in the World, which will help you stay away from committing any silly mistakes.


1. “No Arrest for Women Wearing a Trouser”

No Arrest for Women Wearing a Trouser

It has been ages since when women of Paris have not worn their trousers, as wearing it might get them arrested. This law existed in the fashion capital of France since 1800’s when it got noted in the “Official Journal of the French Senate”. This law was enforced by the revolutionaries of France, who desired to avert women from imitating men clothing. With time this Law faced lot of revisions and changes, but very recently this ban was lifted from the women of Paris. Now they are free to wear trousers without the fear of getting arrested by the Police. The peculiarity and distinctiveness of this act makes it top our list of Strange World Laws.


2. “I Arrest Chew”

I Arrest Chew

Yes it is true chewing a gum in Singapore can get you arrested with a huge amount of penalty to pay with it. Import, export or chomping a gum can get your behind the bars in the Republic of Singapore. This law dates back its foundation in the year 1992, when the problems related to people sticking gums in public places became a menace. A complete closure was seen in the import and export of the gums in Singapore. People of Singapore have to get a prescription form their doctors to buy a chewing gum. Any person allegedly found buying or selling a gum in Singapore, he or she can be severely punished under this law.


3. “Fat Fighters “

Fat Fighters

Doesn’t measuring the waists of half the population of a country sound weird, it is very much true for the people of Japan. To keep its population slim and trim the legal authorities of Japan have enforced this law on its masses. Under this act the waistline of a male should measure 33.5 inches and a woman’s waistline should measure 35.5inches. Everyone above the age of 40 years is legally bound to get their waits measured like a routine check. This law is initiated to keep the people of the country away from the health risks and cut down on the overweight citizens. The authorities have advised its masses to strictly follow this law as to avoid any legal risks.


4. “Toilet Flushing”

Toilet Flushing

Renting an apartment in Switzerland might bind you in some very unusual and strange rules. Rental laws are not precise in Swiss, it gives an authority to the owners to levy any ban on tenants. Yes you heard it right; no person is allowed to take shower or flush after 10 PM. Higher authorities in Switzerland legally mark such activities as an anti-social obligation against law. It is said that, such activities create noise pollution and disturb others living in an apartment. Because of its strange and very unusual qualities this law gained the fourth place in the Weird Laws List.


5. “Statute Forbidding Bearing of Armour”

Statute Forbidding Bearing of Armour

Since 1313 “Statute Forbidding Bearing of Armour” law is very much prevalent among many righteous laws of England. Under this age old act one cannot wear an armour suit while attending a parliament session, treaties or any other assemblies in England, UK. To subdue the discreet and forceful suppression of Armour over the parliament, this law was enforced over people attending the house. It enacted as a fair law to bring together the old trajectory of “House of Commons” and the “House of Lords”. The law is very much abided by the very well dressed people now attending the various assemblies in parliament.


6. “No Bear Wrestling”

No Bear Wrestling

Alabama is the country located at the south eastern region of United States that has a very prevalent law named “No Bear Wrestling”. Yes you heard it correctly it is a law which was enforced for putting a ban on the cruelty over the animal. Many states levy rules for restricting the brutality over the endangered animals, but Alabama has a whole code of conduct dedicated to bears. Under this regulation training a bear to fight or paying for a bear all are summoned as illegal activities. If a person is caught with a bear by higher authorities, he or she can be punished under the jurisdiction of law.


7. “Keep a check on your Gas on the Autobahn”

Keep a check on your Gas on the Autobahn

Autobahn is one of the most illustrious and distinguished federal controlled highway systems in Germany. The blaring sounds of cars running all around the edge of Autobahn highway is what everyone might be picturing right now. Hold your breaths, while driving on this highway you will have to keep a close check on your gas meters, as it cannot be a good reason to use the emergency lane. Though it sounds irrational but it is a legal law abided by the higher authorities on the people.


8. “Illegal to Take Last Breath in Sarpourenx”

Illegal to Take Last Breath in Sarpourenx

Out of all laws prevalent in France “Illegal to Take Last Breath” is one of the most weird and strangest laws in the world. It sounds bizarre, but it is very much true and followed at a small village of France in Sarpourenx. One has to own their own plot in the local cemetery before they release their mortal lives, or they will be punished severely. This is not the only place which binds people with their eternity, Longyearbyen is also a place where people have to arrange ever thing beforehand.


9. “Catch-22 Customs”

Catch-22 Customs

Everyone enjoys their rides on an airplane, but have you ever confronted the person or officer at the customs. You might not be guilty or accused, but it’s their duty to check every person they suspect could be a wrong. They might be harsh on you and can give you hard time while frisking you, don’t bother to take him to a court. Under the British laws you cannot drag a customs officer to the court without a prior one month notice. You might get stuck with the long and everlasting process that will carry on.


10. “The Indelicate delicacy”

The Indelicate delicacy

Do you know about the fruit named Durian, regarded as the ruler or the king among many species of fruits? It is a delicacy that is liked by the people of Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, that can be pictured as a combination of porcupine and pineapple. Yes a law exists in the world that prohibits the consumption of this fruit in bus, subways or any public place. It has a very pungent smell that can be compared to pig-droppings, turpentine and onions.

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