Best Psychologists in the World

Though the term psychology might sound as a simple subject of study, getting deeply involved with it can introduce one into the world of mystery. Thus there were few figures who have actually surfed deep into the field and came up with many significant and outstanding theories and philosophies. These popular psychologists are the ones who had shaped and enlightened the arena of psychology. Their inventions hold truth still date and are believed across the world. So glance through the record of best psychologist in the world to know the leading names.

Top Ten Best Psychologist in the World

Read further along the top ten best psychologists in the world to get updated with some interesting psychological facts and names.


1. Sigmund Freud

No.1 Top Psychologist in the World - Sigmund FreudQualified as a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Vienna way back in 1881, Sigmund Freud is probably one of the best psychologists in the world known till date. The Austrian neurologist was even popularly called as the founding father of psychoanalysis. The 2001 “Time Magazine” had addressed Freud as the most important thinkers of the last century for his wide range of contribution in the field of psychology, therapy and culture.


2. B.F. Skinner

No.2 Top Psychologist in the World - B.F. SkinnerA legend during his time, B.F. Skinner was one of 20th century’s most widely recognized psychologists known for gifting the society with the famous theory of behaviourism. This theory of his along with other vital therapy techniques is still in use by contemporary academia. The American psychologist, behaviourist, author, inventor and social philosopher is also credited for inventing the cumulative recorder and the principle of reinforcement. He breathed his last at the age of 86 on 18th August 1990.


3. Jean Piaget

No.3 Top Psychologist in the World - Jean PiagetJean Piaget’s name finds a prominent place among the popular psychologist from all nook and corner of the world as he was the one to formulate things on how kids develop their intellectual thinking. Developmental psychology, genetic epistemology, cognitive psychology and education are the other areas of his significant research. A Swiss by origin, Jean was also the Director of the International Bureau of Education as he laid much emphasis on child education.


4. William James

No.4 Top Psychologist in the World - William JamesBeing the first educator to propose a psychology course in the United States, William James had authored many high-ranking books on pragmatism, psychology, educational psychology, the psychology of religious experience and mysticism. During his tenure in the University of US, he not only influenced most of his students but his deep studies have given birth to a new world of psychology. Thus he is one among the top ten best psychologists in the world.


5. Carl Rogers

No.5 Top Psychologist in the World - Carl RogersCarl Rogers was another significant psychologist that America had produced during the last century. He is widely recognised as the father of client-centered therapy because of his major contribution in the history of psychology through his research on self actualization. He was also awarded with the “Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions” by the American Psychological Association in 1956. He is one of the leading founding figures of the Humanistic Approach to Psychology and Psychotherapy Research.


6. Erik Erikson

No.6 Top Psychologist in the World - Erik EriksonErik Erikson stated that humans develop in stages and concluded this in eight psychosocial stages which require a human to face throughout their life time. This analysis came to be known as the Theory of Personality.  He was born on June 15, 1902 in Frankfurt as Erik Salomonsen and taught at prestigious institutions such as Harvard and Yale. He is also popular for identifying the phrase identity crisis. Nick named as “Ego Psychologist” he was trained in psychoanalysis at the Vienna Psychoanalytic Institute and also studied the Montessori Method of education, which focused on child development.


7. Ivan Pavlov

No.7 Top Psychologist in the World - Ivan PavlovThough born in a small village in central Russia, Ivan Pavlov grew up only to become one among the top psychologist in the world. While he was conducting his research on dog’s digestive process, he became a household name and his experiments came under limelight. He committed his life in the formulation of a number of incredible discoveries and ideas that have been passed on through generations. In 1904, he even won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.


8. Carl Jung

No.8 Top Psychologist in the World - Carl JungFounder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung shaped some of the best known psychological concepts, including the archetype, the collective unconscious, the complex and synchronicity. Through his indisputable research he has imprinted his name as the best contemporary contributors to dream analysis and symbolization. Carl is best known for his Dream Analysis and Symbolization as he carefully recorded his dreams, fantasies and visions and drew, painted and sculpted them as well.


9. Abraham Maslow

No.9 Top Psychologist in the World - Abraham MaslowSince he is the creator of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Abraham Maslow’s name cannot be ignored as a part of the best psychologists in the world. He emphasised on the vitality of focusing on the positive qualities in people, as opposed to treating them as a “bag of symptoms”. This resulted in the foundation of Humanistic Psychology. Based on the profound human feelings of love, understanding, happiness or rapture; Abraham also conducted an extraordinary experience, known as the Peak experiences.


10. Albert Bandura

No.10 Top Psychologist in the World - Albert BanduraAlbert Bandura got fascinated with psychology as soon as he enrolled at the University of British Columbia and with the passage of time, became one of the most popular psychologists. Throughout six decades he contributed to various areas of the subject including social cognitive theory, therapy and personality psychology as well as to the transition between behaviourism and cognitive psychology. Accountable for the important 1961 Bobo doll experiment, Albert is also known as the originator of social learning theory and the theory of self-efficacy.

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