Top 10 Super Power You Wish You Could Have

Top 10 Super Power You Wish You Could Have

How fascinating it would be if we had some super powers! Be it the cool attitude of DeadPool or the immortality of Captain America; we all fancy having the life they had. There are so many superheroes we wish existed in real life like Superman, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Flash, Wolverine and even the incredible Jack-Jack. Admit it you always wish could have their powers. Here are some powers we all wish we could have.

1. Mimicry


Just imagine if you could absorb the powers from others and perform like them. The power mimicry can enable you to be as awesome as anyone you are fond of like a fantastic writer or director any scientist.

2. Immortality


Dying is what we fear the most, what if you lived forever like Captain America. Won’t it be an amazing thing to neither getting tired nor hurt? Yes, it is and we all wish to have this power.

3. Night vision

Night vision

Being able to see at night without any light is something we all dream about. Night vision is a superpower we all wish we had.

4. Invisibility


What if you had an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter, mesmerizing isn’t it? We are all somewhere envious and in love with the Harry Potter world at the same time. The invisibility power is could have given us major mischief goals today.

5. Superhuman Strength and Speed

Superhuman Strength and Speed

The Hulk and Superman are the heroes with super strength. Somewhere we all wish to have their powers for daily life. Imagine if you could lift a truck, jump over a mountain or run faster than the current.

6. Flying


Flying is the most wished superpower, Superman can fly and so can Ironman. If we could fly we were able to have the bird’s eye view of everything on this earth.

7. Healing powers

Healing powers

If the human had the healing superpower, we’d have less number of people who die in accidents. If even one good person could have this super power we would be able to help many unfortunate souls suffering.

8. Telepathy


Being able to connect with another mind is something we all fancy. We wish being able to hear anything people talking behind our back. I guess if this happened rarely anybody in this world would have any social life.

9. Atmokinesis


It’s like we’d always have a remote to control the weather. I would choose to snow or rain and less of sunny days if I had the power of Atmokinesis. If we had this power may be a lot of hazardous incidents could’ve stopped.

10. Intangibility and Time Travel

Intangibility and Time Travel

Intangibility is the ability to pass through even the hardest substance on the earth. If I had the power of intangibility I wouldn’t even need to enter the wall of platform number 9¾. We often wish to travel into our past and future. Having this super power could take us to our cherishing moments from past.

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