Top Recent Car Mishaps

We humans are a stubborn species; we do what we want to do no matter what anybody says. Which is why, despite the fact that there are countless rules meant to protect us when we travel, we ultimately do what we want to, and that, kids, is how you meet your end. Car accidents are as old as cars or maybe even older. I mean who’s to say the early man didn’t take his rad horse cart and collides it into a tree or another horse cart? Coming back to recent days, we have seen quite a few recent car mishaps. A lot of the people involved in these mishaps were lucky and left the scene unscathed, some left with injuries and some were sadly not so lucky. So here are some of the top 10 recent car accidents that shook the world.

Top Ten Recent Car Accidents

Take a look at some of the deadliest and probably most expensive car mishaps that happened recently. Take a look at our list of the top ten recent car mishaps .

1. Porsche Carrera GT, 30th November  2013

Paul walker accident - Top Ten Recent Car Accidents

This was the accident that shook the world and also the one to take away a talented soul from among our midst. Paul Walker and former racer Roger Rodas were the victims of this high speed mishaps in Los Angeles. The Fast and Furious star and the patron saint of the speed demons was on a drive with the former race car driver, Roger Rodas in a tweaked Porsche Carrera GT which collided into a tree due to possible malfunction and went up in flames. There were allegations stating that the two speedsters were drag racing but the allegations were crushed when the police stated that there were no witnesses pointing towards a second car.

2. 8 Ferrari, 1 Lamborghini and 1 Toyota Prius, 5th December 2011

Super car accident in japan - Top Ten Recent Car Accidents

This may not be the most recent of events but this post would be incomplete without mentioning what was probably the most expensive car mishap since the dark ages. The accident involved 8 Ferraris, a Lamborghini and a Toyota Prius in Japan. The damages alone in this accident were worth more than $3 million making it the most expensive car crash in the world. The whole incident can be basically summed up in a couple of sentences. The rich folks take out their supercars and the leading car tried to take over the Prius and lost control and ran into a guardrail and before you know it the rest of the convoy followed suit.

3.  Ferrari 458 Italia, 20th May 2010

Ferari 458 Italia, may 20 2010 - Top Ten Recent Car Accidents

What makes this mishap special? Well for starters this was the first recorded mishap of the Ferrari 458 Italia. The driver was totally at fault in this one when he rammed into the rear door of a dark red Volkswagen Bora. The driver was going at around 60-70 mph in a 30mph zone. When a bus suddenly appeared in the front, the driver veered left and rammed into the Volkswagen Bora.

4. Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, 16th February 2010

 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Feb 16 2010 - Top Ten Recent Car Accidents

This was probably one of the weirdest accidents to ever occur, the cars were not that badly damaged but what draws our attention are the people involved in the accident. The accident included a Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 which collided into a Ferrari F430. The Lamborghini was allegedly being driven by a convicted felon who was sentenced to 72 years in prison but later granted political amnesty. Sounds something out of a James Bond movie doesn’t it.

5. Tesla Roadster, 9th Feb 2010

Tesla Roadster Feb 9 2010 - Top Ten Recent Car Accidents

Not long after their launch, the Tesla Roadsters were collided all around town. The problem was usually allocated to the lack of Engine noise. In February a Tesla roadster went in and dipped into a concrete divider and thanks to that the front end was pretty much totalled. However there have been no causalities and the safety features like Airbags seemed to be working absolutely fine.

6. Audi R8, 18th December 2009

Audi R8 December 18 2009 - Top Ten Recent Car Accidents

Here’s why you don’t fall asleep when you’re behind the wheel, you don’t know how long that sleep might end up or if it will ever end? In December 2009, an Audi R8 rammed into a guard rail which happened to pierce through the car when the driver of the vehicle apparently fell asleep behind the wheel in Athens, Greece. The driver escaped through the rear windshield and suffered severe injury to both his legs, but miraculously survived.

7. Pagani Zonda F, 7th December 2009

Pagani Zonda F December 7 2009 - Top Ten Recent Car Accidents

In December 2009, a pretty enthusiastic owner of a $1 million Pagani Zonda collided his prize. From what the reports said the driver was returning from a track event in Hong Kong but an out of controlled truck forced it into a packed street where the accident occurred. The individuals involved in the accident were unharmed.

8. Lamborghini Gallardo Italian police car, 30th November 2009

Lamborghini Galardo italian police car 30 Nov 2009 - Top Ten Recent Car Accidents

On November 2009 in Italy just after the unveiling of the special Lamborghini Gallardo police cars one of them was in a car wreck. While returning from a motor show, the car was intercepted by another vehicle coming out of a service station. The driver in the Lamborghini tried to avoid a collision but ended up swerving in to a bunch of parked cars.

9. Audi R8, BMW 6 Series, and a Range Rover, 19th November 2009

Audi R8 BMW Range Rover - Top Ten Recent Car Accidents

Here’s another one for the luxury cars. In another expensive car mishap, an Audi R8 got sandwiched between a BMW 6 series and a Range Rover. Well it might not be the most expensive car mishap, but it was still pretty expensive. The Audi R8 apparently rammed the rear of a range rover and was later rammed by a BMW 6 series in California.

10. Ferrari, 24th November 2009

November 24 2009 Ferari - Top Ten Recent Car Accidents

The only reason we’re mentioning this is basically because of the love the owner of this vehicle shad for his dearest Ferrari. When he finally did gather up the courage to take it out on the road (after applying a protective coating of blue adhesive to protect it from nicks and scratches of course) he ran in to a wall; literally.

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