Top Ten Selfie Poses You Must Try


Top Ten Selfie Poses You Must Try

Selfie, an extensively used word of today’s time, has become the most imperative part of our day to day activities. In 2013, selfie was declared as the word of the year by Oxford Dictionary. Clicking selfies in various different poses and uploading it on social networking sites is now the favorite pass-time of many. Take a look at the top ten impressive and amusing selfie poses which are rocking the social media pages.

10. Chin Down, Camera Up

It is the classic pose which makes your eyes look bigger, enhancing your facial beauty. With this pose, the light beautifully strikes the utmost points of your face and covers all the features into line. Chin down, camera up is the best ultimate pose to rid the horrid double chin.

9. Look Off To The Side

This is not less than a model pose. Unintentionally looking off to the camera brings the outstanding pose if taken smartly. Naturally look just off the side and get the excellent click. Make sure you are not making the picture creepy by unnecessary over off-looking. Be natural, be attractive.

8. Claw Or T-Rex Hands

This selfie pose captures hands along with your face. The hand is stunningly focussed with Claw. You can elegantly rest your hand on your cheek, chin, shoulder, head or in your hair. If you want your beautiful hand to be the part of an image then, this is the ultimate selfie pose for you.

7. The Pucker

When you want to put the entire focus on lips then pucker is the perfect selfie pose for it. Make your lips like duck-face or mark it like you are about to kiss someone.  Such poses show off your funny and flirty side and bring about slimming and killer cheekbones.

6.  Smizing

Smizing simply let you click a sweet and simple picture with mouth closed, a little but a cute smile and entire focus on eye action. This simply brings life to your eyes and makes you look very pretty and stunning.

5. Natural Smile

For the cute and innocent click, a selfie pose with natural smile fits the best. This may often sound an easy pose but it is not so. Natural smile often seems tricky but once clicked then this will be the perfect snap.

4. Brow Too Strong Face

It’s time to play brow game now! This is an ultimate selfie pose which requires putting a little effort on eyebrow stretching. Accentuate your one brow by lifting it up and tilting your head with slightly pouted lips. To highlight your glamorous eye, this is the perfect snap.

3. Squinch

Display a little sun-kissed beauty with the selfie pose, well known as squinch. It’s all about your eyes and their beauty. Slightly, squint your eyes, just like you are viewing the sun. Bring a hot and dazzling look with this click.

2. The Mirror Selfie

It is the most widely used selfie pose to show the outfit of the day. It is also liked by those who want to show off their body fitness and perfect features. Take care of proper angles, hold the camera perfectly else it will bring a horrible click to you.

1. Pout

This flirty pose is the favorite of many girls. Lips makeup is efficiently displayed by this selfie pose. It puts your lips like you are saying “ooo”. Neither has it looked like a duck nor a kissy face. This is a super-hot and magnificent pose.

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