Top Ten Nations with the Strongest Army

Top Ten Nations with the Strongest Army

To evaluate how strong a country is, one of the most vital criteria is its army. Everyone knows the country that carries this biggest stick with it is counted in the list of powerful nations. The strongest army brings up the most powerful nation. There are various ways to judge the power of an army, and with this blog, we are listing the top ten nations with the strongest army.

10. United Kingdom: 

United Kingdom

The HMS Queen Elizabeth, the newest aircraft carriers is the great pride of the UK army. It also has 900 aircraft and a large military of over 150000 people. The superior training and high-tech army equipment project the British army to a powerful status across the world.

9. Germany:


With 6000 armored vehicles, 180,000 active duty military and a whole of 700 high-tech aircraft, Germany is one of the nations with a powerful army. With the greatly dedicated troop, Germany is highly considered as the best defensive military.

8. Italy:


A well-trained active troop of around 250,000 people, plentiful helicopters, and highly performing aircraft carriers are making Italy the nation with a great army. Though there are some limitations with war equipment, Italy is still projecting one of the powerful forces across the globe.

7. France: 


The military of France is flourished with the large count of the army man. An active troop of 204,000 military personnel and 183,000 in reserve is something a figure that lists it in top ten nations with a strong military. The troop is equipped with high-tech instruments that are developed by a home-grown defense industry.

6. South Korea: 

South Korea

With the biggest number of 624,000 troops, 1412 aircraft, and 2381 ready to go tanks, South Korea is projecting as one of the strongest armies in the world. To cope up with its biggest enemy, i.e. North Korea, the country is day by day moving towards more workouts on its army.

5. Japan: 


Japan is well-known for its powerful “Self- Defence Force” that is capable of both defense and attack. With the title of having fourth largest submarine force, Japan is standing confidently to face and defeat any defensive situation.

4. India


India is flourished with a vast manpower and this large count of military personnel is always ready to defeat the enemy. The armored vehicles and latest cruise missiles of India are all setting the nation for any unfavorable situation. With its great military and high-tech equipment, India is placed in the list of top ten nations with the strongest military.



With the world’s largest population, China is well standing with its largest military across the globe. These millions of army troops are equipped with 3000 aircraft, 714 ships, and 13,000 armored vehicles. The country is excellently utilizing the manpower and technical resources in elevating its power status in the world.

2. Russia: 


When it comes to the nations with the strongest army, how could Russia leaves behind? After America, it has the second most powerful army in the world. The country is recognized to manufacture a large number of military hardware. The army of Russia is equipped with 3,800 planes, 282 warships and 5600 armored vehicles making it a powerful nation on the basis of the army.

1. United States:

United States

The most of the US Capital is invested on its army. Its naval force is equipped with the world’s largest number of aircrafts carriers. It has 11 full-sized of those and 8 helicopter carriers. Its air force troop is highly technical and well-trained to handle any situation. USS Gerald R. Ford is enhancing also its power some steps ahead.

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