Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Time has changed. No longer is it just the man’s job to shower his love interest with affection. A bit of civility from the girl’s side will promise a smile on his face, especially so if the occasion is something as special as Valentine’s Day. Even your man needs to be pampered and made to feel wanted. Like women even men has their special interest and are amused by expressive and worthy gifts that can be utilized in day to day work. So the list of top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts for men will guide you in presenting the most exciting gift.

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Here is the list of Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gift for Men to ensure that you gift your partner something to cherish about throughout the years.

1. Sports/Concert Ticket

Sport Ticket - No.1 Valentine Day Gift for Men

A sports/concert ticket can be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your men if he is crazy about music or sports. You can book tickets for both of you, to a football game or a basketball game of his favorite team. Otherwise you can also arrange the best seats of the music concert he loves. Nothing can be better than this to show how much you can about his interests and passion. But be sure to schedule his plans in advance and buy the passes few weeks out.

2. Personal Care Products

Personal Care Products - No.2 Valentine Day Gift for Men

For a change even men love to get pampered and with various personal care products for men out in market, this has become an easy task. Make him feel special and wanted by gifting anything from shaving kit, anti wrinkle lotion, toenail clipper, fresh breath tester to hair dry. If your man is too sensitive, you can also go for the range of natural products prepared out of organic herbs.

3. Something Engraved

Something Engraved - Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

You can plan out to engrave both of yours initials or a sweet line meaning your love for him on anything such as on a piece of wood or a wrist band and present it on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This symbol of permanence is not only heart melting but will also keep reminding him of you during the years to come

4. Video Game Accessories

Video Game Accessories - Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Many of us might not think of gifting any gaming accessories to your boyfriend but it is a fact that many guys have romantic relation with their video game kit. So why not present him a new gaming chair, new controllers, gaming keyboard, webcam for PS3 and PS4, a better gaming headset or other gaming accessories draw him closer to your heart, this Valentine’s Day. With the renovation of technology video games are something which will never go out of fashion.

5. Cook for Him

cook for Him - No.5 Valentine Day Gift for Men

If we go by the traditional saying that the way to a man’s heart is through food, on an occasion like Valentine’s Day, nothing can be more passionate and exciting than preparing his most relished dish. When he returns home, surprise him by creating a classy ambiance with aromatic candles lit up across the dining hall. A romantic dinner can give him the best of memories to cling on to besides rekindling the chemistry between you two.

6. Cologne

Cologne - No.6 Valentine Day Gift for Men

Men love to smell good and strong at all times and a perfume is one of their bare essentials. So why don’t you pack a gift basket with various types of colognes and perfumes to express your love for him in an exclusive style? With well-known fragrances such as Giorgio Beverly Hills, Chanel, Yves Saint-Laurent, Rochas or Nina Ricci, you can create the most wonderful perfume gift basket ever to lure your partner’s heart. This can be fun and may introduce him to one that he may want to wear more often.

7. MP3 Players

MP3 Players - No.7 Valentine Day Gift for Men

A mix of romantic tunes can convey more sentiments than a general gift or card. Include all the songs that your lover loves and the ones which speak best about the various phases of your relation and gift him the MP3 player to shower your affection and care for him. Your Valentine can enjoy this gift of yours on route to or at work; plus, it will be a daily remind him of you and your tender love.

8. Cufflinks

Cufflinks - Top Ten Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

If your love of life requires attending formal meetings quite frequently, gifting him a pair of cufflinks can be the best option to celebrate your Valentine’s Day. With contemporary fashion on a roll, now-a-days cufflinks are available in great style and design. If he has surprised you with baubles in the past then this can be the perfect item for him. So let your well dressed man look more perfect with your piece of jewellery.

9. Watch

Watch - No.9 Valentine Day Gift for Men

A trendy smart and sporty watch is an accessory well appreciated by men, as men are interested in outdoor activities and more over he will carry a piece of you where ever he goes. According to your plans get a piece from any of the brands – Seiko, Fossil, Citizen, and Rolex keeping his fashion statement in mind. Watches also signify the love you feel for your man every second, every hour, every day and how you look forward to meeting with them soon.

10. GPS Device

GPS Device - No.10 Valentine Day Gift for Men

Most men would love to have a GPS device specifically if your man loves traveling, a GPS navigation system for his car would be perfect. These systems come with different abilities so try to get one which fits your budget and his needs. A bit different but a GPS device can be the trendiest gift you can offer your Valentine. This can also be the perfect excuse to start planning a romantic getaway that the two of you would love in the near future.

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